L’Oreal Paris: Nude Magique Cushion

Picture 318

This product has been on the shelves for awhile now but I was interested in trying it out now that it was on clearance sale.

The ordinary price for this foundation is quite steep in my opinion, both for being drugstore but also for containing a small amount of product. Another thing that kept me from buying it before now is also the shade range and me questioning whether the lightest shade would be too dark for me.

But here I am with this brand new cushion foundation.

So what claims does this have and more importantly does it uphold those claims?

Picture 322

According to L’Oreal this cushion foundation can boast:

An SPF of 29

Buildable coverage and a luminous, dewy finish with a cooling effect during application.

The application sponge contained within is anti-bacterial.

Comes in seven different shades.


My first reaction to these claims is that they all make this cushion foundation like something I would really enjoy.

SPF level is higher than most foundations on the market and I like the claims about buildable coverage.

It’s a bonus in my view that the applicator sponge is anti-bacterial, I’ve been worried of the hygiene issues when it comes to these cushion foundations.

Picture 320



I like how compact the packaging is, especially compared to my Etude House: Any Cushion Cream Filter.

I’m usually not a packaging fan as I feel the most important part will always be the content, but I really find the packaging cute. It reminds me of vintage candy adverts and I believe this is one of those items you would not mind having on your vanity.

It is made of plastic but it does not feel cheap or like it would easily break.

Picture 319

Application and formula.

The formula is quite lovely and I can testify that this does have a cooling effect which combined with the SPF makes me believe this is great for spring and summer. I don’t like the scent it has since it can be a little bit overpowering for my taste.

The finish is luminous just like the brand claims.

However I do feel the need to say that the applicator is sometimes a little bit difficult to use. It is because it has a tendency to drag the product around on top of skin and not buff it in.

The coverage is perhaps one of the downfalls of this foundation. I do love a “natural” coverage or low to medium coverage, but rarely do I have the feeling to pack a foundation on as I did with this.

Combine that with the applicator and I found myself feeling that I wasted a couple of minutes on something that usually does not require a lot of time.

But don’t misunderstand me, it is actually a quite nice formula and I’m just being a little bit nitpicky with this one.

Picture 323


As with all cushion foundations, they look much darker in the packaging than on skin. I still found this too dark for me despite being in shade 01 Porcelain, the lightest shade in the line.

It is not too dark but it has a lot of warmth in it, which does give you what could be called a nice glow but personally I prefer a glow that comes from something “cold” such as a pale highlighter or pigments.

But I hear there’s a lot of my fellow pale people who do enjoy this shade namely because of it containing a hint of warmth. That it makes them look glowing but without an orange or yellowish tint, like a fake tan and I have to agree with them.

Picture 339.jpg

Enter a caption

Here’s a picture of my face from the side and you can see clearly where the foundation transitions over to my skin. I did really try to blend it out so that it would not be so obvious but then the coverage all but disappeared. It’s not horrible or off-putting but I like my foundation to be a closer match.



The wear time is average but I found myself not liking this foundation over a base, it seemed to me that this foundation prefers to be combined with my sunscreen but not anything else.

The wear time at most before I could notice any significant wear down was 4-5 hours.


This is a product I personally won’t buy again because of the combination of price+shade.

The formula and wear time although it sounded that I hated those were actually not that bad in my opinion.

It is among the better foundations I’ve tried and I do have to say that I would recommend people to try it if they’re curious.


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