Witch Casket July 2017

Disclaimer: I know that there are some people who will have a negative reaction to this post. To you I will just say that I am in no way pushing any sort of beliefs onto my readers and that this review is more geared towards readers who have an interest in these things.

I have nothing but love and respect towards everyone no matter what.


Official picture from the official website.

This is the first subscription service I’ve tried out and I’ve been very curious about such services for a long time but I decided against trying a makeup subscription service as I feel that they would simply just not work for me.

But I came across this last month and I became interested immediately. I’ve been dabbling in these sort of things since I was a small child and it has always been something that has brought a lot of positivity into my life.

Besides that this is one of the more inexpensive subscription services I’ve found on the internet in regards to shipping to my country.



This subscription has three price points based on where the box is sent+there is no shipping fee applied.

UK: 24​£

Europe: 30​£

Rest of the world: 35​£


This subscription is also vegan friendly!

In each casket there are “casket only” exclusive items and products from selected shops. Each casket has a minimum of 40£ value.



The delivery was quicker than I initially expected.

These caskets get sent out every 15th in the month and the creators behind this service are very honest that their shipping service can be a bit unreliable when it comes to shipping time, which is quite normal but I like that sort of honesty.

For me it took six days before this turned up at my doorstep. This is quite a normal delivery time anytime I’m receiving something from the UK.

I like the fact that the casket came enveloped in a plastic case as i helps to protect box itself but also makes sure that it is discreet.


Items this month


Picture from the official website.

This month’s casket theme was the moon and dreams. I’m putting this under a read more since this post is quite lenghty.

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Kusmi Tea: Wellness teas gift set


I’m down with the flu at the moment. Luckily I have a huge assortment of teas, a couple of which I will review in this post. Enjoy because I am certainly enjoying drinking tea from this large mug my boyfriend bought me.


Kusmi as a brand don’t need an in depth introduction as they are known for their high quality and gourmet blends, it also helps that they have been around for quite some time.

So you can guess what my reaction was when I received this gift set from my aunt for my birthday. I had known about this brand for some time and had always wanted to test some of their teas.

Kusmi wellness.png


The set contains five tins that each contain ca 25 g of product and also a tea infuser.

In other words this set holds an incredible value and you do get to try out different teas. One thing to mention is that the wellness series is very fond of liquorice root and I know not everyone likes that ingredient.

Kusmi has other sets like this one but with different collections.


But the important question are if they do hold up to the reputation that Kusmi has.

One note before I go into the review that I feel is worth mentioning, I never sweeten my tea as I feel that it ruins the freshness that I like about tea.



BB Detox

Ingredients: Green tea, mate, rooibos, guarana, dandelion and scent of grapefruit.

Preparation time: 3-4 minutes at 85-90 celsius.

This can be used for making ice tea.



The first thing you notice about this tea is how fresh and “green” it smells. It is a tea that I prefer to drink during the morning as it is both refreshing and energising, since it does contain guarana it means that this tea contains more caffeine than other green teas.

Fun fact is that guarana contains 4-8% more caffeine than coffee beans. Therefore I am very careful to only drink this during morningtimes and sparingly as I am sensitive to caffeine.

It is one of my favourites though as it tastes great and does cure sleepiness like no other.

One thing to notice for me is that teas with rooibos rarely are a hit with me, I find them nauseating but with BB Detox I found it to instead adding a base in which the other ingredients could build themselves higher upon. It is so fully integrated in the blend that although I can taste it, I find myself loving it in this blend.

This tea tastes even better than how it smells, fresh, greenish with a hint of citrus. It does not have the “heaviness” of a black tea, but is light, agile and fragrant.

It will definetitely be rebought.


Sweet love

Ingredients: Black china tea, liquorice roots, spices, guarana seeds, pink pepper and flavours.

Preparation time: 3-4 minutes at 85-90 celsius.

This can be used for making ice tea.



This one smells like my wholesale indian chai but I thought at first  that it were the spices that had taken over and that the other ingredients would show up once it was brewed.

I was especially excited for the liquorice root and the pink pepper.

But upon my first taste I was initially dissappointed, it tastes almost just like my indian chai. I tried to search for the pink pepper and liquorice root but got only a hint before they faded away.

Please don’t misunderstand me, this is a very warming and good blend but it is just too similar to my indian chai which I am so bored of. Spicy teas have also never been my favourites but if you love them I will highly reccomend you Sweet Love as it is good and leaves a very nice after taste.

I tried it with milk once and it was spectacular.



Ingredients: Blend of mate green tea, cinnamon bark, ginger, cardamon and scents of spices.

Preparation time: 4-5 minutes at 75-80 celsius.

This can be used for making ice tea.



This was a huge letdown. Usually I love anything with cinnamon or ginger but these ingredients were barely there and honestly this tea tasted very old, almost like tea dust.

It has a bitterness that is sickening rather than enjoyable. This is a rare case of a tea being near undrinkable for me as it is very flat and the after taste is not great.

It’s  incredibly boring and this might sound snobbish, but when a brand claims they offer quality, gourmet blends and exclusivity, I will judge them accordingly. Boost would never have been a favourite of mine but if it had been a blend bought from the grocery store, I would have left it as it is: average and uninteresting. But  Kusmi is cosidered a luxury brand and a long time favourite among tea lovers. Therefore I do put them to a higher standard than for example Lipton.


Be Cool

Ingredients: Rosehipseed, apple, verbena leaves, peppermint, anis seeds and liquorice root.

Preparation time: 5-8 minutes at 95-100 celsius.

Can be used to make ice tea.

Is caffeine free!



This is a pure herbal tea and just like BB Detox it has a very fragrant, refreshing and pleasant smell and taste, the only difference is that Be Cool is more “cooling” compared to BB Detox.

Be Cool is very calming and is a good blend to drink before going to sleep. It is soothing thanks to the anis, rosehipseed and verbena leaves. The peppermint is good for alleviating nausea and the apple does round out the other ingredients and adds a bit of sweetness. The rest of the ingredients add hints and complexity making this one a true joy to drink.

This will be rebought when I run out of it.



Ingredients: Blend of mate, green tea, scent of lemon, lemongrass.

Preparation time: 3-4 minutes at 85-90 celsius.

Can be used to make ice tea.



Lemon grass is one of my least favourite smells, as it is too sweet and sugary but it does work well in this blend. I use this tea during cold months as it capable of helping a sore throat.

Of all the Kusmi teas I own, this one is the sweetest and as mentioned earlier in this review, I don’t sweeten my tea usually and this one here definitely does not need anything added. I don’t think that a lot of people would do that with this one. There is also a note of smokyness in this one.

It is however not my favourite of the bunch as I sometimes find it a bit nauseating at times. Another thing is that it feels like it should have had something added to it, it does feel that Detox is missing something vital.



To be honest I feel that this gift set was a mixed experience, which might sound drastic but I’m just being truthful about this one. I enjoy tea and  have tasted a great deal of varieties before these ones, from the really exclusive ones such as pure silver needle to the more easy to find such as the ones you find at your local grocery store.

But what I see in my notes is eventually that there is no way that I can give this the highest grade. These were really a hit-or-miss in my book.

The quality on these blends are great but I do miss some more complexity and balance in the blends Sweet Love and Boost. Both of these two are dominated by the spices who overpower the other ingredients leaving them at the bottom at my list.

Detox for me ends up as a below average blend with the misfortune of making me sometimes nausious.

The two blends who wins my heart is BB Detox and Be Cool. These two have the qualities I always look for in a tea: freshness, great taste, complexity and a good after taste. It did surprise me that BB Detox became a favourite of mine since it contains a lot of caffeine, Be Cool on the other hand is much more understandable and I do feel that it helps me getting sleepy.

One thing I really enjoyed about this set was the tin packaging which provides a perfect container for the blends and also makes them stackable. I’d really wish more companies had packaging like this.


Have you tried any of these?