Is it as good as I remember? Depend Nail Polishes


This is a series where I review products that I once loved to find out if the product still delivers. The rules are simple: It must be at least a minimum of three years since the last time I used the product. This is just a response to the idea that personal taste changes and that what you once loved might no longer be to your preference.


This is an old classic for me.

I remember my mom buying Depend nail polishes all the way back in the 90s and she would sometimes paint my nails, these small polishes are very likely the first beauty product I ever tried out in my life.

When I got older and started to earn my own money as a teenager, these were some of my favourite items to stock up on since they come in a great selection of colours and finishes, combine that with them being cheap and often on a buy 3 for the price of 2 sale and you have a product that is extremely affordable.

Although I never saw them as the perfect nail polishes I really did enjoy them since they were cheap, small and had an amazing selection of shades.

But the important question is what do I feel about them now?



The packaging of these have changed over the years but currently they come housed in a tall but small glass bottle. They contain 5 ml of product.

One thing to note is that on the label at the front has a symbol that signifies whether the coverage is sheer or opaque.

Whenever I bought any of these I always make sure I write down the number of the shade, since the back label have a tendency to fade easily.



In this post I have done my best to try to showcase the variation of their line.

None of the shades in this line has any proper name just a number.


# 419




This is a lovely dark purple with both purple and small amounts of blue shimmers in it.

This shade needs to be shaken, which is just simply to turn the bottle down and up, in order for the pigments to blend before applying. The first time I used this it came out sheer on the first coat and in the second coat the polish became really thick and the end result was a little bit textured.

Second time I used this it was a little bit more even but it still requires two coats to be opaque. Something weird happened in my swatch photos here, they come off as a bit sheer but in irl these are opaque.

One thing I really like about this polish is that It can last for 4-6 days without chipping, which is very good.








I believe this is an effect nail polish. It contains opaque white glitters with some larger silver glitters in a clear base.

I love this polish best alone since I found it weird as a top coat.

Alone this is stunning because it does look like you have snow on your nails, you need to shake it and put on two coats for this to reveal it’s beauty. It is a nail polish that manages to stand out but still be “neutral” enough that you can wear it on any occasion.

It is beautiful and extremely long-lasting. I don’t know how long this can be worn without cracking. I wore this for almost two full weeks before removing it, it almost looked like it did when I first applied it only that the clear base had started to get a little bit”yellowish” as clear nail polishes can become after a while.



I can’t argue against the price, it is ridiculously low even for the amount you get.

The quality is not the best but it is far from bad, I would call it an average formula and to be fair I have bought more expensive nail polishes which still cracked after two days.

These tend to be a bit more stubborn in my experience and they can be difficult to remove.

I believe I will buy more of these in the future.


Thank you for reading!




H&M: Nail polish

Picture 430

Cinnamon Spark, Imaginarium, Space Race and Toprock.

A couple of months ago I started to want to paint my nails again.

It was two years since the last time I painted my nails regularly and threw out my last polishes. I’m not sure why but I just could not be bothered anymore and besides that I always hated the smell of both the nail polish and remover.

I started to find my old favourites again and I have reviewed some of them.

But some time ago I went to my local H&M and I found myself mesmerised by their selection of nail polishes and the price tag.

They were also hailed by a well-known norwegian beauty magazine, who is usually very biased in favour of luxury brands, which in itself is such a rarity that I wanted to try them out just based on that alone.

I also like the new packaging, it’s not extremely high fashion but in my opinion it does not matter when it feels sturdy and the shade name is on the bottle itself. It is elegantly simple.

The polishes contains 8 ml of product which is not bad at all and I do find myself liking the brush which makes it easy to coat the nail in one swipe.

But how do these stand up?

Disclaimer: My swatch pictures are not perfect, I have done my best using two different cameras and taking pictures at different times of the day. I am not entirely happy but I really do hope they showcase the shades with a certain accuracy.


Space Race

Picture 431.jpg

It was very difficult to capture the holographic effect correctly.

Do you remember the holographic craze some years ago? Everything from nails, lips, eyes and various clothing featured this effect and it was everywhere before it died out (at least from the mainstream)

It has lately re-emerged but in a very different light and “texture” than earlier. This nail polish however reminds me of the earlier incarnation of this trend, it does look eerily similar to a nail polish I owned around 2012-2013.

It is a silvery holographic nail polish that goes on fairly opaque with the first layer, it also dries down quite fast and the surface of the coat is a little bit texturised compared to other nail polishes. I like the fact that this one dries down so quick compared to most other polishes on the market.

I like this one quite a lot but a huge minus is the fact that this polish does start to chip already the next day, even with two coats it is not long-lasting at all. It is gorgeous but I have never experienced a polish that already starts to crack the next day.

With one coat however it starts to fade already after five hours, which is a strange effect to say the least since it looks like it is the pigments only that goes away, not the polish itself.

But I do actually like this one despite that huge flaw and I will perhaps even buy it another time.




Picture 562.jpg

This is one of the most unique nail polishes I’ve ever seen or used, the shade is a colour shift between green and purple with an added metallic brilliance. On the nails it can in some lighting conditions look like it is a tarnished silver shade.

One thing is important to note with this one and that is that it does require two coats in order for it to be a bit more opaque, with only one coat this polish falls short and frankly looks more like a child’s nail polish and, as is the case with Space Race, it will start to fade after a few hours.

But it is a little bit on the sheer side no matter what and that is very visible in the pictures I’ve taken here. But I personally don’t mind it that much.

With two coats on the other hand this one is brilliant but also long-lasting aswell as non-chipping.



Cinnamon Spark

This one has a similar finish to Imaginarium but it features more of an iridescence and not the metallic finish that Imaginarium has.

Cinnamon Spark is a gorgeous shade with a teal iridescence on a red-brown background.

Compared to the other two in this post, this is a much more transparent shade and is also one that takes a long time to dry completely down. It requires two to three coats to become somewhat opaque and combined with the long dry down time, it leaves a little bit left to be desired for me but I enjoy this shade.

I find it beautiful and it is also the most long-lasting of all four.

It is really unique but not perfect.




This is a pale turquoise with a slight lilac iridescence. It is a very “glowing” shade  which I’m not sure looks good on me. In the bottle it looks great but on my nails I think it looks extremely cheap on me and that lilac iridescence is almost gone. It might have looked better if I were a little bit more tan.

The wear time is among the better ones of the H&M nail polishes but by god the dry time was long. It took forever for each coat to completely dry and as with the rest of this line this nail polish start to chip quite quickly and does not last long enough in order to excuse the long dry down time.

This might sound quite contradictory when compared to my review of the other nail polishes in this post, but where I can tolerate some of the other polishes in this line because of their shade but this one does not look good on me+long dry time and not being long-lasting at all.



Overall I’m not sure if I can give these a super high-grade.

I feel quite disappointed with the inconsistencies of the formula, of course it is normal for variations in different shades but I think that when I buy five different shades and they vary this much just in formula? That’s more than just disappointing and makes for a less than stellar experience.

I love the shades and the variety that H&M has to offer but such a lackluster formula makes me wary of buying more of these. I can buy from other brands and while they also can differentiate a bit between shades, I have never experienced something like this before with any nail polish line.


Have you tried any of these?

What do you think?




Isadora: Face Mist


This is a new offering from Isadora that made me curious.

I have never used a setting mist in my life but the more I’ve read about them the more I’ve wanted to try it out and see if they are as amazing as people say they are.

But as always when I’m unfamiliar with a product type, I am hesitant to try it out or judge it since I know very well that unfamiliarity+what works specifically for me does not always mesh well when finding out if something really is good and I am also afraid to completely discard a product type when the fact might be that it’s only the product itself that leaves much to be desired.

But I took my chances with this product since it is has a budget friendly price.


Product description from Isadora’s website

Invigorating and moisturizing face mist that preps and adds hydration to the face in order to prepare it for makeup. Use it also after makeup application in order for it to sit better and to give an extra glow to the results.

The mist is also perfect for you who sit a lot in front of your PC during the day, spray over the face a couple of times during the day to keep skin from being dehydrated and to give your it a lovely touch-up.

Active ingredients:

  • Arctic rose extract
  • Sun flower oil
  • Pomegranate extract
  • Rosemary extract
  • Glycerine
  • Castor oil


How to use

Shake well before use.

Keep it 15-20 cm from face and close your eyes as you spritz. Let it dry completely before you put on makeup.



The packaging is very conventional and consists of cheap pink plastic. But as I have pointed out before on my blog, packaging is not everything especially not if the product itself does wonders.

What I’d wish in the packaging is that it was made of sturdier plastic.

You get 100 ml or 3.4 FL .oz. in this bottle which I feel is very economic combined with the low price point this has.

The nooze also should have been made a little bit different. When using this the way you get instructed, it gives you not the fine mist needed for you to use this to set makeup, instead you get a circle on your face with product which is fine when you use this to hydrate and prep skin but with makeup on you end up ruining it.

Picture 498.jpg

So how does it hold up?

In this review I felt it was important to place this under the three advertised uses separately.

I’ve used this for ca two weeks now.


As a hydrator

I enjoy this.

It is definitely nice for a bit of refreshment whether you’re sitting in front of the PC or just out and about.

It gives a nice soothing effect when you initially spray it on but it also leaves my skin feeling refreshed and moisturized.

It keeps my skin from becoming tight or oily during the day and I don’t need to put on moisturizer on my drier areas.


As a prepping step before makeup

In order to test this out properly I’ve decided to combine it with my sunscreen and foundation, leaving out my regular base product as this face mist is described as having priming abilities.

After doing my regular skin care routine and letting everything dry down, I spray a couple of times over my face and then let it sink completely in before doing anything else.

This product does not leave any residue on skin which is what I did initially worry about, it sinks completely in and my skin feels moisturized. When I apply my sunscreen+foundation it does help both products to blend and helps “lock” the products down.

Going about my day, I could feel that this created a nice layer beneath my makeup that kept my skin feeling nice throughout the afternoon. It also kept my makeup “fresh-looking” and gave me a slight glow from within effect.

Another point that I feel is important to mention is that this actually helped balance my skin.

Usually after wearing makeup for longer than my usual 4 hour limit,  I will have a couple of white heads on my nose and forehead, but after using this face mist over this personal time limit there were clear indications that it had protected my face from getting clogged up.

Removing my makeup and doing my nightly skin care routine I could tell that my skin’s texture had improved and I had not done anything different other than adding this in my routine.


As a makeup setting spray

This is where this product fails in my eyes and it is just because of the packaging.

The problem really is the nooze of this since it is not capable of dispersing the product evenly which in turn ruins the makeup look.

Since that is my experience with this as a setting spray, I really do feel that I’m not capable of giving a proper feedback when the only thing that is wrong is essentially the packaging and not the product itself.

I believe I’m going to purchase an empty spray bottle in order to try this again.



It is rare for me to get a wow effect from a product, especially from a product type that I’ve never tried before.

I have combo/oily skin and it is a skintype that I feel can be difficult to manage sometimes and it is especially true when it comes to the seasonal changes my skin often go through.

Which is why I love this product, it moisturizes my drier areas when I have them but it also keeps my oily areas in check, it can be difficult to find products that can balance these issues without aggravating the other.

I do believe that this is suitable for most skin types since it does contains oils/extracts but it does not leave skin greasy or with any residue.



Isadora: Gel Nail Lacquer


Official pic from Isadora.

This is among my favourite products from Isadora.

These nail polishes feature a gel nail formula that when used with the gel nail lacquer top coat, it is not hardened by a UV-lamp but with either natural or indoor light.

It is a hypo-allergenic formula with non-irritating ingredients according to Isadora and also supposedly easy to remove but also to stay perfect for at least a week, with no flaking or dimming of shine.

In this review I’m using 264 Rebel Red and 210 Top Coat.

Picture 409.jpg



Picture 416.jpg

  • Apply two coats of gel nail lacquer of your chosen shade. Let each coat dry in between and when you have applied two coats let it dry for three minutes.
  • Apply one coat of gel nail lacquer top coat and let it dry completely. It is important to use this top coat since it is in combination with it and gel nail lacquer that creates the gel effect and keeps the nail polish from flaking.


How does it measure up?

Picture 415

The shade I’m using is one of my favourite shades of all time, a deepened red with both blue and pink undertones, it is a perfectly vampy shade and I’m not someone to care if it falls under “autumn/winter” shade in other people’s mind.

Picture 417.jpg

The claim about seven days shine and no flaking is not always true though. It really depends on your routine entirely as I’ve found this to not last long when I’ve had a lot of chores/work to do, especially not if it involved any kind of water.

At most I’ve had this last five days, which in my point of view is not bad at all when it comes to a nail polish but if you are looking for something that will last longer than that, then I would suggest to you to be on the look out for something else.

It is however easy to remove with nail polish remover and I do like this nail polish since I find that this has less fumes than most other nail polishes, something that has been keeping me from applying nail polishes as often as I used to.

The shine is also gorgeous and another thing is that Isadora’s nail polishes in my opinion comes with the best brushes, they are square in shape and make it easy to apply an even coat, which is something to note about all nail polishes from Isadora is that they are very opaque and can have a tendency to go on too thick. This is luckily prevented by the brush.


I will recommend this but with a disclaimer about it not being as long-lasting as Isadora claims.






Blender Cleanser Solid

Picture 399.jpg

If there is one part of my beauty routine that I am particularly prone to fuss over, it is cleaning my beauty tools and making sure that they are kept in an immaculate state.

Over the years I’ve tried a couple of cleaning methods, including using regular dish soap which is not a great thing for either tools or your skin, to baby shampoo and a mist cleanser.

The thing I’ve found out with mist cleansers is that they will all inevitably leave residue sooner or later, which in return will make makeup application more of a hassle than it usually is.

The same is true for baby shampoo aswell, it will over time leave the brushes with residue and in the end I will need to use a harsh cleaner to remove said residue, which in the end might even harm my brushes in the long run.

So after reading a review of this product from one of my favourite beauty reviewers on wordpress, I decided to do the splurge and invest in something I hope will make cleaning easier and faster.

In this review I feel it is important to test out how effective this cleanser is with cleaning away different product types from brushes. Especially to the most difficult ones such as eyeliner and lipstick.

Picture 402.jpg

Official description

This travel-friendly blendercleanser provides exceptional cleansing results for beautyblender and makeup brushes. The blendercleanser formula effectively cleans beautyblender, yet is gentle on the skin. The included custom grid creates a scrubbing platform for brushes, as well as a perfect place to dry beautyblender and the soap.


My first impression of this cleanser is that it is practical and convenient. It is compact and it includes a scrubbing platform which conveniently can also be used to dry the soap, which makes this incredibly travel-friendly as stated in the description and I also enjoy the herbal scent this has which is quite refreshing from the typical floral or citrus scents these products usually come with.


How does it perform?

This performs well above expectations.

It made my brushes look like they had never been used, this was especially surprising when it came to some of my brushes who had gotten a little bit discoloured from bright eyeshadow.

It also lathers really well but is easy to wash off and combined with the brush scrubbing platform, the brushes comes out squeaky clean and without residue.

I found that with powders such as eyeshadow or blush, this cleanser worked immediately and there was no need to scrub excessively to remove said product.

When it came to liquid products I had to scrub a little bit extra but still this cleanser managed to remove any evidence of said product.

Eyeliner and lipstick are usually the most difficult product types to clean from brushes and as I predicted, I had to scrub a bit extra but in the end there were no discoloration on the brushes or product remains.

The fragrance of this cleanser soap also did not transfer over to the brushes, the scent disappears when they are left to dry.

Whats also important to mention is that I found this to work wonderfully on both synthetic and natural fibers. This was also gentle with my sponge tip applicators.



I’ve found a new holy grail.

This is just perfect for me and my needs and I highly recommend it to anyone who is into makeup.

I feel this is just the rare kind of product that solves an issue, with me that has been how to find a solution that will make my makeup equipment not only clean but also not damage them in the long run.

I am a hygiene freak when it comes to cosmetics and especially with makeup tools, it is an extra bonus that this is easy to travel with aswell.


Have you tried this?

What do you think about this product?





Valentine 2017+ Lush Cosmetic’s Lover lamp bathbomb review.


Hi and happy “late” Valentine’s day!

For this holiday I will post a nice review of Lover Lamp, a new bathbomb from Lush released for Valentine’s day alongside how my day was.

This year is actually the first time in my life I’ve celebrated Valentine’s. Mostly since I’ve never had anyone to celebrate it with and also because I have just not seen a reason to do it.

But this year me and my husband decided it might be fun to have a lowkey celebration.


I was in a meeting  early in morning and I was quite tired when I got home, but my husband had cooked us some whole chicken filled with lemon, thyme and garlic stuffing, accompanied with a nice sweet potato dish with orange sauce.

This is one of the most delicious meals I’ve had in a long while and it was accompanied with some non-alcoholic cider, which suits the light tastes.



After dinner we took a bath together. For this ocassion I had ordered Lover Lamp from Lush cosmetics.


According to Lush Cosmetics this bathbomb has notes of chocolate, brazilian orange oil and fair trade vanilla absolute. It also features hearts made from cacao butter.


Before plumping the bathbomb inside.

I love the smell of this bathbomb. It does smell like a less sweet version of those chocolate oranges, if you get what I mean, it is a very comforting scent that luckily for me does not cross over into the cloyingly sweet kind of scents.



Lover Lamp features three large hearts accompanied with tiny hearts that melts in the bathtub. When these hearts melt completely away they leave behind tiny golden shimmers in the bathwater.


The bathwater turned a milky white, which was a surprise for me as white bathbombs don’t usually have that effect and besides that this left our skin feel super soft and nice.

This is one bathbomb I’d wish was permanent.


It was also perfect since this is how it looks outside…


So how was your Valentine’s day? Did you celebrate or not?

H&M Beauty: Precious Glow

Yet again I see that H&M has released a new limited edition collection.


This one is for fall/winter 2016 and features metallic finishes and shine. Most of these colours will be defined as neutrals but there are also some pops of bright in it. In my view this is a very solid collection with some unique products I’d wish were permanent, colour wise this collection have something for everyone without getting boring or uninteresting.

In other words count me impressed.

I did not buy everything in the collection so this is just small parts of the collection. I did not buy the eyeshadow palette and the liquid eyeshadows, I also missed out on the rhinestones since that’s something I’m just not interested in.

But truly I am in love with this collection.


Metallic Lip Colour

These are the first lipsticks I’ve bought from H&M and I immensely enjoy these. My experience with metallic lipsticks is that they are drying and usually just exageratted shimmer lipsticks, these on the other hand are an exception as they are creamy, nice to the lips and actually do have a metallic finish.

I bought two of these.


Burnished Bronze

I bought this in  hope that it would be a dupe for my  Giordani Gold #Midnight mystique lipstick which was part of their limited edition collection called venetian affair. This was for a long time my favourite lipstick since it was immenseley flattering but I have had difficulty finding a dupe.

Burnished bronze is not an excact dupe, it is not sheer and instead of gold there are specks of bronze. In fact when I compared the two I found myself liking burnished bronze more than midnight mystique.


Burnished Bronze on top and Midnight Mystique below.

I think it might be since it is opaque and instead of the specks of shimmer it is metallic, it makes burnished bronze look more refined and darker.

It is a stunner in my opinion and I think this will suit most people since it is neither too dark or light and have a neutral undertone to it.

Sugar and Spice

Out of all the lipsticks this is the bold bright pop of colour.


Sugar and Spice above and Burnished Bronze below.

This is a cool toned pink with a silver sheen which initially I feared would resemble the dreaded 80s mother of pearl lipstick. Luckily it still carries a nostalgic vibe but without falling into the tacky territory.

It does in fact more resemble a lipstick colour my aunt used to wear in the 90s which I used to steal.

This is perhaps a colour that I feel will look most flattering on someone with a deeper skin colour than me. I like it but I do think that it has a tendency to look a little bit off on me sometimes.


Dazzle lip topper

This is a product type I’d wish were permanent.


These can be worn alone or over any lipstick, however I found out that it’s best not to use them on top of lipsticks that stains since they will also stain the wand applicator and also won’t last at all. On other lipsticks these will actually help the lipsticks staying power instead of just sliding on top.

In general it is a smart idea to wipe the wands after use or before inserting it in the bottle again as to avoid contamination.

Remember to shake them well before use and not to let them fall since the liquid part can escape the bottle quite easily, I made that mistake and there is still shimmer on my table.


To Boldly Glow, Glisten Up and Cha-Cha-Cha

Glisten up

This is probably my favourite product of the collection. This one has intense shifts of blue, teal and violet, really beautiful alone or as a top coat.

I especially like this one over red lipstick.

To boldly glow

This one follows more the line of a pale gold. It is intense but more “natural” than Glisten up.

I use this mostly alone or over a more muted colour of lipstick, such as burnished bronze.


This one dissapointed me.

I’m really a little bit surprised that I did not like this one, but the reason is because it almost don’t have any shifts in it, it’s just a shimmer top coat and a very boring one at that.

It is a fuchsia pink that in the bottle looks like it will have some blue shifts but it does not translate when you put it on your lips. Even though it is the brighter of the three it becomes the muted one out of the bunch when it is on your lips.

Which is frankly strange.


Gilded brow tint

These are metallic brow tints. I’m not usually someone to buy brow products as I just brush through my brows with a clean mascara brush and leave it at that. These on the other hand reeled me in and I ended buying all three of them with no regrets.


Silver Sapphire, Electrum and Spun Gold.

I know that not everyone will like these since they are shimmery, but these do give a very nice effect and I like these better than the average brow product since they don’t give me that harsh look a matte product tends to give me.

Too bad these are not permanent.

The formula of these are great, it has a gel formula with pigments and the spoolie wand is great since it gives more control on how much product gets on your brows and helps you even it out.

Silver sapphire

Now this is something I’ve never seen before. The colour of this one is amazing, such a beautiful silver blue colour.

I understand that this might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I feel this works very well on my complexion and is in fact very wearable.


I would have prefered this more if it was more  cool toned but I still like it when I want to dramatize my brows a bit since this is darker than my natural brows. Of all the gilded brow tints this is probably the one that is the most natural and will suit most people.

Spun gold

This is probably the one that comes closest to my natural brow colour only that it is warmer. It makes a subtle golden effect on me but if you have darker eyebrows it will probably get more noticable.

Really beautiful.



Have any of you bought from this collection?

If so, what is your thoughts on it?