L’oreal “Fatale Extravaganza” Holiday collection 2016

As is typical of a holiday collection is that it involves shine and glitz and this collection is no different. One thing I have to give L’oreal compliments for is that I’m very happy that instead of the red and gold, which is something I see repeating in collections released for holidays even this year, L’oreal choose to do gold and purple.

On a whole I do feel that i picked the two products of the release that I can safely say are the most interesting ones even though I heard somewhere that most of the colours in the lip palette can be found in the other lip palettes from L’oreal.

For the most part as is typical of holiday collections, it’s just repackaged or special edition of an already existing product. In that regard this collection is no different but how do it hold up?

L’oreal Color Riche La Palette Extravaganza

I have never bought a lip palette before since I associate them with the lip products embedded in makeup palettes, which always without a doubt get dirty by powder fallout and is not practical if you’re on the go.

This is just my former experience but still I did buy this as the colours reeled me in. The shades in this case is varied with three metallics and three creamy shades. They are all shades that I feel suit the holidays since the creams are deeper brighter colours and the metallics really do fulfill the glamorous glitz we associate with this time of the year. This palette will give you everything you need for making varied lip looks.


One thing that is a major drawback for me is the packaging. I find the case tacky as it is made of cheap black plastic which they just decided to slap a sticker label on. Packaging is usually not a big deal for me but I do like packaging that is going to stay nice for awhile and this one just looks like it is waiting to get scratched up. I do feel that packaging should be sturdy in order to be capable to protect it’s content.

But how does this product hold up?

The first thing of notice is the extremely strong smell which to me is typical of L’oreal lipsticks but which I still find a bit off putting. The lip products itself do have the stereotypical formula that lip products in pans have. They are more glossy than what an ordinary lipstick would be and they do need more build-up in order to be even and opaque, these are not badly pigmented they just have a tendency to be a little bit uneven but the included lip brush is nice for it’s purpose.

After swatching these on my arm I also discovered that the non metallics do stain, which may or may not be to someones liking.

None of these shades have names though but let me describe them from top to bottom:


The metallics are much more vibrant in irl.

The first one is a nice metallic with gold flecks that makes it stand out and being perfect to use as a top coat.

The second is a vivid orange that follows the wierd “trend” I’ve had this summer. Suddenly orange became suitable on me for some strange reason.

The third is a true classic red shade, a mandatory holiday colour.

The fourth is a gorgeous fuchsia which has grown on me.

The fifth is a mauve with specks of shimmer.

The sixth and last is a deepened brownish mauve with specks of shimmer.

I have to say that the reason I have not used these as much as I should have is because of the strong smell, which is sad since the colours are beyond amazing but alas I’m too sensitive to the strong smell of this and I wore this at new years eve and it did not even last an hour before starting to fade, which is never a good thing when you are celebrating something like new years eve.

This will most likely not be used that much.


L’oreal Super Liner Ultra Precision

I am not capable of giving this the highest marks I’m afraid. Don’t misunderstand, this liquid eyeliner is not the worst I’ve tried but frankly I believe I miss Viva La Diva’s eyeliner still and I’ve been using Lancome’s Grandiose eyeliner this year so I feel that I’ve become a bit spoilt.


The applicator of this one is very stiff, which makes it a bit wierd at times using this but other times making it quite easy to create a ice crisp line. I’m not sure if I love it or hate it.

The formula is not completely opaque and you do have to sometimes redraw your lines which sometimes make an easy eyeliner look take twice as long to make. The applicator heightens this by not being capable of holding much product.


But the shade itself is incredible gorgeous. It’s a nice black with subtle gold shimmer, it’s so well done that this does not end up in the territory of tackyness but is actually quite sophisticated combined with the right eye look.

I love the shade and it is a redeemable quality which makes me patient enough to apply this.




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