Etude House: Honey Jelly Lips Patch

Happy New Year!

I’m so tired during this time of the year so I felt that it was about time for some serious self care. After celebrating new years eve and freezing outside in the snow I found my lips being chapped and sore.


Frontside of packaging.

I happened to get this lip patch as part of a christmas gift this year and decided that this morning would be perfect to try it out.

On the packaging and website this lip patch is described as being formulated with honey, propolis and royal jelly, the lip patch is supposed to have a moisturizing effect while also being firming and keeping lips nourished aswell as protected.

The first thing I noticed when opening up this is the smell, it is an authentic honey fragrance instead of the typical artificial smell which is the norm in products of this kind.


Backside of the packaging

The instructions says to use it immediately after opening, putting the jelly patch onto clean lips and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. After taking it off you are supposed to massage the remnants of the product into your lips.

One thing I was worried about was if I would need to be holding this in it’s place or be lying down. But this lip patch does stay put on my lips and feels very refreshing and soothing on the lips, one thing that I felt was a bonus is that the patch itself is quite large so that the serum does work outside of the mouth.


I look absolutely ravishingly comical with this 🙂 Please excuse the photo quality.

It is extremely comfortable and after wearing it for 5 minutes my lips I started to feel a nice tingling on my lips. I took it off after 15 minutes to see the end result.

I believe this product is just not intense enough for very chapped lips like mine, it did have a smoothing effect and it did heal my lips a little bit so in my opinion this was not entirely wasted as it felt incredibly relaxing and nice.

But I feel that this is better for people with less chapped and sore lips.

It is not the worst product I’ve tried and I might buy this myself for another time.


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