Aromaleigh Vault: Sol Invictus


Part of the Aromaleigh Vault series, where I look into my Aromaleigh collection and give my opinion on discontinued shades.


This was Aromaleigh’s holiday release for 2014 inspired by the Roman Holiday Saturnalia which was celebrated during winter solstice.

These eyeshadows were heavy on the iridescence, sparks and also consisted of both neutrals and semi-vibrant shades. A collection that I feel suited the holidays but still managed to not just be the stereotypical-done-to-death glam and glitz using red/gold which I see companies bring up each year, sometimes even releasing stuff similar to last years.

This collection had 12 shades and I do regret not buying more of these since they are not available anymore.

But I did manage to snatch some up.

BTW: My camera did not manage to capture the beauty of these shades, especially not the wonderfull sparks and shifts these shades have. My site also does not currently support video as I only have the free plan.

Aromaleighs official pictures are spot on.



Sol Invictus


Official swatch from Aromaleigh

Official description: 

Sol Invictus is the namesake color for the collection. It means “invincible sun” in Latin, and this was the overall nature of the Saturnalia revelry- a Winter Solstice celebration. The Winter Solstice being the shortest day of the year, which marks the point at which the sun is “reborn” and days become longer. Saturn was also an agricultural God, so this time of year for the Romans marked the point at which their Fall plantings were being sown, while others were being harvested.

Color Description: A beautiful coral/orange shade with a slight golden undertone in certain lighting, bedazzled by color traveling orange-violet-fuchsia shimmer and bright green sparks.  Shown swatched over NYX cream eyeshadow base and photographed under a daylight lamp. This color is Vegan and Lip Safe!


My opinion: 

I absolutely love this shade.

It is an orangey gold that can look coppery with lovely green sparks that sets it apart from a lot of eyeshadows I own. The orange-violet-fuchsia shimmer is not that noticible but if the creator is refering to some of the iridescent sparks then I can call it that since this does not only contain green sparks.

I’d really wish I had stocked up on this one.

It is a more coppery version of Abundantia which was a limited edition gift with purchase. The difference is that Abundantia is not as sparkly and is more of a gold shade.


Lord of Misrule


Official swatch from Aromaleigh

Official description:

The Lord of Misrule was the “Saturnalia Princeps”, or master of ceremonies who participated in capricious behavior, practical jokes, chaos and absurdity, similar in concept to the medieval Feast of Fools.

Color Description: A gorgeous taupe base with really strong orange-red-violet color traveling iridescence. It’s a neutral with an amazing, shimmery twist! Shown swatched over NYX cream eyeshadow base and photographed under a daylight lamp. This color is Vegan and Lip Safe!


My opinion:

Aromaleigh’s colour description is spot on with this one. This is truly what I would call a neutral with a punch, it is beyond gorgeous on the eyes and yet another one I’d wish I had stocked up on when I had a chance.

The violet iridescense is much more vivid irl than on the official swatch photo.

Such a gorgeous shade.


Topsy Turvy


Official description:

Topsy Turvy signifies the aspect of the ancient Roman Saturnalia festival which involves the upending of the regular social order.

Slaves acted as free men/women, donning the red pileus cap during the celebrations. Social order within the family might also be changed up, between children and parents, and likewise. It must have been an interesting time, in a culture with such strict social hierarchy, for masters to be serving slaves, and participating in activities they normally could not. During Saturnalia, the Romans decorated their homes with clippings of laurel branches, and what holiday collection would be complete without a beautiful, sparkling green shade? Even if you think you can’t wear green eyeshadow, you’ll want to sample this one- the color-shifting chromatics make this shade appear differently depending on angle of viewing and lighting. It’s quite surprising!

Color Description: A gorgeous multi-dimensional festive green with amber metallic lowlights and color-shifting highlight sparkles that keep this color ever-changing. Shown swatched over NYX cream eyeshadow base and photographed under a daylight lamp.This color is Vegan and Lip Safe!

My opinion:

I received this as a sample and I have not used it alot since green eyeshadow is not my cup of tea.

However this is still an amazing colour, it is a gorgeous leaf green with multi coloured iridescence which makes this one of the most transforming eyeshadow I have in my collection.

Really appropriate for a holiday look.

It is an eyeshadow I’d wish suited me since it is just spectacular.


3 thoughts on “Aromaleigh Vault: Sol Invictus

  1. Heather L says:

    Love your swatches! Glad I was able to grab some when they were on clearance I’m just hopeing this collection comes back over the Holiday days!


    • Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂 The thing is that it seems that Aromaleigh is discontinuing these for good, atleast based on the newsletter they sent out, but I do really hope that they bring out something similar in the future.


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