Blender Cleanser Solid

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If there is one part of my beauty routine that I am particularly prone to fuss over, it is cleaning my beauty tools and making sure that they are kept in an immaculate state.

Over the years I’ve tried a couple of cleaning methods, including using regular dish soap which is not a great thing for either tools or your skin, to baby shampoo and a mist cleanser.

The thing I’ve found out with mist cleansers is that they will all inevitably leave residue sooner or later, which in return will make makeup application more of a hassle than it usually is.

The same is true for baby shampoo aswell, it will over time leave the brushes with residue and in the end I will need to use a harsh cleaner to remove said residue, which in the end might even harm my brushes in the long run.

So after reading a review of this product from one of my favourite beauty reviewers on wordpress, I decided to do the splurge and invest in something I hope will make cleaning easier and faster.

In this review I feel it is important to test out how effective this cleanser is with cleaning away different product types from brushes. Especially to the most difficult ones such as eyeliner and lipstick.

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Official description

This travel-friendly blendercleanser provides exceptional cleansing results for beautyblender and makeup brushes. The blendercleanser formula effectively cleans beautyblender, yet is gentle on the skin. The included custom grid creates a scrubbing platform for brushes, as well as a perfect place to dry beautyblender and the soap.


My first impression of this cleanser is that it is practical and convenient. It is compact and it includes a scrubbing platform which conveniently can also be used to dry the soap, which makes this incredibly travel-friendly as stated in the description and I also enjoy the herbal scent this has which is quite refreshing from the typical floral or citrus scents these products usually come with.


How does it perform?

This performs well above expectations.

It made my brushes look like they had never been used, this was especially surprising when it came to some of my brushes who had gotten a little bit discoloured from bright eyeshadow.

It also lathers really well but is easy to wash off and combined with the brush scrubbing platform, the brushes comes out squeaky clean and without residue.

I found that with powders such as eyeshadow or blush, this cleanser worked immediately and there was no need to scrub excessively to remove said product.

When it came to liquid products I had to scrub a little bit extra but still this cleanser managed to remove any evidence of said product.

Eyeliner and lipstick are usually the most difficult product types to clean from brushes and as I predicted, I had to scrub a bit extra but in the end there were no discoloration on the brushes or product remains.

The fragrance of this cleanser soap also did not transfer over to the brushes, the scent disappears when they are left to dry.

Whats also important to mention is that I found this to work wonderfully on both synthetic and natural fibers. This was also gentle with my sponge tip applicators.



I’ve found a new holy grail.

This is just perfect for me and my needs and I highly recommend it to anyone who is into makeup.

I feel this is just the rare kind of product that solves an issue, with me that has been how to find a solution that will make my makeup equipment not only clean but also not damage them in the long run.

I am a hygiene freak when it comes to cosmetics and especially with makeup tools, it is an extra bonus that this is easy to travel with aswell.


Have you tried this?

What do you think about this product?






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