H&M: Spearmint and Echinacea peel-off mask.

Picture 243

Yet again I find myself winding down after a long day with a face mask from H&M.

Just like the last one this is a peel-off mask, the difference lies in that this one is targeted towards blemish-prone skin. I thought this one would be good since I have been stressed lately and can see that it has given me some reddish bumps on my skin.

I feel I need to break down the ingredients list a little bit on this one. There are three ingredients on the front but little is said about them with the exeption of spearmint, which in a way does annoy me a little bit since it would make sense to explain why something is being included in a face mask.

Picture 244

Spearmint is meant to refresh and rejuvenate skin while also be slightly anti bacterial.

Echinacea is commonly used on skin to help with swelling but also as an anti bacterial, especially helpful against acne.

Gentian root is anti septic and for skin it helps with bringing in glow but also to treat small inflammations.

Of course there are more ingredients than just these three, but you can say that these are the ones who advertise this face mask to a possible user and therefore needed a little bit of a breakdown.

My opinion after reading myself up a little bit, I am left with a feeling that this face mask not only helps with blemishes but also helps to keep them away. Especially considering that Echinacea is not uncommon in products that are supposed to help fight acne and that it also helps keep acne away since it fights the bacteria causing this.

Picture 245

Opening this I am immediately hit by a lovely mint scent. It is not too sharp in my opinion and putting this on is a joy since it gives a nice cooling effect.

One thing I was a little bit worried about was if the spear mint in this might become a little bit too much and instead cause further aggravation. This is due to experiences with another product that contained spear mint that actually caused my skin to become red.

But this face mask was actually a very soothing experience and after 15 minutes it was time to remove this and I was very surprised at how soft and supple this left my skin. The areas that had started to get red had calmed down and even minutes after I could still feel the ingredients working on my skin.

I feel safe saying that this one is going to be re-purchased. sometime in the future.


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