Is it as good as I remember? Lush Edition


This is a series where I review products that I once loved to find out if the product still delivers. The rules are simple: It must be at least a minimum of three years since the last time I used the product. This is just a response to the idea that personal taste changes and that what you once loved might no longer be to your preference.


Lush is a cosmetics brand that does not need any introduction. I have loved this brand since I went to a school trip in middle school many years ago and over these years I have tried out a wide range of their offerings.

But in this post I’ll be covering two products that I have loved and I finally managed to snatch them up some time ago.


Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar


This was the first product I ever tried from Lush and it is a product that is difficult to get your hand on from the net store, it usually is always sold out and the shipping cost is high.

But I did manage to snatch it up some time ago and let me tell you, I forgot how much I loved this product.

I know that not everyone will like the scent this has. It is a very strong mix of cinnamon and menthol that is reminiscent of tiger balm but with a sweeter undertone. Personally I absolutely love it and if I had the skills I’d try to recreate it as a perfume oil.

It is a lovely massage bar for the days when I have muscle pains. First it feels very cooling but it then starts to warm up a bit and helps relaxing the muscles.

I love the consistency of this massage bar, it is soft but it does not disappear immediately on skin but it is also not what I would call greasy either. It does a nice job at moisturizing the skin.

Personally I love to use it after a nice bath/shower then lather this in my hands before applying it. This is of course before going to bed with multiple layers of blankets on top.

But is it me or has this massage bar become more expensive and smaller over the years?

Well this is a rediscovered love and I’ll see if I manage to snatch it up again someday.


New Shampoo Bar


Offciial pic from Lush.

As some of you might have guessed, I am a sucker for anything cinnamon.

This is a solid shampoo bar that is supposed to keep dandruff away, ensure good scalp health and keep hair from becoming oily.

Among the ingredients are peppermint oil, nettle extract, cinnamon leaf oil, rosemary oil, bay oil and clove bud oil. All of these oils and extracts are good for scalp and oily hair to my knowledge.

The last time I had this I had extremely oily hair and my scalp was riddled with psoriasis, which meant that for me a lot of the shampoos created to combat oily hair were very harsh to my scalp and I would sometimes get sores caused by the irritation.

This shampoo bar managed to keep my scalp free from psoriasis, got rid of the oils and my hair became more balanced. This shampoo bar worked miracles for my hair and its effect has lasted through the years.

That’s why I did not rebuy it again as I managed to be capable of using other shampoos since my hair and scalp got balanced.

But I rebought this some time ago to see what I thought of it now.

This shampoo is still great but I find myself using this only when I’m trying to remove styling products from my hair as it is a shampoo that is effective at removing such products. But I’m not capable of using it as an everyday shampoo as I feel it is a bit harsh for my taste.

This might have more to do with me bleaching my hair and let me be honest, no matter how healthy you hair is or how careful you are with bleaching your hair, you are still damaging you hair and weakening it and it will have a tendency to become more brittle.

But I still find myself loving this shampoo as it is super effective and my scalp absolutely adores it.



Valentine 2017+ Lush Cosmetic’s Lover lamp bathbomb review.


Hi and happy “late” Valentine’s day!

For this holiday I will post a nice review of Lover Lamp, a new bathbomb from Lush released for Valentine’s day alongside how my day was.

This year is actually the first time in my life I’ve celebrated Valentine’s. Mostly since I’ve never had anyone to celebrate it with and also because I have just not seen a reason to do it.

But this year me and my husband decided it might be fun to have a lowkey celebration.


I was in a meeting  early in morning and I was quite tired when I got home, but my husband had cooked us some whole chicken filled with lemon, thyme and garlic stuffing, accompanied with a nice sweet potato dish with orange sauce.

This is one of the most delicious meals I’ve had in a long while and it was accompanied with some non-alcoholic cider, which suits the light tastes.



After dinner we took a bath together. For this ocassion I had ordered Lover Lamp from Lush cosmetics.


According to Lush Cosmetics this bathbomb has notes of chocolate, brazilian orange oil and fair trade vanilla absolute. It also features hearts made from cacao butter.


Before plumping the bathbomb inside.

I love the smell of this bathbomb. It does smell like a less sweet version of those chocolate oranges, if you get what I mean, it is a very comforting scent that luckily for me does not cross over into the cloyingly sweet kind of scents.



Lover Lamp features three large hearts accompanied with tiny hearts that melts in the bathtub. When these hearts melt completely away they leave behind tiny golden shimmers in the bathwater.


The bathwater turned a milky white, which was a surprise for me as white bathbombs don’t usually have that effect and besides that this left our skin feel super soft and nice.

This is one bathbomb I’d wish was permanent.


It was also perfect since this is how it looks outside…


So how was your Valentine’s day? Did you celebrate or not?