June 2017 Anti-Haul

This is my very first anti-haul and I hope you will like this post.

I’ve been fond of anti-hauls for quite some time now and I thought it was about time I made one too.

Let’s start!


Urban Decay: Naked Heat Palette


I love Urban Decay even though I have not tried many of their products. I like their ideas and I especially love their eyeshadow primer potion, that product changed my makeup game to a 100%.

I was never interested in any of the naked palettes, I never understood why those palettes became looked upon as revolutionary since the shades were all dupable and easy to find elsewhere+many were similar to each other.

So when I heard Urban Decay were going to release a new naked palette but that it was going to revolve around oranges, copper and amber shades. Which to me at the time sounded interesting and perhaps something I wanted to include in my makeup collection, I did think to myself that maybe this was something I would want to spend money on.

I like the packaging they choose for this palette, it is gorgeous and really compliments the name.

The shades in this palette are also lovely in their own right, there are a couple of them I’d love to own and use to create a lovely eye look. Especially shades like dirty talk, ashes and lumbre.

But after looking at it more and looking over my makeup collection, I found myself less excited and I’ve decided not to buy it.

I own similar shades but most importantly this palette follows the same “recipe” as the other naked palettes, which means there are few looks I can get out of this palette and most of them will be similar aswell.

In other words this palette, although beautiful, is not something I want to spend money on.


Too Faced: Melted Latex


Initially I thought of buying one of these as the concept sounded interesting but also very different from a lot of the lipsticks on the market. But after looking at the promotion video I was less than impressed.

In the video these looked very sticky and streaky.

In order for me to even think about buying any of these, I will have to see swatches other than from Too Faced’s site.

At the moment these just seems to be tacky and bad looking, like some lip gloss from the 80s that wanted to get a comback. I can be wrong though so I won’t buy this as long as there are no swatches available from customers.


Just two products this time but I hope this was enjoyable.

Thank you for reading!





Isadora Summer Collection 2017 – Blue Bliss

IsaDora: isadora; make-up; smink; cosmetic; kosmetik

Official picture from Isadora.

I just managed to snatch up some products from the new collection from Isadora.

This collection is in my opinion a nice fresh breath of air from Isadora . The last two-three years have been dominated by mauve, peach, pinks and nude shades, this is not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion when it is accompanied with a higher quality and innovative products but I have been missing some bright colours on other things than just nail polish.

I have to say that I love the colours making up this collection. Blue is always gorgeous whether you have blue, green or brown eyes you just need to find out which shades suits you the best and this collection has a great selection of blue so you are bound to find something to make your eyes sparkle.


Official picture from Isadora. I just love this picture so I had to have it in this post since it does give a nice presentation of this collection.

That the lip products feature shades with hints of orange in them is yet another great idea, they are meant to be sheer and give a slight gloss to the lips and combined with blue shades in the eye look it creates a nice balance. Remember blue and orange are complimentary colours.

This collection is made up by four lip balms with a slight hint of colour, two coloured mascaras, three nail polishes, one blush and five coloured pencils.

Personally speaking I like it when brands don’t feel the need to push out new products but rather takes an existing product with a lovely formula and extends that line with new colours or other variations.

I bought two products from this collection.


Official picture from Isadora showcasing some of this collections offerings.


Twist-Up Lip Balm #80 Sheer Melon

Picture 445.jpg

Description from Isadora:

Isadora Twist-Up Lip Balm protects and treats your lips with nourishing natural oils and with SPF15 (UVA/UVB). 50% of the formula is made up of natural oils such as sunflower oil, jojoba oil, pomegranate extract and camelina oil. Twist-Up Lip Balm is flavoured with raspberry aroma and is clinically tested and contains no perfume. Contains ca 15 gram of product.

The first thing of notice for me is the nice packaging. I like it when packaging feels sturdy and when lip products have the shade represented in the packaging, this lip balm has the cap representing the shade. I like it since it feels nice in my hand and the shape of the lip balm itself make sit easy to apply since it has a dome shape at the tip.

Picture 446.jpg

The formula is very nice and long-lasting for a lip balm, I am not shocked by this as I am quite familiar with a lot of the oils this is formulated with. It does not feel greasy on my lips as it sinks nicely in and does what Isadora claims its supposed to: nourish and treat.

I love the fact that this has a nice SPF with both UVA and UVB protection. It was much more common many years ago but in later years I’ve seen a decline in lip balms which offers protection against the sun. I don’t like that since lips are an area with quite sensitive skin and I feel it is important that people understand that and have the possibility to protect it.

The light tint this has is a very refreshing orange, it gives my lips a very healthy look thanks to the tint but also the slight glossiness this has. Sheer melon is the name of the shade I picked up and it perfectly describes the colour.

All in all this is a wonderful product and I might buy this in other shades. I am extremely picky when it comes to lip balms but this to me passed the test and left my lips feeling wonderfully hydrated and healthy.

Picture 499.jpg


Grand Volume Lash Color # 142 Aquatic

Picture 440.jpg

Description from Isadora:

Get fantastic volume and length combined with new eye-catching colours.

Use on all lashes for a dramatic and cool effect, or only on your bottom lashes or just the tips of your lashes for a hint of colour.

  • Super volume effect.
  • Flexible formula that let’s you build up volume
  • The specially designed wand lifts the lashes from root to tip and distribute the mascara evenly.
  • Defines and separates.
  • Lasts all day
  • Contains 9 ml of product.
  • Clinically tested and formulated without fragrance.

Picture 443.jpg



This product is a colour variation of Grand Volume Lash Styler and they both feature the same wand but with one diference in packaging.


Grand Volume Lash Styler. Just to showcase difference in packaging.

That being that the Grand Volume Lash Color features an “open window” to the contents inside, I can understand why as this makes it easy to differentiate the versions available apart.

The shape of the packaging is the same otherwise, with gold accents and with a heavy sturdy feel to it. Some might find the packaging too clunky but I actually find myself liking it especially the tapered end where the wand is attached, I find it easier to control the wand since it helps me have a better grip.

Picture 441.jpg

Ingredients list.


I love this shade!

It is the most beautiful bright royal blue which pulls out more of the grey tones in my eyes. It really makes my eyes pop and give them a “cooler” tone and making them look brighter.

I believe this shade will look good on most people since royal blue has a tendency to go along with most complexions.

The pictures below is just the mascara and no eyeshadow or eyeshadow.

Picture 503

Picture 502


The wand

Picture 444.jpg

This mascara features a rubber wand with bristles placed at the sides of the wand.

On one side the bristles are equal height and on the other side the bristles are shorter in the middle.

I like it since I feel that it makes it easier to sculpt my lashes. In my opinion you get a lot of freedom with this wand to separate lashes while adding length and volume, I also noticed that it is easy to untangle lashes with this wand if you make a mistake.

One con is that since I have deep-set eyes this wand is a bit big and can, if I’m not careful enough, smear a bit on my eyelids but this is again due to me having deep set eyes.

Other people might not have to be as careful but I’m giving a heads-up.



The formula of this mascara is very wet but smooth at the same time.

Combined with the wand it works wonders for my lashes as I can go over my lashes with the wand without it clumping or drying too quickly, so I can sculpt as I go over them.

This formula also does not flake and it does last well throughout the day, keeping both volume, length and curl in place.



I love this product.

It gives me length but with the added volume it keeps my lashes from looking “thin” but full.

This is what I always look for in my mascara since I feel that any mascara that only gives length has a tendency to look very weird. On the other hand volume mascaras has a tendency to make my lashes look too thick and stubby+clumpy.

This mascara on the other hands gives the best of both worlds and with the bonus of making it easy to sculpt my lashes.

I might be willing to buy the regular black version of this.



I feel that this is one of those collections that features products that’s going to suit most complexions. You are essentially bound to find something that’s going to look lovely on you.

It is a well-rounded collection in my opinion and I hope Isadora continues giving out smaller collections like this one.


H&M: Drama Cream Eyeliner in #Gold Rush

Picture 385.jpg

This is part of the permanent offerings at H&M beauty line.

According to H&M’s website this gel eyeliner is supposed to give the wearer intense colour payoff and long lasting results.



The packaging is a sturdy glass jar typical for gel eyeliners.

It holds 0.13 oz or 3.8 gram of product. Which is in my experience the normal amount of product offered for gel eyeliners.



Picture 390.jpg

This is a true metallic yellowish gold.

Most of the gold eyeliners I’ve had in the past have always been more of an antiqued gold shade so at first I was afraid that this shade would look tacky on me, but it is actually really beautiful especially when worn with a purple/lilac eyeshadow look.

Picture 393.jpg


Just a great tip from me to you:

Gel eye liner is one of those products that can easily be unhygienic if you just dip your brush in and out of it while applying, this can also lead to the product drying out quicker aswell because of the jar being open for an extended time but also because of contamination.

A solution to this is to use the end of your brush, the part without bristles, to scoop an amount out of the jar and placing it on the back of your hand. That way you don’t have to dip multiple times into the jar, possibly getting eyeshadow into the gel eyeliner itself or any of your germs.

The warmth of your hand will also give the benefit of “melting” the product making it easier to apply.

The first thing I notice about this product is the extremely strong chemical smell, at first I thought I had bought an expired jar but scooping out a tiny amount of this and leaving it on my hand, it feels normal and not dry so the strong smell is supposed to be there.

Trying it on the first time was a hassle.

I believe it is because of this being a metallic and not a “normal” gel eyeliner, but it was very clear to me that it was the pigments they had used in this that made the texture a little bit disagreeable, since I felt that this took a couple of minutes longer to make it look even and opaque.

But when it is fully applied this does look like a true gold shade.

Picture 392.jpg


This is where this gel eyeliner really checks all the boxes.

When this dries down it settles, does not fade or crease and most importantly it lasts all day.

In other words its perfect and might also suit people with oily eyelids, who very often have trouble finding eyeliners which stays put.



Honestly I have mixed feelings about this product.

The strong scent is nauseating and even when it’s on my eye, it takes some time before it disappears completely. I am sensitive to scents but I feel that this might even be an issue for people who usually don’t have an issue with scents as the smell is so intense and uncomfortable.

The application is also a bit of a hassle since the pigments make this uneven and a little bit  difficult to get opaque. Combine that with the smell and I have a sure way to get a headache.

But the gorgeous colour and how this just stays in its place when it dries down, really brings my perception of this up a couple of notches.

I believe that it might just be the pigments used in this gel eyeliner and the other shades in this line might be a bit better to apply.

I will use this up but I don’t think this will be repurchased by me.




Lunatick cosmetic labs: Elvira Mistress of the Dark eyeshadow and blush makeup palette


Official pic from Lunatick Cosmetics labs.

This is a limited edition palette released to celebrate Elvira’s 35th anniversary.

It is both vegan and cruelty free.

This palette contains one blush and five eyeshadows.

It is also the first product I’ve tried from this brand.




The packaging is incredible. It is sturdy despite being made of card board and shaped into a coffin shape, it has a nice magnetic closing which secures the content inside and the palette is quite heavier than I initially thought it would be.


When you open it up there is pop ups, which I actually think the palette would have been better without but that’s just my opinion. The mirror is in the shape of a dagger blade and it is too small to be used when applying makeup but nice when you are going to do a touch up.


I do love that the ingredients list on the backside of the palette which i easy to read and also shows which shade is named what. It is easy and organised, making it easier to use this palette.

I love all the details and thought that went into this such as the names of all the shades. If you have watched Elvira:Mistress of the Dark you will get the references throughout this palette.

Of course the image of Elvira on the front rounds the palette up and just makes this palette glorious beyond belief.





One quick note about these shades is that they might not seem like they would work together the first time you look at them, but actually this palette is just composed in a way that makes it possible to create different looks.

Of course this palette depends quite a lot on your personal taste.

I can see a couple of combinations that would look great together.

Such as the combination of Macabre-Bone-Unpleasant Dreams or Aunt Morgana-Battitude-Unpleasant Dreams. Those two combinations are the ones that jump at me from this palette but I do see other variations aswell.

Which makes this a very exciting palette since I feel that to create a nice eyeshadow look I don’t need to rummage through my collection to find complimentary shadows. Besides that there are a couple of shades within this palette that I have been on the lookout for.



Aunt Morgana

In the pan: This is a nice shimmery berry shade with no large shimmer specks.

When I was applying this it turned warmer and lost some of its berry tones and showed up a little more like a copper with some purple in it. But the copper does not arrive from the shimmer which still remains in the subtle territory.

It is also packs up a lot of pigment which is something I know a lot of people don’t like but it is smooth on the lid and I enjoy this shade. It is the most subtle and neutral of all the eyeshadows in this palette.

Comparing how it looks like in the pan and how it looks like applied is like night and day. I’m not complaining as the shade really emphasizes my light eyes.


Primer on the right and without on the left.




In the pan: Lovely matte sky blue shade.

Applying this is not as smooth as Aunt Morgana and it kicks up product from the pan and takes a little bit of work to blend properly on the lid.

Make no mistake I love this shade since I currently don’t have any matte blue in my collection and this is actually in my opinion a very flattering blue.

It is what I would call a super matte and they do tend to be a little less agreeable than regular mattes with a more sheen to them and they also have a tendency to hate primers.


With primer on the right and without on the left.



Unpleasant Dreams

In the pan: Purest of matte black.

I use black eyeshadows to achieve a soft kohl rim around my eyes and I find myself primarily using this for that purpose. I have another matte black, but that one does have a slight sheen to it so I do find this one stiffer which also gives off a better kohl effect than the other one.

In other words I really like this one, it is a nice standard matte black which anyone need in their collection.


With primer on the right and without on the left.




In the pan: Shimmery rusty bright red with no large shimmer specks.

This is a very gorgeous vegan red.

Vegan reds are notoriously difficult to get right but Lunatick cosmetic labs managed to create a great one.

Macabre is different from my other reds since it is more of a rusty-red. I don’t have anything like it in my collection and I find that very wierd since it is a very flattering shade. I like the fact that it avoids becoming an orange-red as those shades don’t flatter my complexion.

This one has the same texture as Aunt Morgana but I find this to be much smoother and easier to work with.


With primer on the right and without on the left.



In the pan: Is a matte pure white.

This one was one I had high hopes for since I do miss a great nice opaque white.

I found this one more difficult to work with and being more patchy than Battitude or Unpleasant Dreams even though they are the same formula and finish. It could be that I am using an eyeshadow primer, which is known to not always mesh well with mattes, especially not extreme mattes like this one.

Other than that there is not that much to say about this one as it is a pure white.


With primer on the right and wihtout on the left.


This palette contains only one blush which is a fairly neutral one. It makes sense when you  compare it to the rest of the palette since this will make it easy to include in a look without having to make backflips to have something that looks nice.




In the pan: This is a muted apricot shade which probably gives a very natural looking flush.

WOW!! This one is super pigmented!

Rarely do i feel that i need to be careful with these sort of shades and it is not as muted as it looks like in the pan when you apply this on your cheeks.

It is very similar to my H&M Pure radiance powder blusher in #Apricot only that Superunleaded seems to have a stronger orange undertone while #Apricot has more pink in it.

Anyway I am impressed by this one and I feel that it brings a nice warmth to my face without making me look ruddy as warm blushes has a tendency to do. It does avoid falling into the bronzer category aswell and I do think that this will suit a wide range of skin tones.

It is beautiful.


The blush is sheered out on the right to give an impression of how it looks like as a blush. The sheered out part came out lighter than I wanted it to be and it looks less pigmented than it really is applied.


All in all

This is a great palette and I’d really wish it was permanent and/or possible to buy certain shades individually.

I know that there will be people who will find some of these shades too dry to work with and/or find the shades themselves hard to combine. But for my taste this palette is just perfect despite the shadows being a little bit powdery and some being a bit difficult to blend.

There’s not much with this palette I find worthy of criticism other than the things I’ve already mentioned in this review.

For me this has become one of my favourite palettes lately.



Loreal Paris: Mega Volume Miss Manga Punky


This is apparently now getting discontinued at my local H&M and the regular price is usually at 140 NOK (16,75 USD) but at the sale it was only 50 NOK (5.98 USD).

So I ended up buying it despite probably just ending up using it once, the original Miss Manga is one of my least favourite mascaras and also since Miss Manga Punky is ,according to Loreal, meant to create spider lashes.

But actually I don’t find this mascara that bad actually, which is a nice surprise since I really just wanted to try this out as a experiment to see how it would look like but I ended up loving it.

Now one thing to mention beforehand: I always use a clean mascara wand to comb through my lashes both before and after applying mascara. This will obviously affect the end result.

Now let’s get into it.



The wand of this mascara is coneshaped and with short bristles. It is made of rubber and does not look like it is going to give you a ton of definition but leave more product on your lashes.



The formula is a little bit sticky and gloppy, which makes sense this is mascara is supposed to give you spiky spider lashes. Combine this with the wand and you get a mascara that loads product onto your lashes, since I always comb my lashes this is actually a favourable formula since it makes it easy to to make it even and to draw the lenght out.

But I can definitely see my lashes becoming “whispy” as time passes by, personally I like the look but that also means that this formula is one that might not last a long time. I never wear makeup for longer than four hours so for me and I did not find this mascara to flake but I did find it after three hours that my lashes “fell” down just a little bit.

What I mean by this is that this is one mascara that feels “heavy” when wearing it. It is not bad but it is something worth mentioning, perhaps in regard for those who use lash curlers as the formula might impact the curl.


One coat one the left and two coats on the right.


Aromaleigh Vault: Hydra Menagerie

Part of the Aromaleigh Vault series, where I look into my Aromaleigh collection and give my opinion on discontinued shades.


This was released in May 2015 as this month’s menagerie. This mini collection featured three eyeshadows and one blush inspired by the myth of the Hydra.

A very gorgeous collection indeed.




Official description:

The daughter of Ekhidna and Typhon, the Lernaean Hydra was an ancient serpent-like water monster with reptilian traits. It possessed many heads, and for each head cut off it grew two more. It had poisonous breath and blood so virulent that even its scent was deadly. The Hydra was conquered by the heroic Herakles while Karkinos, the crab, bit at his feet…Herakles dipped his arrows into the Hydra’s blood after vanquishing it, and used those poison arrows to conquer the Stymphalian Birds and the giant Geryon.

This shade is part of the Hydra Menagerie. The Menagerie is a new Aromaleigh project, where I’ll be formulating other shades and products to go with each month’s mythical creature. The Hydra Menagerie features three eyeshadow colors (“Hydra”, “Ekhidna” and “Karkinos”, and a purple blush (“Pharmakon”).

Color Description: A rich deep blue-violet base with an incredible color traveling duochrome that ranges from gold to green to teal as you move it under a light source.. Shown swatched over NYX cream eyeshadow base in skintone, photographed under a daylight lamp.


My opinion:

Not among my favourites but I like this one more than Ravenstag, which is the only Aromaleigh eyeshadow I’ve felt did not suit me at all.

My description of this shade will be the same as Aromaleigh with the exception that I feel that the base has a slight hint of green to it. This is one of those eyeshadows that really changes depending on light source and what you combine it with I feel.

The truth is that I don’t use this as often as I would like to.

But I’ve found out is a type of shade Aromaleigh do that often pops up in collections. Take the fact that it is quite similar to Ravenstag and I’ve seen others aswell.

These types of shades do not work that well with my complexion, but they are gorgeous on the right person and I do believe this one is going to be given away to someone who will cherish it.

I did my best trying to capture Hydra but the pictures came out grainy.




Official description:

Not found.


My opinion:

This is for me the perfect blush. It is a lovely  lavender with beautiful green shift that gives this an ethereal glow on skin.

I love it and I’m saddened that this has been disontinued since it is one of my favourite blushes and is really wearable for us with pale skin as it does soften to a bit more pink on skin depending on how much you sheer it out. In other words this might look like it a “scary” blush but it really isn’t depending on how you use it.

I do prefer this applied in a way that makes the lavender pop and the green shift with it.

Really saddened by the disconinuation but I’ve stocked up.

The swatch photos does not showcase the green shift as much and I did take them at different light sources. The sheered part does not showcase how it looks like on skin entirely, it came out too muddied.


My Sugarpill Collection


I have just ordered Sugarpill’s new collection for Valentine’s Day called “Fancy Feline”+ Kim Chi liquid lip colour.

In that regard I feel that it is about time to review/showcase all of my sugarpill stuff.



Liquid Lipsticks


Pumpkin Spice Liquid Lip Color


Official swatch photo from Sugarpill.

Official description from Sugarpill:

We’re so obsessed with all things pumpkin spice, we couldn’t resist giving our Pumpkin Spice eyeshadow a friend – a sparkling metallic liquid lip color! Indulge yourself in this pumpkin spice-scented, rustic copper pearl with warm golden reflects. Our creamy, mousse-like formula is ultra-pigmented, non-drying, and super long-lasting!

Net Wt. 4 grams / .15 oz.



I love the packaging with it’s gorgeous details.


My opinion:

What is it with me and loving browns with a hint of either copper or gold? I feel that this blog has had it’s fair share of them already and here I am again with something similar.

I love this colour as it is a gorgeous foiled metallic which the official swatch photo and my swatches does not capture in its full extent. It is a tad warmer in real life and with a really nice metallic look that gives a “brightening” effect to the rest of the face, which as I said in a previous post, it is difficult for me to find metallic lipsticks that i feel look “metallic” but pumpkin spice manages just that.

Pair that with a mousse formula and you have yourself a lipstick that is very comfortable to wear and when it get’s to dry completely down, which takes ten minutes on me, you’re also left with something that lasts a bit more than a regular lipstick but not like a liquid to matte formula would.

The scent of this one is extremely comfortable, very homely in fact. I have to assume that this is supposed to smell like pumpkin spice which is something I’ve never come across in my life, but if this is how it smells then perhaps I should look into it.

This was the first product from Sugarpill that I tried and since it is a seasonal limited edition, I hope that it comes back next year as I found this very enjoyable.

Please forgive my bad swatch photos. I did my best trying to capture the beauty of Pumpkin Spice. This product is much less textured on my lips in IRL but somehow it shows up as very textured in these photos.



Enter a caption


Trinket Liquid Lip Color


Official swatch photo from Sugarpill.

Official description from Sugarpill:

Sugarpill’s very first liquid lipstick! Creamy matte mauve infused with luminous golden sparkles that shine brighter as the formula sets. Ultra-pigmented and super long-lasting. Our creamy, mousse-like formula never feels dry on your lips! Creamsicle scented.

Net Wt. 6 grams / .21 oz.

Picture 28.jpg

Gorgeous packaging.

My opinion:

This is such a unique colour, I don’t have anything like this and I do hope that Sugarpill releases something similar later.

What makes it unique is that the base is a matte pale mauve adorned with golden shimmer. The combination is a lipstick that is matte but still gleams with shimmer which makes this both super flattering but also a shade that stands out.

Just like Pumpkin Spice this is  a mousse formula which makes this very comfortable to wear and actually I find this to be more longlasting than Pumpkin Spice. Another thing to note is that the shimmer is not there when you first apply it but it becomes visible the more Trinket dries down, which helps determining when it is dry.

The scent is one that I feel is too sweet for my taste, I can manage but I’d really wish this one was scented the same way as Pumpkin Spice. I feel that the scent is not really bad but rather it is me who is just a little bit too sensitive to scents, particularly to sweeter scents.

But that is the only con with this shade, atleast for me and in my opinion it is in this case a small con since it does not make me avoid using this shade.

Again my swatches are not that great today. These ended up quite grainy.

Picture 41.jpg




False Eyelashes

These are some of the best false eyelashes that I’ve ever tried. They are comfortable and does not require a lot of skills to apply necessarily and the packaging makes it easy to store these properly.

Some of the ones I have is not available anymore from the site.


PreciousPicture 47.jpg

















Thank you for reading! I’m getting used to my new camera.