Loreal Paris: Mega Volume Miss Manga Punky


This is apparently now getting discontinued at my local H&M and the regular price is usually at 140 NOK (16,75 USD) but at the sale it was only 50 NOK (5.98 USD).

So I ended up buying it despite probably just ending up using it once, the original Miss Manga is one of my least favourite mascaras and also since Miss Manga Punky is ,according to Loreal, meant to create spider lashes.

But actually I don’t find this mascara that bad actually, which is a nice surprise since I really just wanted to try this out as a experiment to see how it would look like but I ended up loving it.

Now one thing to mention beforehand: I always use a clean mascara wand to comb through my lashes both before and after applying mascara. This will obviously affect the end result.

Now let’s get into it.



The wand of this mascara is coneshaped and with short bristles. It is made of rubber and does not look like it is going to give you a ton of definition but leave more product on your lashes.



The formula is a little bit sticky and gloppy, which makes sense this is mascara is supposed to give you spiky spider lashes. Combine this with the wand and you get a mascara that loads product onto your lashes, since I always comb my lashes this is actually a favourable formula since it makes it easy to to make it even and to draw the lenght out.

But I can definitely see my lashes becoming “whispy” as time passes by, personally I like the look but that also means that this formula is one that might not last a long time. I never wear makeup for longer than four hours so for me and I did not find this mascara to flake but I did find it after three hours that my lashes “fell” down just a little bit.

What I mean by this is that this is one mascara that feels “heavy” when wearing it. It is not bad but it is something worth mentioning, perhaps in regard for those who use lash curlers as the formula might impact the curl.


One coat one the left and two coats on the right.



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