URBAN DOLLKISS Urban City Fresh Blown Eau De Parfum – No.4 Vermouth & Casiss


Like I said in my review of URBAN DOLLKISS Urban City Fresh Blown Eau De Parfum I was going to buy another perfume from the line. I finally received this is my mail a week ago.

The last one has quickly become a favourite for me as I’ve almost used it exclusively the last months.

So I do have high hopes for this one.



The notes in this perfume sounds very interesting. It has a great mixture of different olfactory groups and I have personally never tried a perfume with a mint note in it.



Bergamot, Casiss and Mint.



Jasmine, Rose and Honey.



Musk and Wood.





The packaging is the same as with the last one but the cardboard box is mint green instead of yellow.

It features the same apple-shaped bottle that contains 8 ml of product.




The Scent

As I mentioned with the last perfume from this line, the notes are fewer than what is common but it works the scents advantage.

This is a lot more sweeter than my other fresh blown eau de parfum and decidedly less sharp. Where the other one is very fresh and ” pointed” this No.4 is a bit more airy but still with some heaviness in it.

It has a very “green” quality to it which I believe is the mix of mint, rose, jasmine and casiss.

But it is very difficult to discern a lot of the notes in this scent separately as the notes in this scent has been mixed really well.

When you initially apply this it does have a cool undertone that I really enjoy, it’s likely caused by the mint, but during the dry down it becomes warmer and sweeter which I don’t like.

The sillage is what I would describe as medium but the longevity is amazing for a scent this inexpensive as it lasts for around four hours before starting to slowly fade.

I’d really wish this suited me but it is too sweet for my taste and I really expected the bergamot note to be much more present.



Personally speaking I don’t like this scent as it is too sweet and it becomes heavy on me.

But I can still recommend this especially to anyone who likes sweeter green scents. The price is unbeatable and the quality is great. I refuse to try layering this with my other fresh blown eau de parfum.

Sadly it did not suit me or my taste.


URBAN DOLLKISS Urban City Fresh Blown Eau De Parfum


This cute eau de parfum is a new offering from URBAN DOLLKISS formerly known as Baviphat.

The line contains ten different fragrances and the brand writes that these are meant to be used layered together in order for the user to create their own personal fragrance, which is also why the line has been divided into four categories: citrus, floral, fruity and musk.

I currently own NO.3 Lime Basil and Sage, I might buy some of the others and test out different layering techniques.

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The bottle is made of glass and it is shaped as an apple, with the closure being made of some kind of metallic plastic. The closure is the only thing I don’t like about this perfume bottle since it is quite fragile and I have to be careful while opening or closing.

This bottle features a roll-on application which I love since it assures a mess free and controlled application.


The bottle contains 8 ml of product, which might sound like a tiny amount but remember that this is not an eau de toilette but an eau de parfum, so a little goes a long way and it also lasts longer on skin.

In the end the bottle is cute and reminds me of those small vintage perfume bottles that used to be easy to find at markets.


The Scent

I chose NO.3 Lime Basil and Sage since I am fond of fresh herbal scents and they are quite uncommon on the market.


The notes are as follows:

Top: Grapefruit, Lemon  and Lime.

Heart: Jasmine, Basil and Sage.

Base: Patchouli.


When I looked at the full list of notes the first, in the ad there was no list only a description, I became a little bit worried since this perfume has both patchouli and jasmine. Both of those notes have a tendency to give me a headache but I am pleasantly surprised at how much I love this scent.

For me this smells like a crisp summer morning.

Personally speaking I’m very tired of the typical summer scents that get’s released every year, they all smell too similar to each other!

So I am pleased to have found something that still is very summery but does not fall into the stereotypical rendition of a summer fragrance.

The scent starts off a little bit sharp but as time progresses and the citrus top notes starts to mellow down a little, the heart notes really does come out to play and the herbal notes mesh perfectly with the jasmine.

Jasmine is in my opinion one of the more masculine florals, combine that with herbal notes and you get a heart accord with a unisex feeling to it. That makes it sound heavy but it is kept fresh thanks to the top notes.

The patchouli is the only base note in this fragrance but I think it was a good idea from the one concocting this. The patchouli gives this fragrance a nice earthy quality that keeps this fragrance from becoming too airy or fleeting.

After wearing this for a couple of hours the patchouli starts to give off a more smoky quality, which is very beautiful in my opinion.



This scent is on its way to become a new favourite.

The way it progresses when I wear it is so beautiful and complex.

The price point is also very good but I do see that the price varies depending on where you buy it. I paid five dollars for this and I’m happy to have found a perfume that I love that is budget friendly.


I feel that perfumes are something that is extremely personal and as such it is difficult to give recommendations, but I hope that my description of this scent was useful and that you liked this post. The photos in this post came out very blurry but I believe they still captures how the product still looks.

Thank you for reading!

Geek Chic Cosmetics: Solid Scents

I bought four of these and as the name suggests they are solid and the company’s site states on their site, they differ from their liquid “sprites” with their warmer drydown, more subtle scent and longer wear.

Solid perfumes are something that I’ve been trying to get my hands on lately as I remember them being popular way back ago. They are generally much gentler to skin than alcohol based scents and also much more economical in the long run.

Unfortunately they are difficult to come by but I’d really wish this type of perfume became normalised and common.

These come in a practical twist up tube containing net.wt  .07 oz and the price at the website is 3.49.

But how do these hold up?


Les femmes tragiques: Queen of shades


Description: Queen of Shades is a lush mixture of juicy jewels of pomegranate and sweet pearls of acai berry on a bed of sweet, fresh-cut roses, just opening their blossoms. Queen of Shades is a dark yet sweet floral fit for a queen.

Top notes: Fresh-cut roses
Middle notes: Fresh, juicy acai berry
Base notesTiny jewels of pomegranate


Well I do love the background story as Persephone is one of my favourite greek goddesses but this disappointed me.

The notes and the description made this seem like a “fresh” scent with some sweetness but what I got was instead an artificial candy smell that gave me a severe headache in under fifteen minutes.

Unfortunately for me I could not go home until three hours later and even when I did my best to wash it away, what happened was that it turned into pure sugar and I probably had to wash it off three times more to get the scent away.

I really wanted to like this but it is too sweet and cheap, and the so-called fresh roses are rotting and that’s the only thing “dark” about this scent.

Really disappointed and I believe there are few people who would like it.


Badasses of fiction: Executioner


Description: Executioner is very rich, and it.. well, it just smells like you’d imagine dark red would smell. Like a Victorian parlor, something ancient yet full of life.

Top notes: Deep, dark oakmoss and cool greens
Middle notes: Musk and gentle florals
Base notes: Gourmand of currant and sweet wine


This one I was really excited for as the notes made this seem like a darker gourmand with some tartness to it.

On the first swipe of this the cool greens, which I believe is mint, are the dominant notes alongside with what I believe is the oakmoss and musk. It’s not bad but it is a scent I would call musty.

After awhile the top notes disappear and I’m left with the most powdery scent I’ve ever come across. It does become a little bit overbearing as it also smells “old” on me.

It is among the better ones of these but I feel that this scent is what i consider an old woman’s scent.

I won’t slam it completely though as I believe there will be some people who this would just smell amazing on, but I am not one of them.

I love the green notes in this though.


Badasses of fiction: Crazy loves company


Description: Crazy Loves Company has an aura of warm amber and soft cocoa, but cotton candy and kettle corn come through clearly and red velvet cake rounds the whole thing out.

Top notes: Red Velvet Cake and sugary cotton candy
Middle notes:
Kettle corn and funnel cake
Base notes:
Amber, musks, and cocoa


This I’ll admit was only bought because Harley Quinn is one of my favourite fictional characters of all time. I did not expect to like this at all since all the notes scream cloyingly sweet but surprisingly enough I find this one quite comfortable to wear.

Don’t misunderstand me this is quite a sweet scent but I still find it likeable for what it is. I believe it is the hint of a salty note that do make this in my opinion a wearable scent and I’m fond of amber no matter what.

It is very lovely and I’m pleasantly surprised since I thought I would hate this one.

I find this scent to be very rounded and whole bodied compared to most sweet candy scents I’ve tried.


Badasses of fiction: Quid Pro Quo


Description: Quid Pro Quo just smells like high society. Like an Italian bakery in a library. It’s basically a gourmet of class.

Top notes: Dry, heady merlot mixed with sweet milk
Middle notes: Fresh baked baguette and crisp, fresh parchment/papyrus
Base notes: Warm vanilla and cool stone


This one I have a little bit of mixed feelings about.

Straight out of the tube, the scent reminds me of a lip balm I used when I was a child and its weirdly nostalgic.

It is a comfortable scent with warm notes and something cold lurking beneath. It certainly does have some gourmandy notes but they are not the stereotypically sweet notes that people associate with that fragrance group. These are very warm and rounded with a hint of tartness about them.

But the scent has also something cold about it which I believe is the notes that are refered to as cool stone and fresh parchment/papyrus. The last one also gives a drier feel to this fragrance which is welcome since it does not end up being powdery.

But too me this still falls behind a bit.

It ends up to me as a below average scent since it does smell like it could have been “blended” better if you get what i mean.

But in the end it is comfortable to me and very nostalgic, I enjoy wearing this at night when the temperature runs low.



I did not expect these to be super complex fragrances as they are extremely cheap.

My view on perfumes is that they don’t need to be “advanced” or complex in order to be good. Even perfumes with only two notes can still be better than most of what you can buy over the counter from designer brands.

But these do not cut that mark for me.

Yes I do actually like two of these, but I rarely reach for them and for me that is a clear sign that I won’t buy more of these or try out the other scents in the line.

To me these scents seem like the work of someone mixing perfumes for the first time or someone using low quality fragrance oils.

Again I did not expect the highest quality or craftmanship due to the price so I’m not slamming neither the company or the person crafting these scents. This is entirely on me as I knew what I possibly would get but I wanted to try them out still.

I have to say that I LOVE the formula itself.

It is quite non – greasy and it does not leave a residue which is a great thing with these solid perfumes. The company deserves all the praise for that as this is something a lot of people experience with solid perfumes.



Is it as good as I remember? : Flowing by Puma

This is a series where I review products that I once loved to find out if the product still delivers. The rules are simple: It must be at least a minimum of three years since the last time I used the product. This is just a response to the idea that personal taste changes and that what you once loved might no longer be to your preference.


This for me is a very special perfume, namely because it was the first perfume I ever owned. It was brought to me by my grandmother when I was still in elementary and I loved this scent as I felt at that time that it was not a stereotypical girly girl smell, unlike those scents my classmates would use that were either candy scents or perfumes that I felt was too “old” for someone our age.

I loved spraying this on my diary and notebooks. Funny thing is that when I read my old diaries or notebooks from those years ago the smell is still there. For me it just makes those memories more vivid.

Half a year ago I bought this at a local department store. They have changed the bottle from all those years ago to a more round glass bottle, which frankly I feel look cheaper but that’s just my opinion, but again this is a very inexpensive fragrance that is easily found.

But is it as good as I remember?



This fragrance was released in 2003 by Puma and is defined as an oriental floral.

It comes in two sizes: 20 ml and 40 ml.

Top notes: Mandarin Orange, Freesia, Raspberry and Cassis.

Middle notes: Iris, Violet, Mimosa and Ylang-Ylang.

Base notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla and Musk.



The packaging has not changed that much but the current bottle is round instead of square as it was when it was initially released.

But it still does carry that early 2000s nostalgia.

Especially the cardboard box it comes with, it has those stripes in analogous colours that was quite common at that time.

But the most important part is that the new glass bottle feel much sturdier than the old one.


How I feel about it now:

I’m surprised by how long wearing and warm this is. I can definitely smell the base notes from the get go and some of the middle notes, the top notes are there initially but they disappear in a minute on me.

I want to compare this to a warm blanket. It does have a powdery feeling about it but it’s far from an “old” scent it is in fact too young for my taste and I know that it’s not because it’s reminding me of my old self but because you have a very “pink” note in it that I’m not capable of pin pointing. It might be the mixture of freesia and musk combined.

But I understand why I loved this so much when I was younger.

It is quite sophisticated for being so cheap and sophisticated was what I wanted to be at that time. But that is the brilliance of Flowing, it is a sweet and an inoffensive scent that is suitable for young girls but it becomes too soapy and conventual for someone my age.

Puma as a perfumer has never been the most original out there but they know how to make fragrances that are comfortable everyday scents that anyone can wear.

And Flowing follows that line faithfully. I have to comment that I think that the name suits the scent very well. When you wear this you will notice how it fluctuates between the notes and believe me this perfumes drydown is beautiful.

I especially have to note that this is one of the very few perfumes with a vanilla note that I can actually stand, it is because it is not too sweet or sugary but it helps in combination with the amber to keep this fragrance grounded. It gives it more weight than if the base notes only existed of sandalwood and musk.

A lot of the notes in this scent is what I would define as “airy” notes so it is great that there are grounding notes in it aswell. The iris note also gives it an edge that keeps this from being too powdery and/or boring.

Therefore I will say that if you are between the ages 10-17 then you should try this out. You can make this work if you are older too but I believe only if you are a woman who loves lighter oriental scents and who truly is young at heart.


Will I buy it again?


But it does not mean that this fragrance is bad or not worth its price.

It is enjoyable but I feel that it does not suit me anymore.





Balmain: Ambre Gris

Balmain ambre gris

This perfume took me awhile to track down, partly because I only know of three places in Norway that currently sells it. So it was a big surprise for me when a store in Tromsø that i had visited before suddenly had it. Finally I could get my hands on a scent I had been searching for the last two years.

Of course I knew of sites online that stocked it but I had hesitated ordering since the price for the perfume+shipping+customs would be too expensive for me and also the risks of transport damage made it unappealing.

This perfume was released in march 2008 by Pierre Balmain and was composed by Guillame Flavigny.

It comes in two sizes: 75 ml or 100 ml.

Prices ranges depending if you order it online or in store. I bought 75 ml and the price was around 700-800 norwegian kroner or 82,85-94,69 us dollar. Of course prices will also differ between countries, in Norway cosmetics has a tendency to be expensive and that goes for drugstore variants too. But even thoug this was a splurge in my budget, when I divided the price for the amount of perfume and compared it to my other perfumes whom I had done the same with, the price is actually not that bad.

Some of my other perfumes might have had a lower price tag but for the amount I got in those compared to Ambre gris, some ended up costing more.

In other words this perfume is what I would consider good value.


Now here is what confuses me and many others with this perfume.


The official page lists the following notes:

Top notes are pink berries and sage.

Heart notes are tuberose, frangipani, myrrh essence and incense.

Base notes are grey amber infusion, benzoin, tonka beans and cedarwood.


Fragrantica.com lists the following notes:

Top notes are pink pepper, benzoin, cinnamon and myrrh.

Heart notes are tuberose and immortelle.

Base notes are benzoin, guaiac wood, white musk and amber gris.


Personally I trust the manufacturer and I feel that those notes describe the scent better.


The packaging

The bottle is formed as a cube, feels sturdy and heavy, bonus for that the glass is slightly grey coloured as it provides a bit of protection from light but also adds someting to the concept.

The label on the bottle has a vintage feel to it, it is simple and does not take too much of the overrall impression.

The top is a golden ball with small inwards “cuts” to it. Some has described it as a disco ball and hated it but I’m more neutral to it. But the other day the sun shone on it and there were small golden flecks of light everywhere, I’d really wish I had taken a photo of it so I could post it here.

The box it comes in is plain and with the same label as that on the bottle.

All in all I think this understated elegance and sophistication combined with a sense of nostalgia, perfectly helps with the overall  concept of  Ambre gris and it will look good on your beauty desk.


The fragrance itself

One thing I’ve noticed with Ambre gris is that people are very divided on what to think of it. Some absolutely love it and others despise it entirely, very few are neutral to it or thinks it is an average perfume.

Of course as always with scents there are individual tendencies such as skin chemistry and personal taste, then there are always some scents which suits most and others which is perhaps for the more specific kind of people.

My advice is to get a sample of it and try it out. This is a perfume that really smells different on people who wear it, not something to blind buy in other words but something you have to spritz on and experience  before making a decision.

Therefore I will put a disclaimer here and say that I will describe how Ambre Gris is on my skin and how it was on my friends skin. On you it might be completely different but I just want to showcase how this perfume transforms on people.


On my skin:

The first spritz give a very spicy and herbalistic scent which lasts for around five minutes, after this Amber Gris starts the dry down where it becomes more complex as more and more of the notes starts to show and mix.

On me it is an animalistic scent with marine undertones, both warm and cold at the same time but also having both feminine and masculine qualities. Neither of these contradicting characteristics clash with each other but rather builds each other up.

During the dry down, the smoky notes such as the myrrh and incense creates a beautiful background for the florals and the amber gris infusion. Some bits of the sage stays but the pink berries fades away.

For me it is very nostalgic since it reminds me of my childhood living by the coast. There is something very comfortable with it while also being far from what normally would be considered as a comfortable scent.

It also feels very intimate as the sillage of it on me is soft, it sort of wraps itself close to my skin like a blanket. This can either be a good or bad thing depending on the setting, for me this means I can use Amber Gris on most occasions but not on days where I really want to get noticed. Of course it is a good thing that people won’t still be smelling me two hours after I’ve left or get a headache. My boyfriend said that he had to lean in close to smell any definite scent.

But again Ambre Gris is contradicting, because even after nine hours some friends told me they noticed it on me.

So the sillage does not bother me at all because I think that might have been what the perfumer thought of when concocting Amber Gris, that it is first and foremost an intimate, elegant but contradicting scent.

It is difficult to determine it’s longevity because it is very different from every time I try it on. Sometimes it lasts for hours and other times only two hours.


On my friends skin:

Cheap soap and more soap with a sickly sweetness to it. Those were the first words both of us said after she spritzed it on.

The drydown turned into a putrid mess mixed with wood.

It was on her skin for  fifteen minutes before she had to take a cloth and wash it off, it was not pleasant and I was a bit dissapointed that a perfume I had raved about did not suit her. Especially since she had loved how it smelled from the bottle and on me.



I can’t repeat it enough but please try a sample of this before you buy it. I’ve heard of many people who bought it based on the notes online or when they smelled it out of the bottle at a store, ending up severely disappointed and feeling that they have wasted money.

But if it suits you and you like it then it is worth the splurge.

It is a very versatile perfume in my opinion since it is suitable to most ages, most occasions and  it is also not that dependent on season, perhaps better when the weather is on the colder side, but then again I live in Tromsø and I know that even the summer up here can be freezing.

But I feel that Amber Gris could be migraine inducing in humid hot weather.

This might sound strange but I have a feeling that Amber Gris is more of a unisex perfume than a feminine. It is leaning towards feminine but I think that there are men out there that could pull it off.

I also feel that it could work for layering.

I feel that for me this was worth the money and I will buy it again.


I would love to hear your opinion, if you do layering I’m very interested to hear what you layer it with.