Isadora: Gel Nail Lacquer


Official pic from Isadora.

This is among my favourite products from Isadora.

These nail polishes feature a gel nail formula that when used with the gel nail lacquer top coat, it is not hardened by a UV-lamp but with either natural or indoor light.

It is a hypo-allergenic formula with non-irritating ingredients according to Isadora and also supposedly easy to remove but also to stay perfect for at least a week, with no flaking or dimming of shine.

In this review I’m using 264 Rebel Red and 210 Top Coat.

Picture 409.jpg



Picture 416.jpg

  • Apply two coats of gel nail lacquer of your chosen shade. Let each coat dry in between and when you have applied two coats let it dry for three minutes.
  • Apply one coat of gel nail lacquer top coat and let it dry completely. It is important to use this top coat since it is in combination with it and gel nail lacquer that creates the gel effect and keeps the nail polish from flaking.


How does it measure up?

Picture 415

The shade I’m using is one of my favourite shades of all time, a deepened red with both blue and pink undertones, it is a perfectly vampy shade and I’m not someone to care if it falls under “autumn/winter” shade in other people’s mind.

Picture 417.jpg

The claim about seven days shine and no flaking is not always true though. It really depends on your routine entirely as I’ve found this to not last long when I’ve had a lot of chores/work to do, especially not if it involved any kind of water.

At most I’ve had this last five days, which in my point of view is not bad at all when it comes to a nail polish but if you are looking for something that will last longer than that, then I would suggest to you to be on the look out for something else.

It is however easy to remove with nail polish remover and I do like this nail polish since I find that this has less fumes than most other nail polishes, something that has been keeping me from applying nail polishes as often as I used to.

The shine is also gorgeous and another thing is that Isadora’s nail polishes in my opinion comes with the best brushes, they are square in shape and make it easy to apply an even coat, which is something to note about all nail polishes from Isadora is that they are very opaque and can have a tendency to go on too thick. This is luckily prevented by the brush.


I will recommend this but with a disclaimer about it not being as long-lasting as Isadora claims.







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