Aromaleigh Vault: X-Files box

Part of the Aromaleigh Vault series, where I look into my Aromaleigh collection and give my opinion on discontinued shades.


This was a limited edition box available around late 2015 to early 2016 which contained a fragrance, mini highlighter, nourishing color cream, mini rogue and three mini eyeshadows.

I did not order this box as I did not have the money for it but when the box extras were made available, I did buy one item: namely the nourishing colour cream.


Mellifera nourishing color cream


Official photo from Aromaleigh

Described as a warm coppery rose with a honey confectionary scent by Aromaleigh.

It is a nice everyday colour that is immensely beautiful but I do believe that this was not a winner among people with pigmented lips as it is very sheer. The official descrption is very spot on with this shade but it forgets to mention how sheer it actually is.

It has a sweet honey fragrance that I dislike. Different from my other lip products from Aromaleigh the smell is very sweet and I can smell it while wearing it which makes me not capable of wearing it for more than 10 minutes, most often even less than a minute.

Honestly I’m not sure if I’m going to keep this in my collection and unfortunately it is only because of the scent, which saddens me since the shade is so gorgeous+that it is very moisturizing.










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