Rant alert! When employees at department stores gets funny ideas about you.

This is different from any other post I’m currently having at my blog and before I start with this rant post let me me get a few things straight and I apologize for the lack of niceties in this post, I am beyond pissed off at the moment.

I have never shoplifted in my life and I would never do it, if I want something I pay for it and if I can’t afford it I’ll either save up or leave it alone. I will always prioritize money for rent, bills and food. Makeup or other similar things are by my book a nice luxury that I can live without, my life don’t depend on it and I’m not someone who is terrified to show my face in its natural state.

If people have an issue with my face not being lathered in cosmetics or up to their “standard” I am not the person with issues. I do not have an issue or pre-occupation with how other people look, are dressed or their body, it’s simply not my business and I got manners.

Second of all I myself have worked at a department store and I’m quite familiar with the issues shoplifting brings and I also know what to do in order to prevent/discourage shoplifting before it even happens in the first place.

With that out of the way, let me tell you what happened today when I went to a department store to buy more of my favourite cleanser.

I am wearing clean clothes but I have no makeup on since I originally was going to the grocery store and nothing else and I’m not going to spend even 10 minutes on makeup application when all I’m going to do is buy groceries and get home. I changed my plans since I remembered that I’m soon out of face cleanser so I went into a department store where I know they have it.

Shouldn’t be troublesome eh?

Well an employee apparently had something else in mind. She comes over with a pretty stern look on her face and asks me in a quite haughty tone if I need some help.

Asking a customer if they need some help is normal procedure and part of normal customer service.

But I was a little bit taken aback by her attitude towards me. I’m not someone who demands shop employees to be all accommodating or smiling at all times, I let people be since I have manners and also understands the ways of selling and customer service.

I give her a small smile, thanks her “no” and walk to the aisle where I know my cleanser is placed. As always I also take a look around to see if there are some new arrivals, again completely normal thing I do at stores.

This b**** on the other hand follows me close by the aisles and keeps her eyes on me locked at all times and asks me a second time if I need help, this time with what i would describe as an angry look.

I tell her no as I pick up the cleanser I was looking for. So at this moment I recognise this behaviour as her believing I’m out to shop lift. Just to f*** with her I decide that I’m going to teach her a little bit of a lesson. I see some other stuff that I’ve thought about buying and I pick up two extra products making sure to do it as slowly as possible.

By now I see people standing by the counter and new customers have come in. She has noticed but still chooses to watch me instead and I can see that I’m pissing her more and more off.

Smiling I walk over to the line that has formed. She gives me a stunned look and I just point my head to the counter all smiling, I can see by the way the other customers looks at her that they know what she’s doing.

When its my turn she’s all angry and nearly slams the bag with my stuff into my hands, very clearly wanting me out as quick as possible.

” Have a nice day” with the most arrogant tone possible and looking down her nose at me. Let me tell you I have never walked so slowly out of a department store in my life and I made damn f****** sure that I kept eye contact with her all the way.

I am not someone who gets intimidated easily and I don’t scare easily either. Put simply I have manners and I don’t pick fights or start battles like this, try me and I will make damn sure to prove you wrong and that you picked the wrong target.

As mentioned earlier I have worked at a department store. Where I worked years ago we went through a little “education” before we were let out into the store.

One of the topics covered were shoplifting, specifically on how to prevent and discourage and what not to do!

The reason why store employees come to you asking if you need help is for two reasons. Number one is to be helpful and giving you a nice experience at the store and number two is to discourage a potential shoplifter. No one is going to shop lift if they feel that they can get recognised or that they have been spotted.

It is completely logical and there’s no need to feel “accused” if a store employee do this. It is an act with benefits as I call it, there are no negative consequences to this act as it does generate more sales for the store and prevents stealing aka loss of profit.

On the what not to do list there were multiple things, let me give you some glimpses of that list because it was pretty long.

One: don’t accuse or “try” to arrest anyone until you have either seen them snatch something up and walked by the counter and is on their way out or is trying to hide something in their pockets.

Two: don’t follow people around the store, you are supposed to watch everyone who enters or leaves the store+if you follow people they will feel uncomfortable and might not buy anything or come back another time.

Three: Be friendly and helpful but don’t exaggerate it.

Again I know this s*** quite well and I understand the psychology behind it. So It pisses me off when I meet store employees who act like the woman in this story. What gets to me is that this sort of b****** only happens when I’m not wearing any makeup, in my experience at my old job the worst shop lifters were the ones who dressed really nice, having a full face of makeup,  always went in a straight line in and trying to leave just as quickly.

When someone enters and is not wearing any makeup, in my experience those were the ones ending up buying stuff and coming back and even recognising me.

This is only my experience of course but it is what it is and you hopefully get my point.

What employees like this don’t understand is that this might turn into a situation were people stop coming back at the store and the store will suffer from it. When a store loses profit who are they going to prioritize?

A store employee or the rent+security?

Fewer customers also means no need for a lot of store employees.

This is why my ex-boss gave us an education in the importance of customer service and selling!

If potential customers feel that they are being treated like thieves they’re not going back and they might possibly tell other people about it too.

Funny thing is that i have a friend who works at this department store where this incident happened and h*** yes I’ve already told her and guess what, I didn’t even have to describe this woman to her because she knew who I was talking about from the start.

It says it all now doesn’t it?

Rant over and thanks for reading, I needed to get some of my anger out and I hope that I never have to write another post like this again.








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