Rant alert! When employees at department stores gets funny ideas about you.

This is different from any other post I’m currently having at my blog and before I start with this rant post let me me get a few things straight and I apologize for the lack of niceties in this post, I am beyond pissed off at the moment.

I have never shoplifted in my life and I would never do it, if I want something I pay for it and if I can’t afford it I’ll either save up or leave it alone. I will always prioritize money for rent, bills and food. Makeup or other similar things are by my book a nice luxury that I can live without, my life don’t depend on it and I’m not someone who is terrified to show my face in its natural state.

If people have an issue with my face not being lathered in cosmetics or up to their “standard” I am¬†not the person with issues. I do not have an issue or pre-occupation with how other people look, are dressed or their body, it’s simply not my business and I got manners.

Second of all I myself have worked at a department store and I’m quite familiar with the issues shoplifting brings and I also know what to do in order to prevent/discourage shoplifting before it even happens in the first place.

With that out of the way, let me tell you what happened today when I went to a department store to buy more of my favourite cleanser.

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Maybelline: Baby Lips Line review

This is not a review in the traditional sense but more of an impressions based review on the products in the line I have bought or tried/ swatched.

I’m really sorry for not having pictures of swatches but I feel that these products have been on the market for awhile and that people are familiar enough with them that it isn’t strictly needed per se.

Again this is not a typical review.

Now as is usual, things from certain drugstore brands often isn’t released in Norway before they have had success elsewhere. In the case of Maybelline: USA.

This can be both positive and negative.

For a company it can be a good idea to first release it’s products where they have a strong hold to see if there is a market for the product. I’ve heard/read somewhere that we up north is considered a difficult market for a lot of beauty companies. Personally I feel the reason is a mixture of price, selection and that most of us norwegians are extremely brand/product loyal.

Makeup, even from the drugstore selection, is considerably pricy compared to many countries where people have similar wages. Then there’s the shades available, considerably less than other places in the world and it’s not only limited to the colour of lipsticks but actually everything else.

Then there is of course the fact that despite something becoming succesful somewhere does not mean it will get as nice a reception somewhere else.

For us makeup junkies, the fact that we have to anticipate a product can be both good and bad.

Bad in that we have to wait longer and if there is a shade we think we like and would like to try, it might never be realeased here but you have to order online which also can become too expensive, especially if it turns out that the colour, formula etc was way off what we wanted.

The positive is that we can read reviews about the products when the hype is starting to wean off. For me personally this means that I can decide sort off early on wether something is worth spending on or just simply try out. Most often I will swatch in a store and have other peoples experiences in the back head when I’m going to decide.

I myself is not very loyal to brands or where on the low/high end scale it is and my makeup bag is the proof of this.

But let me get back on the Maybelline Baby Lips Line with the lip balms first.

I remember when the lip balms was first released two years ago in Norway. Everyone wanted one and we heard that the pore eraser primer would also follow soon, looking back I would say that the baby lips were marketed well and that they in the start were sold exclusively at H&M probably hyped them up a bit.

I was also very curious since I had heard a lot of nice things about the lip balms, so I did buy one to try especially since they were on a new release discount. But when I saw what the ordinary price would be I just thought to myself that these better be good and better than good.

I picked up mint fresh which is one of the clear ones with the added bonus of mint. Smelling it of the container it reminded me of a lipgloss Maybelline had discountinued some time before and I hoped it would taste the same as that lip gloss.

But the taste was just awful, bitter and artificial and the lip balm performed worse than the regular I used.

Then my mom sent me peach kiss. I was sceptical but since it was a gift I tried it on and I actually loved it. Still it was not hydrating but the light golden shimmer was flattering on me, since depending on the occasion I will wear a coloured lip balm to have a sheer wash of colour.

Then someone else also gave me a baby lips lip balm as a gift, this time it was strike a rose from the electro line. Now I do have a neon pink lipstick but when it comes to bright pink I prefer a matte finish and not something shiny. For me I feel that when a bright pink is both a bit transparent but also very shiny, it is easy for it to look tacky and a little too much malibu barbie. This one also tasted horrid.

So in order to use it I have to blot, but then what’s the point of a lip balm?

AND two months ago I got yet another lip balm, but this time it was sweet apple from the winter delight limited edition line. I love the smell and that it does not have a taste. It also give off a nice red colour that is sheer but still has a little drama in it. Only bad thing though is that it has a tendency to feather sometimes on the edge of my mouth.

Verdict of Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

I think this is overpriced for what you get. They sit on the lips, are greasy and just never sink into the lips and do what a lip balm is supposed to do. When I look at the ingredients list I think I see shea butter as the only natural ingredient listed, I might actually be wrong and please correct me about that.

Some of them do give a nice wash of colour but that’s it.

I’m going to try and use those I have but I’m never going to buy a lip balm that claims that it will last for eight hours but really does nothing.


Baby Skin Primer

There are three versions that I know about. You have the¬†instant pore eraser¬†and two primers which is slightly tinted, one for cool toned skin and one for warm toned skin. Can’t remember the names of those two.

I tried instant pore eraser, I bought it just because it was on sale and because I was curious about primers. I felt that I did not want to spend a lot on a product type that I might not like.

I tried it without foundation and it did actually give a blurred effect on my skin but it never really settled. When I tried my foundation on top it I looked like I had put twenty layers on instead of the thin layer I always prefer.

It also sort of felt like it slided when I tried to blot and my skin looked greasy, something I don’t need when I already have oily skin.

Instead of taking it off I put some powder with my softest brush, the result was that there were visible spots and streaks especially on my cheeks, nose and forehead.

I did check the expiration date and if it had been opened before as I always do before I put anything on. This was an unused item so the only explanation was that this just does not work on my skin.

I have tried another primer in the same price class that visibly performed better than this but I feel that a primer is just not my cup of tea. On my skin it really just make the foundation last less and feels greasy.

Now I’ve heard that it might have been me putting too much product on my skin, but I really don’t think that’s the case because I only used a tiny drop for my whole face.

On top of that I feel that it’s just an unnecessary step for me as my foundation routine makes sure that the foundation stays where it’s put. So primer is an unnecessary step in my routine but atleast I tried out another type before I went to conclusions.

Verdict of Maybelline Baby Skin Primer

Waste of money and time.


Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss

I’m not a lip gloss fan and I will never become one either, but I wanted to check them out anyway.

When I first saw the shades available I thought that for someone who loves lip gloss, they would be content, happy for the variation and the shades looked pretty on the display. There are seven shades and the finishes are shimmer, gel or cream so I thought that there would be something for everyone.

I went to swatch on the back of my hand and most of them looked exactly the same, which was a surprise for me especially when it came to the creams which reminded me of a lipgloss Nivea had when they still produced makeup. Of course the shimmers and the gels were likely to not be pigmented but I’ve had similar lip glosses where even that tiny pigment¬†did show up and there were a difference in the colours of the line.

But when the creams that looks like they would be more pigmented and actually show up on the lip were almost¬†indistinguishable from the others who are¬†clear glosses, that’s when I feel that this is frankly not worth the money.

Another thing is that horribly artificial candy fruit smell they have. I’m not bothered if a lip product has a smell but when it is this overpowering sweet and likely tastes awful then I just can’t deal with it.

Verdict of Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss

If you can tolerate the smell, the assumed taste and you want a clear gloss then it is likely a fine lip gloss, I feel that the prize is not that bad because you do get a lot of product but if you are after a lip gloss with more pigment then pass this one.

I’m also a little bit sceptical to the claim that this lip gloss is moisturizing and not sticky. They were very sticky when I removed them and where they had been there was a sticky residue that actually made my skin act up a bit. I had not been forceful when I removed them but you could see where I had swatched them¬†even¬†after an hour.

I don’t have sensitive skin so this was a little bit wierd for me, but if I react to it then people with sensitive skin should perhaps also avoid these lip glosses.


Maybelline Baby Lips Balm And Blush

I love the idea behind this and for the amount of product the prize is good, actually better than for the lip balm since they are both very close to prize and that the balm and blush contains more product.

I also love the idea that you get a multi purpose product that can be used on both lips and cheeks. The packaging is also practical as it will help you apply it correctly, the colour selection is perhaps a bit what you would expect with three pinks, one that looks like a bronzer and a red.

This also made me think that it would be a good product for those who are¬†new to makeup, something “safe” to play and gain experience with but at the same time something the more experienced¬†would enjoy.

Of all the products in the line this was the one that made me the most excited, just something I would throw on for a healthy glow on busy days but could also use in a more made up look.

When I saw that one of the stores were having a discount, I went down there of course to see if this would be something for me.

The two shades I were the most interested in was the shimmering bronze and the red one, especially the red one since I don’t have anything like it and I’ve looked for a nice red blush for awhile.

So I went to the display and decided to start swatching. First I tried the shimmery bronze one and I was dissapointed as the only thing that showed up on my arm were a few specks of gold glitter, it did surprise me a bit even tough I did understand that these would give off very sheer colour pay off, but when there is no hint of colour on my pale skin, then this shade is a toss for anyone.

Then I tried on the rest of them and luckily most of them were more pigmented but I have to say that it was very faint, but actually not that bad as this makes them nearly fool proof and gives a very rosy effect.

But I feel that if you have anything above a light skin tone then they won’t show up that much, which is a major dissapointment as this was sort off marketed as something anyone could pull off with ease.

Another issue I have is that they have the same concistency as the lip balm. I would hate to have this on my cheeks because of the greasyness. I just imagine having this on top of foundation and just seeing it simply not working out, not even setting it with a powder would save it I feel.

I really wanted to love this but I’m not going to buy something I feel won’t work out for me.

Verdict of Maybelline Baby Lips Balm And Blush

I want to give a tip I learned in middle school, it is a simple one and very budget friendly because you most likely already have it in your makeup bag.

In middle school a lot of us girls would take a lip stick and use it as a cream blush, you would just dab a little lip stick on your finger/brush and blend it on your cheeks. It is just like applying a cream blush. Experiment with colours and textures though to find out what works for you.

The effect is also very pretty and it is basically the same premise as with this product.

I really wanted to like this but I am hesitant to even try it out because of the texture of it. I just get a feeling that it is a recipe for disaster and that it would only work without foundation. I can use what I already have, that I know I love so I don’t feel the need for a¬†separate product.


Overall conclusion

Now this is where I will give my overall view of the line because I feel there are things that needs to be said that is not just related to the products themselves.

I love Maybelline, I have used their products since I first started doing makeup in middle school. Of all the drugstore brands Maybelline is one of the fresher and youthful lines, often follows current trends but is still something that people of all ages can enjoy.

I remember when Maybelline created MNY, which was a line that was more targeted towards young women in the age group 16-23, it was also marketed as a more affordable and colourful line than the regular Maybelline.

I still remember the ads featuring teens and the slogans of colourful makup.

It did however tank very soon but not until I had bought an eyeshadow and a tube lip gloss in blue. The quality was not horrible but it was not great either, the lip gloss I bought I quickly threw in the trash and the eyeshadow broke into a mess so it followed after.

I was 16 at the time it was launched and was looking for more colourful makeup but MNY never spoke to me, I actually felt that I was too old for the line even though I was in the age group it targeted. Most of the colours looked tacky and the packaging was extremely cheap, I was not the only one to be dissapointed because a lot of us in high school liked the price range and the idea but it just felt underwhelming when it came to the stores.

The stand of MNY collected dust before it just disappeared and was never spoken of again.

The reason I mention this is because I’ve heard a lot of people claim that the Baby Lips line is just another attempt from Maybelline to attract younger customers. I feel that this is just not true at all despite it’s more youthful look.

Because the ads I saw were filled with women of all ages, promoted by bloggers of all ages and unlike the MNY line which were very obviously marketed towards young women, the Baby Lips on the other hand never had those obvious signs but were more “blurry” if that even makes sense of me to write.

For me it just feels that this were intentional to attract as large a customer base as possible.

Another thing is that on every Baby Lips product I have there is a label that states that this is for adult use only. Of course I don’t think that children should use makeup but on all the products I’ve seen that is marketed to a younger age group I have never found anything similar. The best example would be the MNY line, none of those products had that on them.

Of course this might be a stretch from my side and that the only reason they put that on was just in case people would assume it was for children because of the packaging. But on the other hand it seems like a way to “mature” the product so that it will still appeal to adult women.

Then there is the name itself which I find very disturbing. I did give the name the benefit of the doubt in that perhaps it was more linked to the romantic use of the word baby, but when I saw ads featuring a baby, the name just became creepy because of the implications.

I think the boyfriend of a friend of mine worded it perfectly: Why are they calling it Baby Lips when it is for women? Isn’t that just infantalizing?

Maybe I am just nitpicking here but I can’t help but feel creeped out.

My conclusion is therefore that I won’t boycott Maybelline but I really just get even more sceptical in general to the cosmetics industry. I don’t like the feeling of not being taken seriously especially when someone is trying to sell me something that I actually can live without.


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