Is it as good as I remember? : Flowing by Puma

This is a series where I review products that I once loved to find out if the product still delivers. The rules are simple: It must be at least a minimum of three years since the last time I used the product. This is just a response to the idea that personal taste changes and that what you once loved might no longer be to your preference.


This for me is a very special perfume, namely because it was the first perfume I ever owned. It was brought to me by my grandmother when I was still in elementary and I loved this scent as I felt at that time that it was not a stereotypical girly girl smell, unlike those scents my classmates would use that were either candy scents or perfumes that I felt was too “old” for someone our age.

I loved spraying this on my diary and notebooks. Funny thing is that when I read my old diaries or notebooks from those years ago the smell is still there. For me it just makes those memories more vivid.

Half a year ago I bought this at a local department store. They have changed the bottle from all those years ago to a more round glass bottle, which frankly I feel look cheaper but that’s just my opinion, but again this is a very inexpensive fragrance that is easily found.

But is it as good as I remember?



This fragrance was released in 2003 by Puma and is defined as an oriental floral.

It comes in two sizes: 20 ml and 40 ml.

Top notes: Mandarin Orange, Freesia, Raspberry and Cassis.

Middle notes: Iris, Violet, Mimosa and Ylang-Ylang.

Base notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla and Musk.



The packaging has not changed that much but the current bottle is round instead of square as it was when it was initially released.

But it still does carry that early 2000s nostalgia.

Especially the cardboard box it comes with, it has those stripes in analogous colours that was quite common at that time.

But the most important part is that the new glass bottle feel much sturdier than the old one.


How I feel about it now:

I’m surprised by how long wearing and warm this is. I can definitely smell the base notes from the get go and some of the middle notes, the top notes are there initially but they disappear in a minute on me.

I want to compare this to a warm blanket. It does have a powdery feeling about it but it’s far from an “old” scent it is in fact too young for my taste and I know that it’s not because it’s reminding me of my old self but because you have a very “pink” note in it that I’m not capable of pin pointing. It might be the mixture of freesia and musk combined.

But I understand why I loved this so much when I was younger.

It is quite sophisticated for being so cheap and sophisticated was what I wanted to be at that time. But that is the brilliance of Flowing, it is a sweet and an inoffensive scent that is suitable for young girls but it becomes too soapy and conventual for someone my age.

Puma as a perfumer has never been the most original out there but they know how to make fragrances that are comfortable everyday scents that anyone can wear.

And Flowing follows that line faithfully. I have to comment that I think that the name suits the scent very well. When you wear this you will notice how it fluctuates between the notes and believe me this perfumes drydown is beautiful.

I especially have to note that this is one of the very few perfumes with a vanilla note that I can actually stand, it is because it is not too sweet or sugary but it helps in combination with the amber to keep this fragrance grounded. It gives it more weight than if the base notes only existed of sandalwood and musk.

A lot of the notes in this scent is what I would define as “airy” notes so it is great that there are grounding notes in it aswell. The iris note also gives it an edge that keeps this from being too powdery and/or boring.

Therefore I will say that if you are between the ages 10-17 then you should try this out. You can make this work if you are older too but I believe only if you are a woman who loves lighter oriental scents and who truly is young at heart.


Will I buy it again?


But it does not mean that this fragrance is bad or not worth its price.

It is enjoyable but I feel that it does not suit me anymore.