Loreal Paris: Pure Clay’s Anti-Blemish Mask

20170930_162708.jpgThis is a new release from Loreal’s pure clay’s line and I have to say that Loreal has been killing the skin care game with the products in this line.

I have been using two of the cleansers and I can safely say that they have become holy grails in my skin care regimen and I will give them their own post very soon.

I was initially not that interested in the facial masks but I changed my mind when I saw this at the department store.

My skin has not reacted well to the heat wave that we have had during the summer and I struggled with enlarged pores and black heads + white heads, which is usually not an issue for me thanks to my skin care regimen but the temperatures that have been sweeping over my area the last few months has aggravated my skin pretty badly.

So you can imagine why I was so attracted to this ūüôā


Here’s a very unflattering photo of me without makeup. You can clearly see how textured my skin was and all the red areas. This photo was taken in mid september.



This face mask contains three different kinds of clay: kaolin, montmorillonite and ghassoul.

It also contains marine algae which are known for its anti-blemish abilities.

The masks creamy formula reduces blackheads, tighten pores and gives beautiful skin without drying it out.


How to use

Use twice a week  on cleansed skin and avoid eye and lip area.

Leave it on for five to ten minutes.

Wash off with lukewarm water or a cleansing wipe.


Results according to Loreal


Immediately: Skin looks less oily and feels cleaner.

After a week: Pores are clean and less noticeable.

After a month: Black heads are reduced. Skin feels balanced, comforted and improved.




The glass jar contains 50 ml of product which accordingly to Loreal is sufficient for 10 applications.

I really like how sturdy the packaging is and especially that it has a protective seal to keep the contents from drying out.

It might not look that great but as always it’s the content that matters.




What surprised me the most is how gentle the scent of this mask is, it’s a very fresh lovely scent which reminds me of ¬†a mixture of cucumbers and something that I can’t quite put my finger on.

I’m mentioning the scent since heavily scented face masks are a big no no for me.

But the formula is also extremely creamy, which makes the application a breeze. I really love how this feels on my skin.

I also find the shade very beautiful.

But one con I have is that it is very difficult to wash away, I really do recommend having makeup wipes ready to get most of the product off before washing off the remains.



First application

After I washed it off I could definitely feel that my skin had been cleansed and some of the oilier parts of my skin had become mattified but I was very pleasantly surprised that my drier areas had become less itchy but also felt moisturized.

My skin was also very soft to touch so I feel that loreal’s claim about this mask not being drying is true.


After a week

My skin is clearer and feels refreshed. My red areas have diminished and I have less white and black heads than before. My skin is also less textured compared to two weeks before.


A month’s use


Photo taken in mid October. No makeup or editing.

I am very impressed.

My skin feels so much better and I have no dry patches or black/white heads. My pores have shrinked notably especially on my nose which always have had big pores and a tendency to be dry at the same time.

The oiliness is also gone and there are no red angry patches on my skin anymore.

My skin still needs some more treatments as it still have some occasional breakouts but I am very happy with the results.




I am very impressed by this mask as it gave great results and calmed my skin down. That and the fact that this mask kept its promise to not be drying, something most similar masks have a tendency to do.

The price is also very low compared to a lot of similar masks on the market.



FaceInc by NailsInc London : Gilt Tripper Exfoliating Sheet Mask


This is a new offer at my local H&M, I was not super impressed by the last one I tried but I decided to give in and purchase this one.

Here’s my review of that one:¬†Face Inc by Nails Inc London: Cat Nap brightening sheet mask

This is an exfoliating sheet mask with a “gold barrier” which is supposed to help the formula and remove dead skin cells.

The formula contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, cactus flower extract and honey extract. To mention a few.

But does it work?



Apply to clean and dried skin. Be careful when taking out of the packaging and when applying it, make sure that it is in even contact with the skin. Leave it on for fifteen minutes and massage excessive serum into the skin. Wash off after use.


How did this work?


This feels much sturdier than the regular sheet mask and I feel wonderfully silly in it.

The first thing I notice is just how warm it feels after just a couple of seconds, I do not think it is because it is aggravating my skin, it is just being warmed up by my body heat.

One thing of notice is that this mask does not have any particular scent, which is greatly welcomed by me as it means that I’m going to be more comfortable using this.

I really do like this but at the last minutes of using this I could feel it becoming  a little bit uncomfortable, this is due to my skin taking in all the skin loving ingredients which all in all is not a bad thing, so it was nice taking it off after 15 minutes.

I massaged the remains and washed my face as per instructions.

I have to say that I am impressed by this.

My skin is left feeling soft, glowing and I feel refreshed.



Have you tried any of these sheet masks?

What do you think about them?

Anatomicals: Botanical Hydrating Rose Face Mask

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This is a sheet mask from Anatomicals, a brand that I’ve never tried before but I’ve heard ¬†a lot of good stuff about their products.

This brand distinguishes themselves with their more humourous approach towards skin care, this is thanks to the packaging which often has comedic sayings. In my opinion I’d wish more brands used a more similar approach to beauty especially skin care.

One of the things that shocked me when I pulled out this mask is just how much serum there is with this sheet mask, another thing is how big this sheet mask is compared to the others I’ve tried. This sheet mask is so large it managed to cover my throat area a bit which is actually wonderfull since that area also needs some tlc.

Another thing is the authentic rose scent this has, during the twenty minutes this was on it was extremely relaxing and I could definitely feel this working with my skin.

The packaging says that it contains extracts of aloe, english ivy and rose. This to me makes this mask ideal for those days when my skin needs some serious moisture boosting. But in my belief this is formulated for people with dry skin and therefore this is one that I can only use rarely or it might become too much for my oily/combination skin.

After using this my skin was hydrated and the effect is still there after two days.

I’m very happy with this mask and I can recommend it.


Sample Monday: Skin Food – Black Sugar Mask Wash-Off

Picture 357

This is a sample I’ve wanted to try out for sometime.

This is an exfoliating face mask, which is accordingly to Skinfood, contains mineral-enriched brazilian black sugar which promotes smooth glowing skin.

Picture 434

The instructions on the backside of the packet is simple and easy to follow.

You are supposed to cleanse your skin first but to leave it damp before massaging this mask into your skin. You can add water or oil while massaging this in if you want a more “softer” exfoliation or if you have more sensitive skin. This is then left on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

Picture 435

The texture of this is what I expected, extremely gritty but with some liquid to hold it together. I massaged this very carefully in and as I suspected this would be too rough for me if I had gone in like I do with my regular face scrub.

I love the scent this has. It is a refreshing true-to-life lemon scent and not the typical candy-lemon scent that is more common.

Sitting with this in 15 minutes is easy, it is comfortable and feels nice. The colour of this mask is a caramel brown and I forgot to take a picture of this unfortunately.

When it came to wash this off, I was positively surprised at how easy this was to wash off. I had expected this to be a little bit sticky or leave a little bit of residue but instead I am left with soft and refreshed skin.

I am pleasantly surprised by how nice this left my skin.

I had to moisturize my skin afterwards since this is indeed a little bit harsh, in that regard I believe that I should have had mixed it in with a bit of toner/water, but all in all that’s not a bad thing as it is usually something you should do after scrubbing away dirt and dead skin.

This was a nice experience and I checked out the price for this mask and it is quite cheap and you do get a lot in the jar. I believe I might order this in the future.

But I have to say that this product might not be for dry or sensitive skin.




Lindsay: Luxury Gold Magic Mask


Picture 257

This is the first time I’m going to try a modelling mask. These have just come to my attention but I’ve been a little bit sceptical to these since I heard ¬†about how messy these have ¬†a tendency to be.

But I was advised to try this series of modelling masks from Lindsay since they are supposedly easy to use and also filled with nice ingredients.

I feel the need to explain what a modelling mask really is.

A modelling mask differs from a regular peel-off mask in that these form a rubbery surface that “locks” all the skin loving ingredients close to skin and make sure that they don’t evaporate.

These modelling masks from Lindsay are easier to use since they already come with pre measured packets, where one is a liquid with skin loving ingredients and the other one is a powder which in addition to as fore mentioned ingredients also contains a thickener, which gives the mask its texture.


What it is supposed to do

This mask has a lot of claims and it says in the description that it is a luxury spa treatment for home use.

This is going to help hydrate, moisturize, soothe, fight acne, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, brightening, anti-oxidant, reduce redness and repair UV-damage.

Amongst its good ingredients are niacinamide, aloe vera, hydrolized collagen, pearl extract, colloidal gold, centella asiatica extract and adenosine.

Picture 258


This is one of the simplest but ingenious packaging that I’ve come across. It doubles up as a container and mixing bowl, it also makes it easier to dispose of since you just put everything into the bowl and put the cap back on.

The packaging also comes with a pink plastic spatula. It is nice when mixing the ingredients together but I found it too rough when it came to application so I used my H&M spatula instead.



Steps 1&2

Picture 261

Backside of step 1 packet.

The first step in this mask consist of a thick golden liquid with barely any scent.

Picture 267

Ingredients list of Step 1.

Purified water, Butylene Glycol, Algin, 1, 2-Hexane Diol, Potassium Alginate, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein, Colloidal Gold(5ppm), Niacinamide, Hyaluronidase Acid, Adenosine, Pearl Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Citric Acid, Disodium EDTA, Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Red Iron Oxide, Fragrance


Picture 262

Backside of step 2 packet.

The second step contains the powder and has a very strong floral scent to it. The gold and glitter in this powder got lost in the picture.

Picture 269

Ingredients list of Step 2.

Glucose, Diatomatious Earth, Calcium Sulfate, Potassium Alginate, Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate, Hyaluronidase Acid, Magnesium Carbonate, Allantoin, Niacinamide, Colloidal Gold(5ppm), Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Gold Extract, Peppermint Oil, Sodium Benzoate, Mica, Synthetic fluorphlogopite, Red Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Yellow Iron Oxide, Fragrance



Picture 270

Mixing these two together forms a thick paste and I followed the instructions to a T.

You are supposed to cleanse and tone your face prior to applying this, it needs to be applied thick in order to make the removal easy and for this mask to work its wonders for the 20-30 minutes it requires.

This mask is cold when you apply it, giving an instant soothing effect that lasts for a couple of minutes before the outside dries down into a rubber texture on the outside. When that happens you can feel the mask lock down the moisture/ingredients so that they can start working with your skin thanks to your body heat.

This is actually quite comfortable, I can have my glasses over the mask without them getting stained/dirty all while I can feel this mask working with my skin especially after it hits the 10 minute mark.

Picture 273

Picture taken after applying.

In the instructions it says to remove this from the chin in an upwards motion and to wash off the remaining residue with warm water.

Doing this leaves my skin super soft and I can definitely see my skin texture/tone and since I’ have some stress related zits and redness, it was nice to see that they had faded considerably.

When I woke up the next day, I could clearly see how brightened my skin was and how fresh I looked compared to the day before.



This is going to be rebought!

Its more expensive than other korean mask but it works wonderfully and I could very clearly see improvements in my skin and the effect lasted all week.

Probably the best face mask I’ve had the pleasure to try out.


H&M: Spearmint and Echinacea peel-off mask.

Picture 243

Yet again I find myself winding down after a long day with a face mask from H&M.

Just like the last one this is a peel-off mask, the difference lies in that this one is targeted towards blemish-prone skin. I thought this one would be good since I have been stressed lately and can see that it has given me some reddish bumps on my skin.

I feel I need to break down the ingredients list a little bit on this one. There are three ingredients on the front but little is said about them with the exeption of spearmint, which in a way does annoy me a little bit since it would make sense to explain why something is being included in a face mask.

Picture 244

Spearmint is meant to refresh and rejuvenate skin while also be slightly anti bacterial.

Echinacea is commonly used on skin to help with swelling but also as an anti bacterial, especially helpful against acne.

Gentian root is anti septic and for skin it helps with bringing in glow but also to treat small inflammations.

Of course there are more ingredients than just these three, but you can say that these are the ones who advertise this face mask to a possible user and therefore needed a little bit of a breakdown.

My opinion after reading myself up a little bit, I am left with a feeling that this face mask not only helps with blemishes but also helps to keep them away. Especially considering that Echinacea is not uncommon in products that are supposed to help fight acne and that it also helps keep acne away since it fights the bacteria causing this.

Picture 245

Opening this I am immediately hit by a lovely mint scent. It is not too sharp in my opinion and putting this on is a joy since it gives a nice cooling effect.

One thing I was a little bit worried about was if the spear mint in this might become a little bit too much and instead cause further aggravation. This is due to experiences with another product that contained spear mint that actually caused my skin to become red.

But this face mask was actually a very soothing experience and after 15 minutes it was time to remove this and I was very surprised at how soft and supple this left my skin. The areas that had started to get red had calmed down and even minutes after I could still feel the ingredients working on my skin.

I feel safe saying that this one is going to be re-purchased. sometime in the future.

H&M: Manuka Honey Peel-off Cleansing Mask

Picture 215.jpg

According to H&M this peel-off mask is going to help remove dead skin cells and leave skin soft and smooth. It is advertised towards combination skin and it’s ingredients list features manuka honey, jasmine blossom and chamomile extract.

Picture 216.jpg

Opening the packaging I am hit by a a heavy albeit nice honey fragrance and the colour is ¬†a deepened yellow. I’m enjoying it already before putting it on.

I do like the new packaging that H&M uses for their new line of masks, since it makes it really easy to use a spatula to apply it.

The packaging says to leave this one on for 15-20 minutes which is a very common time table for peel-off masks. After applying this I can instantly feel the mask starting to work with my skin. It gives a very soothing and cooling feeling but after ten minutes I feel that the scent is a little bit too much.

It is so heavy that I feel a headache starting to develop.

But when removing this I am left with extremely soft skin and I can still feel the ingredients of this mask working with my skin. But I feel that this might not be as effective as it could have been, it is advertised towards combination skin and that it removes dead skin cells but I feel that while this does leave the skin soft it still for me ends up as an average face mask. Nothing to rave about but also nothing to really dislike about it except the scent that after awhile becomes a tad too unbearable.

Which leaves me with this: I won’t buy this one again and it is just because of the scent, I can find a face mask who will give me the same or better results but¬†without this scent that I initially liked but proved too much for me in the end.