Aritaum: Color lasting tint

picture-172This one was a blind buy that I feel ended up as a good buy.

The packaging is pretty unassuming and made with cheap black plastic, it is a nice touch that the lettering and band beneath the cap is of the same colour as the product itself. It does make it simpler if you have more than one.

Yes I find the packaging cheap but that does not negate the fact that the applicator of this product is probably the best one I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. It is incredible soft and the sort of doe foot applicator that has a “well” in the middle which deposits a nice amount of the product.

Picture 177.jpg

The formula of this one is really good. It is not what I would associate with a tint, the formula is much thicker and opaque with a heavy gloss. The thing with this product is that it is meant to be a longlasting product.

When you first apply this it is very glossy and that last for 1-2 hours, after that the intense gloss is gone but you are having a nice vivid stain left. The longer the stain is left on your lips the more stained and vivid your lips will be. The taste and smell of this is non-invasive and fresh.

The shade I picked is called Gotham red.


This shade is just a beautiful vampy vivid red and the formula looks good on my lips and does not feel as drying as some lip tint can do.

I will really recommend this if you are looking for something long wearing which treats your lips nicely but still has that tint effect. Especially since it also fades nicely.


How it looks after five hours + dinner.



3 thoughts on “Aritaum: Color lasting tint

  1. Very helpful review! I’ve seen this lip tint before but decided not to purchase ’cause it looks meh, but turns out it is actually pretty good, and the shade is undoubtedly beautiful. 💕


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