Aromaleigh: Fatalis nourishing color creams.

Not part of the Aromaleigh Vault series.

I have a confession to make.

I am very fond of indie makeup but rarely does that extend to the lip products some of these companies offer. Often I feel that they have separation issues, aren’t as “solid”as I feel they should be and often are too slick for my liking.

But these on the other hand I find myself loving to apply and use as an everyday lip colour.

These are moisturizing and I feel that the best description of these would be a hybrid between lipstick and lip balm. These do contain plenty of good oils such as almond, olive and jojoba + others, but it also contains beeswax and I’m aware that not everyone is fond of that ingredient.

These comes shrink wrapped and with custom label art, which by the way has a tendency to fade which is annoying, in a clear balm tube containing .15 oz of product.

These do have a very comfortable cocoa smell to them which I like since it is not too sweet or overpowering.

The price on the website for each one of these is 7 USD.

These belong to the Fatalis collection which is inspired by poisonous plants and animals.


Varanus Komodoensis


Official photo from Aromaleigh.

Official description:

Varanus komodoensis, inspired by scales of the Komodo Dragon. If you loved the “Dragon’s Kiss” lipgloss from last year’s Red Dragon box, this utilizes the same pigment blend, but in color creme form!

The genus name, Varanus is the latinization of the Arabic word “waran” which stands for monitor (Egyptians believed these lizards served as monitors, alerting people to the presence of crocodiles), while komodoensis refers to the island of Komodo, one of the areas where it is found. Varanus komodoensis, or the Komodo monitor lizard, is the largest lizard on earth, found only on certain islands in Indonesia.


This is one of the most flattering shades I’ve gotten my hands on.

This is a nice chocolate brown with hints of red and it has a metallic sheen to it. It is a shade that I can confidently say will look flattering on quite a lot of people no matter what skintone or undertone they have. It has a nice slip and the pigmentation is superb.

On me it creates a contrast to my skintone and makes my lips look quite “Noir”.

Shortly put I feel this one is my favourite of all the shades in this collection and I find myself using this quite often.





Dicentra Formosa


Official photo from Aromaleigh.

Official description:

Dicentra is a Greek term meaning “double spurred,” referring to the way the tips of the petals flare out. Formosa is from the Latin word formosus, meaning “beautiful.”. Dicentra formosa, or Pacific Bleeding Heart is a perennial plant with cascades of heart-shaped flowers. All parts of the plant are poisonous, containing toxic alkaloids.

A lush fuchsia. This shade may slightly stain the lips

Inspired by the same flower that I’ve named my blog after 🙂

I would describe this one as an old fashioned pink, a sort of muted down fuchsia.

Old fashioned in this case is not a negative, in fact this shade is similar to what my grandmother wore, what I mean by that is that dicentra formosa is a classic shade and sophisticated to the boot.

It is without the metallic sheen but not quite matte or shimmery either. Of all the shades this one is the most pigmented one and the stiffest.

It’s extremely wearable and looks  good combined with a pinkish blush and neutral eyeshadow.

I consider this as an easy to wear everyday colour that does not require a lot of maintenance.




Latrodectus Mactans


Official photo from Aromaleigh.

Official description:

Latrodectus mactans, inspired by the red hourglass markings on the belly of the female black widow spider.

Latrodectus is Greek for “biting in secret”, while mactans is Latin for “sacrifice, slaughter, destroy”. Latrodectus mactans, or Southern black widow or simply black widow, is a highly venomous species of spider in the genus Latrodectus. They are well known for the distinctive black and red coloring of the female of the species that will occasionally eat her mate after reproduction. (Source: Wikipedia)

A perfect neutral red tint, similar to the cult classic Aromaleigh shade “Lollypop”. This shade may slightly stain the lips.


Is inspired by the black widow spider.

This is a red with metallic sheen and a pinker undertone than a typical true red. It is deep but does not end up as a burgundy or a stereotypical wine red. It is lovely and yet another shade I feel will look beautiful on a wide range of people. It is very similar to Varanus komodoensis in terms of formula with it’s metallic sheen. It has a nice slip and pigmentation.

Combined with a golden eye look and black eyeliner this one is a killer.

My man really love this one.





Acanthaster Brevispinus


Official photo from Aromaleigh.

Official description:

Acanthaster brevispinus, inspired by the beautiful purple shade of the short-spined crown of thorns starfish. Brevispinus means “short spines” in Latin, while Acanth means “thorn” and aster means”star”

Leaves a soft warm purple tint on the lips, similar to the cult classic Aromaleigh shade “Melancholia”- but not as reddish. This shade may slightly stain the lips.


This is a nice plummy muted purple with a warm undertone.

It is my least favourite among the nourishing color creams, the reason for this is that this one’s formula is sheerer, slicker and it has a tendency to migrate to the outer parts of your lips. Leaving you with the dreaded lipliner look from the 90s if you smack your lips too much.

It is a nice shade but I don’t like having to look in the mirror that often to keep it from becoming a mess. Which often leaves this one as a shade that I wear rarely despite me loving the colour and it being the most moisturizing of them all. Too bad that it is too slick.






These are great as everyday lip colours and I do believe that these will look good on a wide range of people.

However I feel that it’s worth mentioning the cons to these, albeit small and perhaps even insignificant depending who you ask.

The tube itself is a typical lip balm container and may make it difficult to apply these in a way that is even on your lips outher edges, this is solved easily with a lip brush.

They are also not the most longlasting lip products out there, they’re not the worst in class but if you are after something that will last for more than three hours without any fading then you should keep looking for something else. They are not what I would wear if i were to go out at the club or to a occasion were it would be near impossible to attain a mirror.

Also as you probably can see on the swatch photo’s I’ve taken, they can be a little bit uneven, probably worsened in the photo’s thank to my very textured lips and the light source.

But I would still say that these hold great value and that I’m really fond of these both because of the shades but also the formula.

I can say that if you are curious about these then definitely do try them out.


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