Montagne Jeunesse: Cool eyes Anti-Puffiness.

Picture 289.jpgGod there’s been a long time since I’ve used any product from Montagne Jeunesse. Which is wierd since I’ve been using and loving this brand since elementary school, in fact it was probably this brand that introduced me to skin care in the first place.

So I was very happy with taking this set of eye patches back with me home today. I have not tried this before as it seems to be a new offering, but I know that my under eye areas deserve some well needed love.

But how does this hold up?

Picture 290.jpg

According to the brand this eye patch is supposed to help revitilise, firm and calm down swelling on the under eye area thanks to ingredients such as plant collagen, pumpkin and liquorice root. It will help against fine lines aswell.

The packaging contains two pairs of eye patches, something that makes this quite budget friendly.

The instructions for using this is also quite straight forward and easy to follow.

1. Put the packaging in the fridge for atleast an hour before use.

2. Remove one set of patches from pouch and apply one patch under each eye, pressing firmly into place

3. Leave it on for 30-50 minutes.

4. Pop the pouch back in the fridge for next time.

Picture 292.jpg

The first thing I notice about these is that they are quite large, I’m not complaining about it since for me it makes sense that in order to treat the under eye area that a patch needs to be covering the surrounding area aswell.

Putting this on is a joy as it instantly feels cooling and refreshing, it also sticks to your skin making it possible to go on with you daily chores while it is working.

The gel of this eye pacth is mounted on a netted fabric. The reason for mentioning this is that when i removed this, the gel was mostly gone and I was left with a pattern on my under eye area that slowly dissappeared.

I had this on for 50 minutes and during the first minutes it keeps the cooling sensation but after 15 minutes it starts to “suck” inwards, if that’s the right way to explain it?, it’s a little bit wierd to be honest since it fels as if the eyepatches get’s “intense” with your skin and is actively starting to treat it.

Taking it off and inspecting my under eye areas what I see is that my shadows have calmed down and my skin feels much firmer and I look less tired.

But this is just my first time using this and I do feel that this is a product that needs to be used with a certain regularity in order to get the most out of it.

I am happy about this though as it is cheap and it works really well.

It will be bought again.



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