Isadora: Perfect Moisture Lipstick (Golden Edition)

Picture 311


Where do I even begin?

These lipsticks are what I would call heavy weighters in the drugstore. I believe I have seen these lipsticks over the counter since at least before 2010 and they are still quite popular today.

Which is why it does not surprise me that a couple of the shades got the special treatment for the holidays. The regular black and silver packaging were changed into a reflective gold.

For those who have never used any of these:

These are supposed to be pigmented, long-lasting and moisturizing lipsticks which are formulated to be gentle to dry lips.

These contain 4.5 gram of product and as all products from Isadora they are fragrance free and clinically tested.


# 176 Bohemian Rose


This is a true rose shade and a sophisticated one too.

It manages to be bright and soft at the same time, which frankly does sound like an oxymoron but amazingly this shade manages just that. I also do feel that this shade makes my lips look a bit fuller aswell, combine that with the lovely formula and you have a lipstick that is a steal for the price point.

It is opaque in one swipe and to my joy this one also fades beautifully after a long wear time. For me this is something that is important since I’m often so busy that I won’t have the opportunity to check how my lipstick looks.

But I would like to add that although I like it and it looks good on me, I feel that this shade is more suited for people with darker hair and/or complexion.

# 155 Zinfandel

This has always been one of my favourite shades of all time but it has been awhile since the last time I had my hands on it.

It is a lovely dark plum shade with tiny shimmer particles.

But I wonder if they have changed the formula? This is a lot sheerer than I remember and I’m not sure what to think of it.

The reason is that I am used to that when you use a lipstick that is sheerer or have a softer formula, you need to make sure that you let it completely sink into your lips before thinking about doing anything else.

For me who struggle with dry lips even though I use a hefty amount of lip balm and drink water regularly, this won’t be much of a problem but I can imagine this getting a low score from someone with less dry lips.

However I am content with this as it’s formula helps moisturize my lips and the shade is buildable and still as gorgeous as ever so I will recommend this to anyone who likes shades like this.


Have you tried any of these?

What do you think?



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