Viva La Diva: Velvet Matte Liptint


Promotional picture from Viva La Diva.

This was a recent release from Viva La Diva that peaked my interest.

What is a velvet matte liptint?

On their website it says: Velvet Matte Liptint is a super matte ink, it has a longlasting formula that will give you a kiss proof and irresistible pout.

So I had to try it out now, why not? It sounds interesting and like something I would find enjoyable.

I picked up two shades, both colours that I was not sure would fit me or not. One thing I noticed about this line is that it is very heavy on mauve with only two shades not being in that colour family.

There are seven shades in total of this line.





Both of the ones I picked perform very similarly. Namely I don’t see these as a liptint per se but rather like a liquid lipstick that’s not of the kiss-proof kind, yes Viva La Diva claims this is kiss-proof but I would not personally test that out. It dries down to a very nice matte texture that I feel looks good but also comfortable on the lips. It can crumble a bit if you apply it with too many coats but other than that I really enjoy this formula.

Avoid oily foods though and it might be a wise idea to exfoliate your lips before application.



The packaging is cheap and I hate the doe foot applicator since it is of the scratchy type. But it is not impossible to work with and my opinion will always be that it is the content that matters the most.

The container holds 3 ml of product that will last for a long time since this product is one you will apply in thin coats.




Is a very pale mauve that I initially tought would make me look like I had been freezing to death.

But I really found this to be flattering on me as it has a cool undertone that works well with my complexion. It also has a nice scent that reminds me of lipsmacker’s grape flavoured lip balm.



A lovely for-get-me-not blue which is incredibly flattering. I love blue but I often find blue lipsticks to be unflattering due to them often being streaky, unpigmented or simply too glossy.

This one on the other hand works since it is a matte and it looks very lovely.

Blueberry has a blueberry candy scent to it.



Final thoughts

I am actually very impressed that this is a product of Viva La Diva, as I often find their products to be very average or downright awful, but this really do prove that they can manage to get something right.

These are also just as budget friendly as the rest of Viva La Diva’s products.



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