Things are looking up.

To a lot of my readers this might be odd, but from the beginning of me starting this blog I wanted to review not only makeup but literature and music aswell.

For me 2016 was a terrible year, I had to abandon a lot of my other projects and this blog did suffer because of a lot of stuff that was going on at the time. It was a year were there was so much going on that it ended with me lying in bed with intense muscle pains caused by the stress.

I don’t want this to become too personal so I won’t write extensively about all the things happening in my life at that time especially since there were some good things happening too.

There were a lot of occasions that I really feel should have been made into nice posts on this blog, such as my wonderful trip to Sweden Rock and also visiting my family.

I really do feel that at the moment my blog is too one-dimensional and even a tad boring.

I’m going to change things up and aim for higher quality+diversity in the things I’m covering.

Thank you for reading and know that I really appreciate anyone coming by.




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