TonyMoly: Magic Food Mushroom

I wanted to higlight some skin care products that for the last year have become holy grails for me and which I have repurchased.

These three coupled together do wonders for my combination to oily skin. What makes these three so potent is the fact that they do contain extract from three different mushrooms: matsutake, shiitake  and chaga. All of these mushrooms are known for being beneficial, especially chaga which is considered one of the strongest antioxidants we know of.

The packaging is cute but sturdy and I have taken to use empty containers for storing herbs or salt, after giving them a good cleaning of course. Another thing is that these contain 70 ml of product and I highly suggest that you use a spoon or a spatula and not your fingers so that the product keeps itself fresh longer.

I really love these so let’s get into the review.magicfoodmushroom_3


Strawberry Mushroom Sugar Scrub


This is a very mild exfoliator using strawberry seeds and sugar. It does state that if you have sensitive skin that you can add some water to your face before massaging the product on your skin, I usually use this in the shower as I feel that without moistness you have to use more of the content and frankly each of these mushrooms does not contain more than 70 ml.

I love how gentle this scrub is and how it melts on your face leavig your face clean and free from dirt. However I do suspect that some people might find this sugar scrub too mild for their taste. But I feel that most scrubs on the market is too harsh in general to be used in the face even if they are advertised as such.

It does leave my face feeling polished and ready for further treatment. An added bonus is the fresh and sweet scent of strawberries which I’ve become fond of.


Choco Mushroom Cream Pore Pack


This pore pack is gentle and soothing with it’s chocolate smell and soft texture. Formulated with cocoa powder and ghassoul powder, this gently removes impurities from my skin and even manages to calm down any irritated zit on the occasion I have one of those. I use this when I’m extra oily or when my skin texture is a bit bumpy, I feel that this pore pack smooths skin texture and also helps a little bit at making dull oily skin look fresh again.

The texture of it is like a mixture of a gel and cream, very thin consistency that melts a little bit when it comes in contact with your skin.

One thing is that I feel that this might not be suitable for people with very dry skin as I don’t feel any of the moisturizing effcts that TonyMoly claims it have, on the other hand this product can feel drying if I use it during winter, again I have oily to combination skin and based on my experiences this might not be the right product for someone with very tight and dry skin.


Golden Mushroom Sleeping Pack


This is my absolute favourite of the mushrooms. It is a necessity for me during the winter when my skin can become tight, dry and flaked. It is one of the extremely few skin care products that i feel worked immediately and that I did not have to use consistently over time to see results.

This leaves my skin feeling divinely soft, fresh and suple.

One thing that I want to mention is that the consistency of this sleeping pack is very thick and you don’t need much in order to create an even layer of this. The first time I used this I took too much on my spoon and discovered how thick it became and that my skin could not absorb this well enough.

But with an appropriate amount it applies smoothly and absorbs easily into the skin.

The only con to this is that i feel that the floral smell can be a little bit too much for a product you are going to sleep with on your face. It’s most likely not something that going to be an issue with everyone but I’m mentioning it.

However it is a product i have to be careful to not use too often as it is extremely rich and might leave me with greasier skin and whiteheads. Definitely something a person with extremely dry skin perhaps would like to try out but I have found that this is too rich for me to be using everyday or even every second day. It is a product that I only use when my skin is in need of some tlc, such as when the grade slips beneath 10- celsius or when I’ve been super stressed.

I’m not sure about the anti wrinkle effect though.




One thing I find very wierd about these is that they do seem not to complement each other. All three seems to have been formulated for different skin types.

But I love these and I have used them consistently in 2016 and even rebought them. For me that is actually a little bit rare as I often find myself jumping from product to product.

Have you tried any of these?

What did you think of them?


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