Sample Monday: Etude House – Baking powder pore cleansing foam

Picture 357

I have a ton of samples in my holographic bag and it’s about time they get used!

Picture 355.jpg

After what I’ve heard this face wash is a cult favourite among k-beauty lovers.

This face wash is supposed to give your pores a deep cleanse, removing excess sebum and dead skin cells + makeup residue.

For someone with combination skin this sounds like the perfect match for summertime, as my skin has a tendency to become extra oily when the temperature rises, with the additional bonus of both black and white heads. It is also nice since I believe this can remove even the most stubborn sun screens.

But how does it hold up?

Picture 356


The first thing I notice is the texture of this. It is very strange for a face wash to have an extremely creamy texture with some added abrasiveness, which I believe is the baking soda and the scent reminds me of a dishwater my mom used to buy in the 90s. It is not offensive or nasty it just smells clean with an added hint of lemon.

But when you lather this up it changes into a nice foam. Putting this onto your face feels different from other face washes I’ve tried, I can instantly feel this start to work it’s wonders and it does sting a little bit while i work this in with circle movements.

It is also the first time I’ve ever experienced a face wash that I feel is difficult to remove.

After the removal I could still feel a little bit of stinging and I worried that my skin might have reacted negatively to this product, but after a minute the stinging sensation went away and I could check the results of this face wash.

I can see that my pores have been cleaned, they also look smaller and my skin does not feel tight after using this, which was something I feared since it contains baking soda and it did sting my face a bit.

But I’m not sure if I’m going to buy a full size of this to be honest.

It is not because it’s not a good product but more to do with me already having found a routine that works for me. It is probably one of those few products that I’ve gotten a sample from that I can honestly say wowed me a bit since I saw an immediate improvement.

I can say that this might not be a product that is suited to sensitive or dry skin.

In the end I’d advise people to try a sample of this before buying the full size just to be safe.






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