Kocostar – Lip Mask in pink peach.


This is a new brand of skin care that has arrived at H&M.

H&M has been stocking some k beauty items lately, only face masks and other similar skin care items and I really hope this will continue and that other stores will also start stocking k-beauty products in the future.

Kocostar is well-known for being effective and budget friendly. Especially their “slice masks” are famous as they make it easy to concentrate on specific trouble areas. It is a brand that I am curious about and that I will buy other items from in the future.


How to use


Apply the mask onto clean dry lips. Leave it on for 10 minutes and let the excess serum absorb into the skin.


How did this perform?


Unlike a lot of hydro gel lip patches I’ve used in the past this one sticks better to the lips, probably also thanks to it being thinner and having less serum. This also makes it easier to use as I can still go around my day without having to constantly adjust it from falling off.

I really cannot praise that quality enough as that is sometimes been an issue with a lot of different mask products Ive tried over the years, Im a busy girl and even during my beauty time I do love being capable of doing some work around the house.

Another important fact is that the scent of this product is very faint, it makes the experience that much easier for me as I have a tendency to be sensitive to scents.

But that’s really where my praise stops.

Although I did enjoy this lip patch on the lips, when I took it off my lips were already starting to become dry again after ten minutes…..

I am not impressed.

Personally speaking I see masks whether they are for the face or the lips, as more like pick me up treatments meant to assist my regular skin care products instead of being miracle workers.

But even in light of that this lip mask did absolutely nothing for me and I am really disappointed since I do feel that this lip mask is a little bit up there in price. Of course this might be because I bought this in a local store and makeup/skin care is generally more expensive here in Norway than a lot of other countries.

Especially considering that the brand labels itself as budget friendly.


Have you tried this?

What do you think?




Touch in Sol – Pretty Filter Light It Up CC Cream


Hi! long time no see!

I was given this product as an early birthday gift from a beloved friend of mine and since it’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed a base product I thought it would be absolutely perfect.

This is also the first time I’m trying out a product from Touch in Sol aswell, which is a little bit weird for me since I love K-Beauty and I have heard a lot of good stuff about the brand.


Product description

It was a bit difficult to get a  proper product description since most of the information both on the packaging and the internet is in Korean, but I’ll try my best 🙂

This CC Cream is an all in one product offering protection from the external  environment, but also to moisturize skin while providing coverage without feeling heavy on skin. It helps with UV Block, wrinkle improvement and whitening.

Contains natural ingredients like Centella Asiatica Extract, Pearl Powder, Collagen Extract, Lotus and Cherry Blossom Extract. 

This CC Cream has an SPF 30 and PA++ 

It contains 1.0.14 fl.oz / 30 ml of product




I adore the packaging as it is both sleek but still sturdy. It is made of plastic but it does not look or feel cheap or flimsy.

I will always prefer any base product that comes in a pump bottle, it is more hygienic and easier to use + it keeps the content safe from the environment and fresh for longer.

But one thing I love in particular with this product is that you can see through the packaging how much product is left. This is thanks to a lever at the bottom that goes up with every pump, to me this also means that, unlike a lot of other types of containers, which also means that there won’t be a struggle to get all the product used up.

It is ridiculously practical and I’d wish other pump bottles had the same feature.

Other than that I think the decor on the bottle is really cute, very inspired by “social media” is what first comes to my mind.




The first thing of notice is how thick the formula is compared to my favourite foundation The Body Shop: Fresh Nude Foundation

I was very terrified that this would look cakey on my skin but I am pleasantly surprised about how nice it feels and looks.

I would describe this as being high coverage with a semi matte finish + blurring effect. I normally dislike any base product with high coverage because they often look cakey or makes me feel/look like I have a mask on.

This however looks beautiful on my skin.

It feels lightweight and it gives a blurred effect aswell. I tested this without ANY primer and it still gave me a flawless complexion. Another thing of notice is that after it dries down a bit, it really looks like I have used primer+foundation+setting powder aka the full routine that I rarely do.

My skin is of the oily/combo type and I gotta say that this works perfectly during humid warm weather, which we’ve had lately, as this seems to absorb a lot of the oils my skin produce while still looking decent.

A strange thing about this is that while it is matte and high coverage, it still looks glowing on skin.

It also smells really good of cherry blossoms, but it’s not an intense scent more like whiff.

Below I’ve added two photos for you to discern the coverage/finish since it was difficult for me to get a quality photo of me wearing this.

Yes I know the first photo is darker than the one below but I have not manipulated the results and I thought that since my veins are very noticeable it would be a perfect spot to showcase the coverage. 





Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Light It Up CC Cream on the left and The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation in shade Chelsea Porcelain 010 on the right.

This is unfortunately where this product falls short. It comes in one shade only, which is often what people always bring up when it comes to Korean base products.

I’ve provided a comparison picture here between this and my absolute holy grail foundation.

The shade is just a hint too dark for me and it also has a slight warm undertone. It is not a god awful look if you’re only looking at my face since it does not make me look orange but rather like I’ve been out in the sun for a couple of hours, but you can see a difference between my neck and face.

I don’t think this is a formula where I can use a powder or buy some colour adjusting drops without ruining the finish and all the things I enjoy about this product, so this  saddens me because I love love how this looks on my skin.

Picture 656

I’m not sure if you can see the difference between my neck and face very clearly but it is there.


Final verdict

I am so sad that the shade is wrong for me.

This is such a beautiful base product that is super easy to use, like I said above it really both feels and looks like I’ve done the whole primer+base+setting powder routine.

Everything about this product surprised me in a positive way as I did initially believe I would hate this.

Can I recommend this?


If you are just a hint darker than me with a neutral/warm undertone with combo/oily skin ( I don’t think this is suitable for someone with dry skin )

Mamonde – Highlight Liptint Glow


This is the first product from Mamonde that I’ve had the pleasure to try out.

This liptint is an oil drop tint which is supposed to be long-lasting and give vivid colour while still being light weight, non-sticky and give moisture to lips.

This line of liptints feature seven shades ranging from pink, red, orange and purple.

I picked #17 Lavender Breeze.

So let’s dive into it!




I have to mention how I love the cardboard’s holographic floral pattern combined with the simple design.

The liptint itself is contained within packaging that correlates with the shade (At least based from what i could see on pictures) which is a detail that I appreciate that brands do.

To be honest I like the packaging, it is very sleek and simple but it also reminds me of some packaging from the 2000s for some reason. It’s not a negative as it to me feels very nostalgic and it’s not tacky or cheap despite being made of lightweight plastic.


I really love the applicator and it is impressive in my opinion. It is a scoop shaped applicator which makes it super easy to get an even application as it is shaped to fit your lips and it also helps that it is extremely soft.

I really enjoy the simple packaging and the lovely applicator.




The swatch photos came out blurry but they still present the shade as it looks in IRL.


As previously mentioned I picked the shade called #17 Lavender Breeze.

It has been a long time since I’ve had a true purple lip product in my makeup collection. If you are after a true lavender shade then you will be disappointed with this as it is more of a boysenberry kind of purple.

It’s a medium purple with lot’s of pink in it and it is amazingly flattering.

I also believe it will suit a lot of different skin tones as it is a vivid but still has a transparent consistency.




I really love the formula of this liptint.

It feels lightweight on the lips aswell as moisturizing and non-sticky. I also love how shiny it is without looking tacky or cheap.

The bonus is that it is really long-lasting and it fades beautifully during the day and leaves a gorgeous stain behind.

Lastly this liptint have a wonderful scent of fresh strawberries which is not the typical artificial strawberry scent that products usually have.

This liptint do uphold all the claims the brand has claimed.




I’ve used this a lot lately not only because it looks gorgeous beyond belief but also since it is so suitable for this time of the year.

I believe this is starting to become a new favourite for me as I’ve used it so much lately.

It reminds me of the discontinued Aritaum: Color lasting tint which was a favourite of mine only that this liptint is much lighter in texture.

Yes I will recommend this for to people, especially those that struggle with dry lips after using a liptint.


URBAN DOLLKISS Urban City Fresh Blown Eau De Parfum – No.4 Vermouth & Casiss


Like I said in my review of URBAN DOLLKISS Urban City Fresh Blown Eau De Parfum I was going to buy another perfume from the line. I finally received this in my mail a week ago.

The last one has quickly become a favourite for me as I’ve almost used it exclusively the last months.

So I do have high hopes for this one.



The notes in this perfume sounds very interesting. It has a great mixture of different olfactory groups and I have personally never tried a perfume with a mint note in it.



Bergamot, Casiss and Mint.



Jasmine, Rose and Honey.



Musk and Wood.





The packaging is the same as with the last one but the cardboard box is mint green instead of yellow.

It features the same apple-shaped bottle that contains 8 ml of product.




The Scent

As I mentioned with the last perfume from this line, the notes are fewer than what is common but it works the scents advantage.

This is a lot more sweeter than my other fresh blown eau de parfum and decidedly less sharp. Where the other one is very fresh and ” pointed” this No.4 is a bit more airy but still with some heaviness in it.

It has a very “green” quality to it which I believe is the mix of mint, rose, jasmine and casiss.

But it is very difficult to discern a lot of the notes in this scent separately as the notes in this scent has been mixed really well.

When you initially apply this it does have a cool undertone that I really enjoy, it’s likely caused by the mint, but during the dry down it becomes warmer and sweeter which I don’t like.

The sillage is what I would describe as medium but the longevity is amazing for a scent this inexpensive as it lasts for around four hours before starting to slowly fade.

I’d really wish this suited me but it is too sweet for my taste and I really expected the bergamot note to be much more present.



Personally speaking I don’t like this scent as it is too sweet and it becomes heavy on me.

But I can still recommend this especially to anyone who likes sweeter green scents. The price is unbeatable and the quality is great. I refuse to try layering this with my other fresh blown eau de parfum.

Sadly it did not suit me or my taste.

Sample Monday – TonyMoly Banana Hand Milk

Picture 357

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted a sample monday post!

But I’m going to start-up with these again and I’m very excited to bring you one about the TonyMoly banana hand milk.

Personally I have issues with most hand creams even though I often get dry hands during the colder seasons. One main reason is that I feel that they are sticky and tacky but since this is supposed to be a lighter formula I have high hopes that I might like this.

According to TonyMoly this product contains banana extract and milk protein. It is supposed to give nutrition to dry hands and keep them healthy.


How the full size looks like.



The first thing that hits me is that this smells like banana chewing gum and the consistency is actually thicker than I expected it to be.

The scent is a little bit too sweet for my taste but it mellows down very fast when you massage this into your skin. After two minutes it disappears completely so it really is not a huge issue for me.

The formula is not sticky but it is very creamy and it sinks into your skin very fast, something that impresses me since that’s not usually my experience with hand creams. Usually they take forever and leave a sticky residue even when my hands has the texture of sandpaper.

This leaves no residue but my hands feel extremely soft, hydrated and comfortable.


I believe I’ll have to buy the full size of this very soon because I am wowed by this.


Have you tried this?

Do you love it?

The Saem – Pure natural mask sheet: Snail


It is time for some self-love action and what better way to do that than with a sheet mask!

This sheet mask is formulated with filtered snail mucus, an ingredient that is well-known for it’s moisturizing properties aswell as anti-aging, soothing and brightening effects.

It also has a complex made up of four different white flowers which will help brighten and clear up your skin.

It is formulated without artificial colouring, parabens, sulfate, triethanolamine and  benzophenone.


How to use


After cleansing prepare the skin with toner and be careful while taking the mask out of the pouch.

Let it sit for 20-25 minutes.

Gently pat any remaining product into the skin for full absorption.


How did this go?



I did follow the instructions down to a T and here’s the tea.

I decided to take a bath as it will open my pores and I did my usual cleansing routine before toning my face.

Taking the sheet mask out of the pouch was easy as it was folded and I was careful when putting this on my face. This sheet mask fits my face better than most the only thing is that the nose part was a bit too short but it’s okay.

During the first minutes this gave me a slight stinging sensation and I was worried if my skin was reaction badly to it, it slowly subsided after two minutes and after that it felt very cooling and soothing.

One thing of notice is that this sits very well on the face, it does not slide or drip like other sheet masks I’ve tried in the past.

The minutes passed by very fast and I have to say that during the 25 minutes this was on I could feel my skin being treated.

The scent of the mask was really comfortable and not over powering either.

When I took it off I did pat the remaining product into my skin as the instructions stated and my skin feels supple and soothed aswell as tightened.



This will definitely be rebought!

I really enjoyed it and it left my skin smoother and hydrated.

The price point was not bad either.

URBAN DOLLKISS: Urban City Real Liptone Tint

51rmouspsilThis is another offering from Urban Dolkiss’s Urban city line.

This liptint comes in five different shades including pink, orange and red.

The claims about this liptint is that it is moisturizing and gentle to dry lips, has a refreshing texture and taste with no stickiness, it also is supposed to give the wearer a vivid lip colour with comfort.

Among the ingredients are pomegranate extract, rose hip fruit oil, macadamia seed oil and safflower oil.

These ingredients drew me in to buy this as I do suffer from notoriously dry lips and I do love the effect that liptints give but they can also be very drying in my experience.

I bought the shade NO.5 Rosewood which is a red with some slight hint of brown undertones. It is neither warm nor cold and I think it is going to suit a wide range of skin tones.



The packaging is adorable and it follows the same cues as the URBAN DOLLKISS Urban City Fresh Blown Eau De Parfum packaging in that the contents are in a glass bottle shaped like an apple with a metallic plastic cap.

The applicator is not of the doe foot kind but more “paddle shaped” which combined with the short length of the handle might make it a bit difficult to apply but the trick is to start on the center of the lip and spreading the tint to the sides and to use the remaining product on the upper lip. The applicator has a tendency to collect a lot of the product.


The bottle contains 7 grams of product.

I also like the card box the product comes with since it makes it easy to discern the shade from the others.



The first thing I notice is the fresh but mild scent this product has. It is a non-offensive fruity floral scent that I think a lot of people are going to like.

Compared to a lot of liptints I’ve tried in the past this has a very creamy consistency and it does feel very moisturizing on the lips. I’ve found myself reaching for this when I want some colour on my lips but they are dry and if I’d worn something else it would have aggravated my chapped lips.

This does not highlight chapped lips but it makes them look healthy and hydrated.

It is also extremely opaque and pigmented compared to a lot of liptints out there, not that it is always a trait that I want in a liptint but I’m just highlighting how this product differs from a lot liptints on the market.

It also leaves a very beautiful stain so you don’t have to reapply it often.



I really like this shade as it is different from the usual reds I wear.

It is more down toned than the true reds and the bluish red I often gravitate towards and I think that with the formula it makes this a very sophisticated colour on the lips.

I also think that it will work well on different skin tones.




I can whole heartedly recommend this to anyone and especially towards people with dry lips.

The formula is one of the best ones out on the market and most importantly it makes lips look healthy and hydrated.

I will definitely rebuy this one day and I’m interested in buying some of the other shades.


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you loved this post!