Etude House: Black Hydrogel Eye Patch


Front of the package

Part of a christmas gift I received this year, I appreciate having people who understands that i enjoy receiving small self-care gifts like this, especially if it means that they don’t have to shill out huge amounts of money.

According to  Etude House this eyemask is going to moisturise, give nourishment to tired skin but also make the skin around the eyes elastic and bright. Sounds perfect after a whole night out partying with your best friends celebrating that 2016 is finally over.


How to apply

1. After cleansing, tone face.

2. Remove mask from pouch and apply to eye area.

3. Leave on for 30 minutes, then remove gently.

4. Lightly massage remaining contents onto skin.


I did follow these instructions to the boot and here’s my verdict:


The first thing of notice for me is that I placed this product too high on my face, which is obviously silly but thanks to the texture of this eye patch, it makes it difficult to adjust because it does stick to your face and the texture does feel a bit flimsy.

The smell of this is a very soft florally almost baby powdery scent. I mention this since I know some people might love it and others will hate it. I find myself thinking that even though it is faint it becomes a little bit too much after wearing it for 30 minutes, but not to a degree that makes me strongly dislike it.

It does not take long before I feel this product starting to work with my skin, it feels refreshing and cooling which is what I expect from a product like this. It feels so good that sitting without my glasses for half an hour does not bother me at all.

At the end however it does feel a little bit tight on the face and when I finally can take it off, I can say there has been a drastic change in my skin since it is much softer to touch and feels firmer.

There was no leftover product for me to massage in which either means that my skin was in need for some tlc or that I did party too hard.

In short I believe I will buy this very soon since it did work wonders and to be honest I was wowed by this.

I’m going to thank the person who gave this to me.



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