Nyx:Liquid Suede in Stone fox

800897840211_liquidsuedecreamlipstick_stonefox_mainI was initially looking for a new black lipstick since I had used up my black stargazer lipstick, spesifically I was looking for a more matte and long wearing formula.

So I ended up at the local H&M and found this in the Nyx counter. I am not a huge fan of liquid to matte lipsticks since I do feel that they don’t look that good on my lips but this formula sounded much more forgiving.

What I did not expect however was that this one turned out to be a dark charcoal grey instead of black.

I love it!

Picture 161.jpg

It is such a flattering colour and I do feel that since it is not a pure black, which can be intimidating to some, then maybe this will be easier for some to try out and feel comfortable with.

I also love the formula. This is not kiss proof but it does last a meal that is not too oily, it has both olive and avocado oil among it’s ingredients so it is nice to your lips but don’t expect a lot of moisture since it does settle down to a matte. But this formula won’t wreck your lips however. It does give a very nice looking suede effect on the lips.

It is also easy to work with partly because of the applicator which is a spatula shaped doe foot applicator. The formula also does not dry down immediately which means you can easily remove mistakes and also avoid it from clumping up, something I feel that liquid to mattes have a tendency to do.

Picture 164.jpg


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