Valentine 2017+ Lush Cosmetic’s Lover lamp bathbomb review.


Hi and happy “late” Valentine’s day!

For this holiday I will post a nice review of Lover Lamp, a new bathbomb from Lush released for Valentine’s day alongside how my day was.

This year is actually the first time in my life I’ve celebrated Valentine’s. Mostly since I’ve never had anyone to celebrate it with and also because I have just not seen a reason to do it.

But this year me and my husband decided it might be fun to have a lowkey celebration.


I was in a meeting  early in morning and I was quite tired when I got home, but my husband had cooked us some whole chicken filled with lemon, thyme and garlic stuffing, accompanied with a nice sweet potato dish with orange sauce.

This is one of the most delicious meals I’ve had in a long while and it was accompanied with some non-alcoholic cider, which suits the light tastes.



After dinner we took a bath together. For this ocassion I had ordered Lover Lamp from Lush cosmetics.


According to Lush Cosmetics this bathbomb has notes of chocolate, brazilian orange oil and fair trade vanilla absolute. It also features hearts made from cacao butter.


Before plumping the bathbomb inside.

I love the smell of this bathbomb. It does smell like a less sweet version of those chocolate oranges, if you get what I mean, it is a very comforting scent that luckily for me does not cross over into the cloyingly sweet kind of scents.



Lover Lamp features three large hearts accompanied with tiny hearts that melts in the bathtub. When these hearts melt completely away they leave behind tiny golden shimmers in the bathwater.


The bathwater turned a milky white, which was a surprise for me as white bathbombs don’t usually have that effect and besides that this left our skin feel super soft and nice.

This is one bathbomb I’d wish was permanent.


It was also perfect since this is how it looks outside…


So how was your Valentine’s day? Did you celebrate or not?


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