Face Inc by Nails Inc London: Cat Nap brightening sheet mask

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This is a new offering I found that instantly got me interested.

It is a sheet mask with green tea and botanical extract which are supposed to relieve+energize fatigued and dehydrated skin. Specifically it says on the package that it is suitable for dry to normal skin but I’m taking my chances with my combo/oily skin.

Picture 404

Picture 405

Backside of packet.

How does it work?

Compared to a lot of sheet mask I’ve tried in the past, this mask is extremely wet but it still does fit my facial shape quite well compared to a lot of other sheet masks. The scent is also very refreshing and mild compared to a lot of heavy scented sheet masks.

This is also supposed to be placed upon dry, clean skin for 15 minutes and the leftover product is supposed to be massaged into skin and not rinsed off.

I can understand the name of this sheet mask, as it is mentioned on the pack that is balances, cleanse skin and leave it refreshed.


Personally speaking I don’t like the trend with printed faces on sheet masks, it’s not cute its gimmicky but as long as this sheet mask works as it is supposed to then that does not matter so much.

It delivers, this is a sheet mask I’ll buy again because I really do feel that this product delivered what it claimed.

My skin feels extremely soft and freshened up. Some of my problem areas were cleared up and I really loved the experience this gave me, it really did feel luxurious and the leftover product was absorbed quickly in my skin as I massaged it in as per instructions.

It did not aggravate my skin at all as I feared that this might would have been too much for my skin as I don’t have the skin type this is advertised for. It did on the other hand treat my skin to become more balanced and provided plenty of hydration in the process.

My skin looks glowing and I’m happy that I took my chance with this product.

I can confidently recommend this and I’m highly inclined to try the other sheet masks in this line.



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