H&M: Drama Cream Eyeliner in #Gold Rush

Picture 385.jpg

This is part of the permanent offerings at H&M beauty line.

According to H&M’s website this gel eyeliner is supposed to give the wearer intense colour payoff and long lasting results.



The packaging is a sturdy glass jar typical for gel eyeliners.

It holds 0.13 oz or 3.8 gram of product. Which is in my experience the normal amount of product offered for gel eyeliners.



Picture 390.jpg

This is a true metallic yellowish gold.

Most of the gold eyeliners I’ve had in the past have always been more of an antiqued gold shade so at first I was afraid that this shade would look tacky on me, but it is actually really beautiful especially when worn with a purple/lilac eyeshadow look.

Picture 393.jpg


Just a great tip from me to you:

Gel eye liner is one of those products that can easily be unhygienic if you just dip your brush in and out of it while applying, this can also lead to the product drying out quicker aswell because of the jar being open for an extended time but also because of contamination.

A solution to this is to use the end of your brush, the part without bristles, to scoop an amount out of the jar and placing it on the back of your hand. That way you don’t have to dip multiple times into the jar, possibly getting eyeshadow into the gel eyeliner itself or any of your germs.

The warmth of your hand will also give the benefit of “melting” the product making it easier to apply.

The first thing I notice about this product is the extremely strong chemical smell, at first I thought I had bought an expired jar but scooping out a tiny amount of this and leaving it on my hand, it feels normal and not dry so the strong smell is supposed to be there.

Trying it on the first time was a hassle.

I believe it is because of this being a metallic and not a “normal” gel eyeliner, but it was very clear to me that it was the pigments they had used in this that made the texture a little bit disagreeable, since I felt that this took a couple of minutes longer to make it look even and opaque.

But when it is fully applied this does look like a true gold shade.

Picture 392.jpg


This is where this gel eyeliner really checks all the boxes.

When this dries down it settles, does not fade or crease and most importantly it lasts all day.

In other words its perfect and might also suit people with oily eyelids, who very often have trouble finding eyeliners which stays put.



Honestly I have mixed feelings about this product.

The strong scent is nauseating and even when it’s on my eye, it takes some time before it disappears completely. I am sensitive to scents but I feel that this might even be an issue for people who usually don’t have an issue with scents as the smell is so intense and uncomfortable.

The application is also a bit of a hassle since the pigments make this uneven and a little bit  difficult to get opaque. Combine that with the smell and I have a sure way to get a headache.

But the gorgeous colour and how this just stays in its place when it dries down, really brings my perception of this up a couple of notches.

I believe that it might just be the pigments used in this gel eyeliner and the other shades in this line might be a bit better to apply.

I will use this up but I don’t think this will be repurchased by me.





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