Aromaleigh Vault: Brilliant Deductions rouge

Part of the Aromaleigh Vault series, where I look into my Aromaleigh collection and give my opinion on discontinued product.

This blush collection was released early in 2014 to accompany the Brilliant Deductions eyeshadow collection released september 2013 and were inspired by Sherlock.

These blushes had a soft duochrome effect which was supposed to give the “Glow from within” effect on your cheek.

All of these 5 shades were vegan, cruelty free and lip safe.


I only bought one shade from this collection and actually I’d wish I had bought some of the others since the formula was great and the other shades seems like they would have worked well with my skintone.


Purple shirt of sex


Official swatch picture from Aromaleigh.


Official Description: First up, is the much-requested “Purple Shirt of Sex”, a rich purple blush  with copper/green soft duochrome, styled after Sherlock’s tightly-fitted D&G purple shirt, summed up HERE. We tend to stay “tame” with our names and not venture into color names that are this blatant, but we couldn’t keep ignoring your requests in our inbox and tumblr message box! Enjoy this awesome blush color, and wear with pride!



Sheered out on the left and more pigmented swatch on the right

My opinion: I would not classifiy this as a purple blush but rather place it as a more full bodied and rich mauve with a lovely subtle green /copper duochrome.

It is a lovely shade but I do find myself not picking this up as much as I would have liked to. It is a bit difficult of a shade for me as I really need to sheer it out in order for not looking like a clown which actually can take me an extra minute to do properly.

The reason is that this blush is very pigmented and also quite a deep shade for someone of my skin colour. If it had been formulated a bit more sheer then it would have been easier to pick up.

It is the type of shade I feel will look better on people with tan to deep skintones. Honestly in my opinion, mauve blush is so so flattering on people with darker skintones.

As of 26.1.2016 this is still available in the clearance section.





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