Witch Casket July 2017

Disclaimer: I know that there are some people who will have a negative reaction to this post. To you I will just say that I am in no way pushing any sort of beliefs onto my readers and that this review is more geared towards readers who have an interest in these things.

I have nothing but love and respect towards everyone no matter what.


Official picture from the official website.

This is the first subscription service I’ve tried out and I’ve been very curious about such services for a long time but I decided against trying a makeup subscription service as I feel that they would simply just not work for me.

But I came across this last month and I became interested immediately. I’ve been dabbling in these sort of things since I was a small child and it has always been something that has brought a lot of positivity into my life.

Besides that this is one of the more inexpensive subscription services I’ve found on the internet in regards to shipping to my country.



This subscription has three price points based on where the box is sent+there is no shipping fee applied.

UK: 24​£

Europe: 30​£

Rest of the world: 35​£


This subscription is also vegan friendly!

In each casket there are “casket only” exclusive items and products from selected shops. Each casket has a minimum of 40£ value.



The delivery was quicker than I initially expected.

These caskets get sent out every 15th in the month and the creators behind this service are very honest that their shipping service can be a bit unreliable when it comes to shipping time, which is quite normal but I like that sort of honesty.

For me it took six days before this turned up at my doorstep. This is quite a normal delivery time anytime I’m receiving something from the UK.

I like the fact that the casket came enveloped in a plastic case as i helps to protect box itself but also makes sure that it is discreet.


Items this month


Picture from the official website.

This month’s casket theme was the moon and dreams. I’m putting this under a read more since this post is quite lenghty.

Witch casket exclusive – Dream journal


This is one of my favourite items in the casket.

When I was younger I would always keep a notebook by my bedside in order to write down my dreams, I would after doing my homework try to interpret my dreams with varying success.

I still have those notebooks after all these years. So this little journal brought back a lot of good memories.

I also like the fact that it is unlined as it makes it easier for me to deduct emotions in my writing.


Witch casket exclusive – Edgar Allen Poe Pencil


This one is probably the last thing I needed since I have too many pencils lying around, but this one is cute with its quote and very fitting this month’s theme.

“For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams”


Witch casket exclusive – Relaxing lavender bath salts


Another favourite from this casket.

I am lucky to have a bath tub in my apartment. The instructions say to use two tablespoons of this under running bath water, which to me sounds like a very small amount since I’m used to using sea salt for bath times and that involves at least five table spoons dissolved in hot water.

But this gives a very relaxing atmosphere when I’m taking a bath before going to bed.


Witch casket exclusive – Moon Magick badge


This is a cute badge that comes in a blue organza pouch, which accordingly to the people behind this subscription can be used to contain the lavender bath salt if you’re not a fan of cleaning off herbs from the bath tub.

I love it!


Witch casket exclusive – Lunar energy parchment scroll


This scroll contains some information about lunar energy in magick.

I believe this is going to look good in my office wall.


Dream tin


I’m really happy that this was included since it is perfect for storing some of the smaller items included in this casket.

The quote is also very sweet.



Moon incense sticks


This is probably among the best smelling incense sticks I’ve ever had in my home. I tried  to find some information on the internet regarding notes but I was unlucky in that pursuit.

The scent is warm and very comforting, it reminds me of cardamom but there is also something else mixed with it that I cannot identify completely.

But I really love it as it does not give me any headaches.


Rainbow moonstone & info card


Happy for having a new stone in my growing collection of crystals/stones.

I also like that there is an information card included.


Pentacle pendant on organza cord – by Curiology


In the plastic packet this necklace does not look like anything special, but outside of the packet this has the most beautiful blue colour I can think of and I really like how it looks on me.



Magickal card art print – by Rebeca Elena


More art for my office wall.


Bad Witch paper art print – by RIP Bambi


Cute but a bit flimsy, can still be used though.


Two blue through – coloured spell candles


I’d wish these were a bit larger but I’m not complaining as these are a great addition to my home.


Jasmine loose leaf tea & info card



This tea tastes great, it’s been a long time since I’ve had jasmine tea in my home and it is greatly welcomed since jasmine tea is lovely during summer times as it is a lighter tasting tea.

The only thing I’d wish was there was more of it 🙂


Carved Moon & Stars coaster/altar tile


Yet another great addition for my home as we need more coasters.


Lily of the valley hand soap


I’ve never been fond of the lily of the valley scent but I feel this one is an exception. This soap is very gentle with skin and leaves it supple and soft.



I feel I got my money’s worth and everything was carefully packaged aswell.

The items are all wonderful and I’m not unhappy with any of the items I received.

I’m eagerly awaiting next month’s casket.


Thank you so much for reading!


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