Summer is here and we are going camping!

Summer finally arrived!

Somedays ago we still had some leftover snow and the temperature was 3 degrees celsius, but we woke up three days ago to temperatures 16-20 celsius and a blistering sun.

I’m not complaining but combine this with no wind and I am struggling to not want the snow back or at least a healthy dose of rain.

Actually I found myself yesterday walking into the grocery store just to head straight towards the freezer area to cool off. Luckily for me the shop employee’s were very understanding and kind, they took it with a sense of humour and small talked with me.

So since the weather here in Norway is notorious for being capable at turning to the opposite at the blink of a second, me and my husband has taken the decision to go camping for the weekend if the weather stays as nice as it is right now.

But it begs the question: what to pack with us?




There’s no camping trip without a lavvo.

These “tents” are of sami origin and they are practical and cozy. They have a lot of space and in the middle there is the possibility of having a gas burner in the middle and if there is hot weather you can lift the edges up so that air can run through.

They are also very resistant towards rain and wind, something that is extra practical when it comes to the average weather conditions up here north.

We are going to take with us blankets as padding and of course sleeping bags.


Camping Stove


The famous camping stove. Easy to assemble and take with you on a trip, it is also very nice to have around if the electricity get’s cut for maintenance or the cord gets damaged ( which is very common during the winter up here north)

It is an item I feel that anyone should have at their home and know how to use.



Now here’s where it get’s a bit more creative.

We have decided to bring with us reindeer steak and sweet potatoes which we are going roast and having herbs, salt and rice to turn it into dinner.

For other meals we’ll take with us sausages, vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and spinach, but also some snacks.

Tea and coffee are also going to be packed down.

We are only going to stay for two days so we are not going to pack down too much but we are going to focus on variety.



Despite the weather being lovely at the moment, we still find it to be a great idea to pack some wool clothes and rain coats with us.

But for the most part wer’re going with cotton clothes which breathes.

There’s nothing fancy when going camping but as the proverb says: there is no thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.



Deodorants, wipes and some dry shampoo.

It’s not a fashion show and I personally do not see any reason for me to bring makeup on a camping trip.


I hope this has been interesting and hopefully helpful aswell. I’m excited and I really hope the weather stays nice for the weekend.

What are your plans this weekend?















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