L’Oreal Paris: Nude Magique Cushion

Picture 318

This product has been on the shelves for awhile now but I was interested in trying it out now that it was on clearance sale.

The ordinary price for this foundation is quite steep in my opinion, both for being drugstore but also for containing a small amount of product. Another thing that kept me from buying it before now is also the shade range and me questioning whether the lightest shade would be too dark for me.

But here I am with this brand new cushion foundation.

So what claims does this have and more importantly does it uphold those claims?

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According to L’Oreal this cushion foundation can boast:

An SPF of 29

Buildable coverage and a luminous, dewy finish with a cooling effect during application.

The application sponge contained within is anti-bacterial.

Comes in seven different shades.


My first reaction to these claims is that they all make this cushion foundation like something I would really enjoy.

SPF level is higher than most foundations on the market and I like the claims about buildable coverage.

It’s a bonus in my view that the applicator sponge is anti-bacterial, I’ve been worried of the hygiene issues when it comes to these cushion foundations.

Picture 320



I like how compact the packaging is, especially compared to my Etude House: Any Cushion Cream Filter.

I’m usually not a packaging fan as I feel the most important part will always be the content, but I really find the packaging cute. It reminds me of vintage candy adverts and I believe this is one of those items you would not mind having on your vanity.

It is made of plastic but it does not feel cheap or like it would easily break.

Picture 319

Application and formula.

The formula is quite lovely and I can testify that this does have a cooling effect which combined with the SPF makes me believe this is great for spring and summer. I don’t like the scent it has since it can be a little bit overpowering for my taste.

The finish is luminous just like the brand claims.

However I do feel the need to say that the applicator is sometimes a little bit difficult to use. It is because it has a tendency to drag the product around on top of skin and not buff it in.

The coverage is perhaps one of the downfalls of this foundation. I do love a “natural” coverage or low to medium coverage, but rarely do I have the feeling to pack a foundation on as I did with this.

Combine that with the applicator and I found myself feeling that I wasted a couple of minutes on something that usually does not require a lot of time.

But don’t misunderstand me, it is actually a quite nice formula and I’m just being a little bit nitpicky with this one.

Picture 323


As with all cushion foundations, they look much darker in the packaging than on skin. I still found this too dark for me despite being in shade 01 Porcelain, the lightest shade in the line.

It is not too dark but it has a lot of warmth in it, which does give you what could be called a nice glow but personally I prefer a glow that comes from something “cold” such as a pale highlighter or pigments.

But I hear there’s a lot of my fellow pale people who do enjoy this shade namely because of it containing a hint of warmth. That it makes them look glowing but without an orange or yellowish tint, like a fake tan and I have to agree with them.

Picture 339.jpg

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Here’s a picture of my face from the side and you can see clearly where the foundation transitions over to my skin. I did really try to blend it out so that it would not be so obvious but then the coverage all but disappeared. It’s not horrible or off-putting but I like my foundation to be a closer match.



The wear time is average but I found myself not liking this foundation over a base, it seemed to me that this foundation prefers to be combined with my sunscreen but not anything else.

The wear time at most before I could notice any significant wear down was 4-5 hours.


This is a product I personally won’t buy again because of the combination of price+shade.

The formula and wear time although it sounded that I hated those were actually not that bad in my opinion.

It is among the better foundations I’ve tried and I do have to say that I would recommend people to try it if they’re curious.


Isadora: Perfect Moisture Lipstick (Golden Edition)

Picture 311


Where do I even begin?

These lipsticks are what I would call heavy weighters in the drugstore. I believe I have seen these lipsticks over the counter since at least before 2010 and they are still quite popular today.

Which is why it does not surprise me that a couple of the shades got the special treatment for the holidays. The regular black and silver packaging were changed into a reflective gold.

For those who have never used any of these:

These are supposed to be pigmented, long-lasting and moisturizing lipsticks which are formulated to be gentle to dry lips.

These contain 4.5 gram of product and as all products from Isadora they are fragrance free and clinically tested.


# 176 Bohemian Rose


This is a true rose shade and a sophisticated one too.

It manages to be bright and soft at the same time, which frankly does sound like an oxymoron but amazingly this shade manages just that. I also do feel that this shade makes my lips look a bit fuller aswell, combine that with the lovely formula and you have a lipstick that is a steal for the price point.

It is opaque in one swipe and to my joy this one also fades beautifully after a long wear time. For me this is something that is important since I’m often so busy that I won’t have the opportunity to check how my lipstick looks.

But I would like to add that although I like it and it looks good on me, I feel that this shade is more suited for people with darker hair and/or complexion.

# 155 Zinfandel

This has always been one of my favourite shades of all time but it has been awhile since the last time I had my hands on it.

It is a lovely dark plum shade with tiny shimmer particles.

But I wonder if they have changed the formula? This is a lot sheerer than I remember and I’m not sure what to think of it.

The reason is that I am used to that when you use a lipstick that is sheerer or have a softer formula, you need to make sure that you let it completely sink into your lips before thinking about doing anything else.

For me who struggle with dry lips even though I use a hefty amount of lip balm and drink water regularly, this won’t be much of a problem but I can imagine this getting a low score from someone with less dry lips.

However I am content with this as it’s formula helps moisturize my lips and the shade is buildable and still as gorgeous as ever so I will recommend this to anyone who likes shades like this.


Have you tried any of these?

What do you think?


Lunatick cosmetic labs: Elvira Mistress of the Dark eyeshadow and blush makeup palette


Official pic from Lunatick Cosmetics labs.

This is a limited edition palette released to celebrate Elvira’s 35th anniversary.

It is both vegan and cruelty free.

This palette contains one blush and five eyeshadows.

It is also the first product I’ve tried from this brand.




The packaging is incredible. It is sturdy despite being made of card board and shaped into a coffin shape, it has a nice magnetic closing which secures the content inside and the palette is quite heavier than I initially thought it would be.


When you open it up there is pop ups, which I actually think the palette would have been better without but that’s just my opinion. The mirror is in the shape of a dagger blade and it is too small to be used when applying makeup but nice when you are going to do a touch up.


I do love that the ingredients list on the backside of the palette which i easy to read and also shows which shade is named what. It is easy and organised, making it easier to use this palette.

I love all the details and thought that went into this such as the names of all the shades. If you have watched Elvira:Mistress of the Dark you will get the references throughout this palette.

Of course the image of Elvira on the front rounds the palette up and just makes this palette glorious beyond belief.





One quick note about these shades is that they might not seem like they would work together the first time you look at them, but actually this palette is just composed in a way that makes it possible to create different looks.

Of course this palette depends quite a lot on your personal taste.

I can see a couple of combinations that would look great together.

Such as the combination of Macabre-Bone-Unpleasant Dreams or Aunt Morgana-Battitude-Unpleasant Dreams. Those two combinations are the ones that jump at me from this palette but I do see other variations aswell.

Which makes this a very exciting palette since I feel that to create a nice eyeshadow look I don’t need to rummage through my collection to find complimentary shadows. Besides that there are a couple of shades within this palette that I have been on the lookout for.



Aunt Morgana

In the pan: This is a nice shimmery berry shade with no large shimmer specks.

When I was applying this it turned warmer and lost some of its berry tones and showed up a little more like a copper with some purple in it. But the copper does not arrive from the shimmer which still remains in the subtle territory.

It is also packs up a lot of pigment which is something I know a lot of people don’t like but it is smooth on the lid and I enjoy this shade. It is the most subtle and neutral of all the eyeshadows in this palette.

Comparing how it looks like in the pan and how it looks like applied is like night and day. I’m not complaining as the shade really emphasizes my light eyes.


Primer on the right and without on the left.




In the pan: Lovely matte sky blue shade.

Applying this is not as smooth as Aunt Morgana and it kicks up product from the pan and takes a little bit of work to blend properly on the lid.

Make no mistake I love this shade since I currently don’t have any matte blue in my collection and this is actually in my opinion a very flattering blue.

It is what I would call a super matte and they do tend to be a little less agreeable than regular mattes with a more sheen to them and they also have a tendency to hate primers.


With primer on the right and without on the left.



Unpleasant Dreams

In the pan: Purest of matte black.

I use black eyeshadows to achieve a soft kohl rim around my eyes and I find myself primarily using this for that purpose. I have another matte black, but that one does have a slight sheen to it so I do find this one stiffer which also gives off a better kohl effect than the other one.

In other words I really like this one, it is a nice standard matte black which anyone need in their collection.


With primer on the right and without on the left.




In the pan: Shimmery rusty bright red with no large shimmer specks.

This is a very gorgeous vegan red.

Vegan reds are notoriously difficult to get right but Lunatick cosmetic labs managed to create a great one.

Macabre is different from my other reds since it is more of a rusty-red. I don’t have anything like it in my collection and I find that very wierd since it is a very flattering shade. I like the fact that it avoids becoming an orange-red as those shades don’t flatter my complexion.

This one has the same texture as Aunt Morgana but I find this to be much smoother and easier to work with.


With primer on the right and without on the left.



In the pan: Is a matte pure white.

This one was one I had high hopes for since I do miss a great nice opaque white.

I found this one more difficult to work with and being more patchy than Battitude or Unpleasant Dreams even though they are the same formula and finish. It could be that I am using an eyeshadow primer, which is known to not always mesh well with mattes, especially not extreme mattes like this one.

Other than that there is not that much to say about this one as it is a pure white.


With primer on the right and wihtout on the left.


This palette contains only one blush which is a fairly neutral one. It makes sense when you  compare it to the rest of the palette since this will make it easy to include in a look without having to make backflips to have something that looks nice.




In the pan: This is a muted apricot shade which probably gives a very natural looking flush.

WOW!! This one is super pigmented!

Rarely do i feel that i need to be careful with these sort of shades and it is not as muted as it looks like in the pan when you apply this on your cheeks.

It is very similar to my H&M Pure radiance powder blusher in #Apricot only that Superunleaded seems to have a stronger orange undertone while #Apricot has more pink in it.

Anyway I am impressed by this one and I feel that it brings a nice warmth to my face without making me look ruddy as warm blushes has a tendency to do. It does avoid falling into the bronzer category aswell and I do think that this will suit a wide range of skin tones.

It is beautiful.


The blush is sheered out on the right to give an impression of how it looks like as a blush. The sheered out part came out lighter than I wanted it to be and it looks less pigmented than it really is applied.


All in all

This is a great palette and I’d really wish it was permanent and/or possible to buy certain shades individually.

I know that there will be people who will find some of these shades too dry to work with and/or find the shades themselves hard to combine. But for my taste this palette is just perfect despite the shadows being a little bit powdery and some being a bit difficult to blend.

There’s not much with this palette I find worthy of criticism other than the things I’ve already mentioned in this review.

For me this has become one of my favourite palettes lately.



Montagne Jeunesse: Cool eyes Anti-Puffiness.

Picture 289.jpgGod there’s been a long time since I’ve used any product from Montagne Jeunesse. Which is wierd since I’ve been using and loving this brand since elementary school, in fact it was probably this brand that introduced me to skin care in the first place.

So I was very happy with taking this set of eye patches back with me home today. I have not tried this before as it seems to be a new offering, but I know that my under eye areas deserve some well needed love.

But how does this hold up?

Picture 290.jpg

According to the brand this eye patch is supposed to help revitilise, firm and calm down swelling on the under eye area thanks to ingredients such as plant collagen, pumpkin and liquorice root. It will help against fine lines aswell.

The packaging contains two pairs of eye patches, something that makes this quite budget friendly.

The instructions for using this is also quite straight forward and easy to follow.

1. Put the packaging in the fridge for atleast an hour before use.

2. Remove one set of patches from pouch and apply one patch under each eye, pressing firmly into place

3. Leave it on for 30-50 minutes.

4. Pop the pouch back in the fridge for next time.

Picture 292.jpg

The first thing I notice about these is that they are quite large, I’m not complaining about it since for me it makes sense that in order to treat the under eye area that a patch needs to be covering the surrounding area aswell.

Putting this on is a joy as it instantly feels cooling and refreshing, it also sticks to your skin making it possible to go on with you daily chores while it is working.

The gel of this eye pacth is mounted on a netted fabric. The reason for mentioning this is that when i removed this, the gel was mostly gone and I was left with a pattern on my under eye area that slowly dissappeared.

I had this on for 50 minutes and during the first minutes it keeps the cooling sensation but after 15 minutes it starts to “suck” inwards, if that’s the right way to explain it?, it’s a little bit wierd to be honest since it fels as if the eyepatches get’s “intense” with your skin and is actively starting to treat it.

Taking it off and inspecting my under eye areas what I see is that my shadows have calmed down and my skin feels much firmer and I look less tired.

But this is just my first time using this and I do feel that this is a product that needs to be used with a certain regularity in order to get the most out of it.

I am happy about this though as it is cheap and it works really well.

It will be bought again.