Viva La Diva: Velvet Matte Liptint


Promotional picture from Viva La Diva.

This was a recent release from Viva La Diva that peaked my interest.

What is a velvet matte liptint?

On their website it says: Velvet Matte Liptint is a super matte ink, it has a longlasting formula that will give you a kiss proof and irresistible pout.

So I had to try it out now, why not? It sounds interesting and like something I would find enjoyable.

I picked up two shades, both colours that I was not sure would fit me or not. One thing I noticed about this line is that it is very heavy on mauve with only two shades not being in that colour family.

There are seven shades in total of this line.





Both of the ones I picked perform very similarly. Namely I don’t see these as a liptint per se but rather like a liquid lipstick that’s not of the kiss-proof kind, yes Viva La Diva claims this is kiss-proof but I would not personally test that out. It dries down to a very nice matte texture that I feel looks good but also comfortable on the lips. It can crumble a bit if you apply it with too many coats but other than that I really enjoy this formula.

Avoid oily foods though and it might be a wise idea to exfoliate your lips before application.



The packaging is cheap and I hate the doe foot applicator since it is of the scratchy type. But it is not impossible to work with and my opinion will always be that it is the content that matters the most.

The container holds 3 ml of product that will last for a long time since this product is one you will apply in thin coats.




Is a very pale mauve that I initially tought would make me look like I had been freezing to death.

But I really found this to be flattering on me as it has a cool undertone that works well with my complexion. It also has a nice scent that reminds me of lipsmacker’s grape flavoured lip balm.



A lovely for-get-me-not blue which is incredibly flattering. I love blue but I often find blue lipsticks to be unflattering due to them often being streaky, unpigmented or simply too glossy.

This one on the other hand works since it is a matte and it looks very lovely.

Blueberry has a blueberry candy scent to it.



Final thoughts

I am actually very impressed that this is a product of Viva La Diva, as I often find their products to be very average or downright awful, but this really do prove that they can manage to get something right.

These are also just as budget friendly as the rest of Viva La Diva’s products.



Aromaleigh Vault: Sol Invictus


Part of the Aromaleigh Vault series, where I look into my Aromaleigh collection and give my opinion on discontinued shades.


This was Aromaleigh’s holiday release for 2014 inspired by the Roman Holiday Saturnalia which was celebrated during winter solstice.

These eyeshadows were heavy on the iridescence, sparks and also consisted of both neutrals and semi-vibrant shades. A collection that I feel suited the holidays but still managed to not just be the stereotypical-done-to-death glam and glitz using red/gold which I see companies bring up each year, sometimes even releasing stuff similar to last years.

This collection had 12 shades and I do regret not buying more of these since they are not available anymore.

But I did manage to snatch some up.

BTW: My camera did not manage to capture the beauty of these shades, especially not the wonderfull sparks and shifts these shades have. My site also does not currently support video as I only have the free plan.

Aromaleighs official pictures are spot on.



Sol Invictus


Official swatch from Aromaleigh

Official description: 

Sol Invictus is the namesake color for the collection. It means “invincible sun” in Latin, and this was the overall nature of the Saturnalia revelry- a Winter Solstice celebration. The Winter Solstice being the shortest day of the year, which marks the point at which the sun is “reborn” and days become longer. Saturn was also an agricultural God, so this time of year for the Romans marked the point at which their Fall plantings were being sown, while others were being harvested.

Color Description: A beautiful coral/orange shade with a slight golden undertone in certain lighting, bedazzled by color traveling orange-violet-fuchsia shimmer and bright green sparks.  Shown swatched over NYX cream eyeshadow base and photographed under a daylight lamp. This color is Vegan and Lip Safe!


My opinion: 

I absolutely love this shade.

It is an orangey gold that can look coppery with lovely green sparks that sets it apart from a lot of eyeshadows I own. The orange-violet-fuchsia shimmer is not that noticible but if the creator is refering to some of the iridescent sparks then I can call it that since this does not only contain green sparks.

I’d really wish I had stocked up on this one.

It is a more coppery version of Abundantia which was a limited edition gift with purchase. The difference is that Abundantia is not as sparkly and is more of a gold shade.


Lord of Misrule


Official swatch from Aromaleigh

Official description:

The Lord of Misrule was the “Saturnalia Princeps”, or master of ceremonies who participated in capricious behavior, practical jokes, chaos and absurdity, similar in concept to the medieval Feast of Fools.

Color Description: A gorgeous taupe base with really strong orange-red-violet color traveling iridescence. It’s a neutral with an amazing, shimmery twist! Shown swatched over NYX cream eyeshadow base and photographed under a daylight lamp. This color is Vegan and Lip Safe!


My opinion:

Aromaleigh’s colour description is spot on with this one. This is truly what I would call a neutral with a punch, it is beyond gorgeous on the eyes and yet another one I’d wish I had stocked up on when I had a chance.

The violet iridescense is much more vivid irl than on the official swatch photo.

Such a gorgeous shade.


Topsy Turvy


Official description:

Topsy Turvy signifies the aspect of the ancient Roman Saturnalia festival which involves the upending of the regular social order.

Slaves acted as free men/women, donning the red pileus cap during the celebrations. Social order within the family might also be changed up, between children and parents, and likewise. It must have been an interesting time, in a culture with such strict social hierarchy, for masters to be serving slaves, and participating in activities they normally could not. During Saturnalia, the Romans decorated their homes with clippings of laurel branches, and what holiday collection would be complete without a beautiful, sparkling green shade? Even if you think you can’t wear green eyeshadow, you’ll want to sample this one- the color-shifting chromatics make this shade appear differently depending on angle of viewing and lighting. It’s quite surprising!

Color Description: A gorgeous multi-dimensional festive green with amber metallic lowlights and color-shifting highlight sparkles that keep this color ever-changing. Shown swatched over NYX cream eyeshadow base and photographed under a daylight lamp.This color is Vegan and Lip Safe!

My opinion:

I received this as a sample and I have not used it alot since green eyeshadow is not my cup of tea.

However this is still an amazing colour, it is a gorgeous leaf green with multi coloured iridescence which makes this one of the most transforming eyeshadow I have in my collection.

Really appropriate for a holiday look.

It is an eyeshadow I’d wish suited me since it is just spectacular.

Aromaleigh Vault: Brilliant Deductions rouge

Part of the Aromaleigh Vault series, where I look into my Aromaleigh collection and give my opinion on discontinued product.

This blush collection was released early in 2014 to accompany the Brilliant Deductions eyeshadow collection released september 2013 and were inspired by Sherlock.

These blushes had a soft duochrome effect which was supposed to give the “Glow from within” effect on your cheek.

All of these 5 shades were vegan, cruelty free and lip safe.


I only bought one shade from this collection and actually I’d wish I had bought some of the others since the formula was great and the other shades seems like they would have worked well with my skintone.


Purple shirt of sex


Official swatch picture from Aromaleigh.


Official Description: First up, is the much-requested “Purple Shirt of Sex”, a rich purple blush  with copper/green soft duochrome, styled after Sherlock’s tightly-fitted D&G purple shirt, summed up HERE. We tend to stay “tame” with our names and not venture into color names that are this blatant, but we couldn’t keep ignoring your requests in our inbox and tumblr message box! Enjoy this awesome blush color, and wear with pride!



Sheered out on the left and more pigmented swatch on the right

My opinion: I would not classifiy this as a purple blush but rather place it as a more full bodied and rich mauve with a lovely subtle green /copper duochrome.

It is a lovely shade but I do find myself not picking this up as much as I would have liked to. It is a bit difficult of a shade for me as I really need to sheer it out in order for not looking like a clown which actually can take me an extra minute to do properly.

The reason is that this blush is very pigmented and also quite a deep shade for someone of my skin colour. If it had been formulated a bit more sheer then it would have been easier to pick up.

It is the type of shade I feel will look better on people with tan to deep skintones. Honestly in my opinion, mauve blush is so so flattering on people with darker skintones.

As of 26.1.2016 this is still available in the clearance section.




Aromaleigh Vault: A look at the past

I was very sad when Aromaleigh launched their great clearance sale awhile ago, especially since a ton of my favourites were getting discontinued but it was extra heartbreaking for me to read the letter that stated that 2016 had been a bad year for Aromaleigh.

On the other hand the letter stated that Aromaleigh are going into a new direction with their creations. Spesifically there’s going to be less of the special effects eyeshadows that I’ve been a huge fan of for the last four years, but Aromaleigh is going to focus more on go-to shades and working on formulas.

It is bittersweet.

So for the occassion I’m going to post reviews of dicontinued shades I own the following weeks under the tag “Aromaleigh Vault”. I’m going to do this based on which collection they belong to and write some info about the collection itself aswell.

It is the end of an era but I can’t wait to see what Aromaleigh will offer in the future.


Are you a fan of Aromaleigh?

What do you think of the changes?

L’oreal “Fatale Extravaganza” Holiday collection 2016

As is typical of a holiday collection is that it involves shine and glitz and this collection is no different. One thing I have to give L’oreal compliments for is that I’m very happy that instead of the red and gold, which is something I see repeating in collections released for holidays even this year, L’oreal choose to do gold and purple.

On a whole I do feel that i picked the two products of the release that I can safely say are the most interesting ones even though I heard somewhere that most of the colours in the lip palette can be found in the other lip palettes from L’oreal.

For the most part as is typical of holiday collections, it’s just repackaged or special edition of an already existing product. In that regard this collection is no different but how do it hold up?

L’oreal Color Riche La Palette Extravaganza

I have never bought a lip palette before since I associate them with the lip products embedded in makeup palettes, which always without a doubt get dirty by powder fallout and is not practical if you’re on the go.

This is just my former experience but still I did buy this as the colours reeled me in. The shades in this case is varied with three metallics and three creamy shades. They are all shades that I feel suit the holidays since the creams are deeper brighter colours and the metallics really do fulfill the glamorous glitz we associate with this time of the year. This palette will give you everything you need for making varied lip looks.


One thing that is a major drawback for me is the packaging. I find the case tacky as it is made of cheap black plastic which they just decided to slap a sticker label on. Packaging is usually not a big deal for me but I do like packaging that is going to stay nice for awhile and this one just looks like it is waiting to get scratched up. I do feel that packaging should be sturdy in order to be capable to protect it’s content.

But how does this product hold up?

The first thing of notice is the extremely strong smell which to me is typical of L’oreal lipsticks but which I still find a bit off putting. The lip products itself do have the stereotypical formula that lip products in pans have. They are more glossy than what an ordinary lipstick would be and they do need more build-up in order to be even and opaque, these are not badly pigmented they just have a tendency to be a little bit uneven but the included lip brush is nice for it’s purpose.

After swatching these on my arm I also discovered that the non metallics do stain, which may or may not be to someones liking.

None of these shades have names though but let me describe them from top to bottom:


The metallics are much more vibrant in irl.

The first one is a nice metallic with gold flecks that makes it stand out and being perfect to use as a top coat.

The second is a vivid orange that follows the wierd “trend” I’ve had this summer. Suddenly orange became suitable on me for some strange reason.

The third is a true classic red shade, a mandatory holiday colour.

The fourth is a gorgeous fuchsia which has grown on me.

The fifth is a mauve with specks of shimmer.

The sixth and last is a deepened brownish mauve with specks of shimmer.

I have to say that the reason I have not used these as much as I should have is because of the strong smell, which is sad since the colours are beyond amazing but alas I’m too sensitive to the strong smell of this and I wore this at new years eve and it did not even last an hour before starting to fade, which is never a good thing when you are celebrating something like new years eve.

This will most likely not be used that much.


L’oreal Super Liner Ultra Precision

I am not capable of giving this the highest marks I’m afraid. Don’t misunderstand, this liquid eyeliner is not the worst I’ve tried but frankly I believe I miss Viva La Diva’s eyeliner still and I’ve been using Lancome’s Grandiose eyeliner this year so I feel that I’ve become a bit spoilt.


The applicator of this one is very stiff, which makes it a bit wierd at times using this but other times making it quite easy to create a ice crisp line. I’m not sure if I love it or hate it.

The formula is not completely opaque and you do have to sometimes redraw your lines which sometimes make an easy eyeliner look take twice as long to make. The applicator heightens this by not being capable of holding much product.


But the shade itself is incredible gorgeous. It’s a nice black with subtle gold shimmer, it’s so well done that this does not end up in the territory of tackyness but is actually quite sophisticated combined with the right eye look.

I love the shade and it is a redeemable quality which makes me patient enough to apply this.



TonyMoly: Magic Food Mushroom

I wanted to higlight some skin care products that for the last year have become holy grails for me and which I have repurchased.

These three coupled together do wonders for my combination to oily skin. What makes these three so potent is the fact that they do contain extract from three different mushrooms: matsutake, shiitake  and chaga. All of these mushrooms are known for being beneficial, especially chaga which is considered one of the strongest antioxidants we know of.

The packaging is cute but sturdy and I have taken to use empty containers for storing herbs or salt, after giving them a good cleaning of course. Another thing is that these contain 70 ml of product and I highly suggest that you use a spoon or a spatula and not your fingers so that the product keeps itself fresh longer.

I really love these so let’s get into the review.magicfoodmushroom_3


Strawberry Mushroom Sugar Scrub


This is a very mild exfoliator using strawberry seeds and sugar. It does state that if you have sensitive skin that you can add some water to your face before massaging the product on your skin, I usually use this in the shower as I feel that without moistness you have to use more of the content and frankly each of these mushrooms does not contain more than 70 ml.

I love how gentle this scrub is and how it melts on your face leavig your face clean and free from dirt. However I do suspect that some people might find this sugar scrub too mild for their taste. But I feel that most scrubs on the market is too harsh in general to be used in the face even if they are advertised as such.

It does leave my face feeling polished and ready for further treatment. An added bonus is the fresh and sweet scent of strawberries which I’ve become fond of.


Choco Mushroom Cream Pore Pack


This pore pack is gentle and soothing with it’s chocolate smell and soft texture. Formulated with cocoa powder and ghassoul powder, this gently removes impurities from my skin and even manages to calm down any irritated zit on the occasion I have one of those. I use this when I’m extra oily or when my skin texture is a bit bumpy, I feel that this pore pack smooths skin texture and also helps a little bit at making dull oily skin look fresh again.

The texture of it is like a mixture of a gel and cream, very thin consistency that melts a little bit when it comes in contact with your skin.

One thing is that I feel that this might not be suitable for people with very dry skin as I don’t feel any of the moisturizing effcts that TonyMoly claims it have, on the other hand this product can feel drying if I use it during winter, again I have oily to combination skin and based on my experiences this might not be the right product for someone with very tight and dry skin.


Golden Mushroom Sleeping Pack


This is my absolute favourite of the mushrooms. It is a necessity for me during the winter when my skin can become tight, dry and flaked. It is one of the extremely few skin care products that i feel worked immediately and that I did not have to use consistently over time to see results.

This leaves my skin feeling divinely soft, fresh and suple.

One thing that I want to mention is that the consistency of this sleeping pack is very thick and you don’t need much in order to create an even layer of this. The first time I used this I took too much on my spoon and discovered how thick it became and that my skin could not absorb this well enough.

But with an appropriate amount it applies smoothly and absorbs easily into the skin.

The only con to this is that i feel that the floral smell can be a little bit too much for a product you are going to sleep with on your face. It’s most likely not something that going to be an issue with everyone but I’m mentioning it.

However it is a product i have to be careful to not use too often as it is extremely rich and might leave me with greasier skin and whiteheads. Definitely something a person with extremely dry skin perhaps would like to try out but I have found that this is too rich for me to be using everyday or even every second day. It is a product that I only use when my skin is in need of some tlc, such as when the grade slips beneath 10- celsius or when I’ve been super stressed.

I’m not sure about the anti wrinkle effect though.




One thing I find very wierd about these is that they do seem not to complement each other. All three seems to have been formulated for different skin types.

But I love these and I have used them consistently in 2016 and even rebought them. For me that is actually a little bit rare as I often find myself jumping from product to product.

Have you tried any of these?

What did you think of them?

Etude House: Black Hydrogel Eye Patch


Front of the package

Part of a christmas gift I received this year, I appreciate having people who understands that i enjoy receiving small self-care gifts like this, especially if it means that they don’t have to shill out huge amounts of money.

According to  Etude House this eyemask is going to moisturise, give nourishment to tired skin but also make the skin around the eyes elastic and bright. Sounds perfect after a whole night out partying with your best friends celebrating that 2016 is finally over.


How to apply

1. After cleansing, tone face.

2. Remove mask from pouch and apply to eye area.

3. Leave on for 30 minutes, then remove gently.

4. Lightly massage remaining contents onto skin.


I did follow these instructions to the boot and here’s my verdict:


The first thing of notice for me is that I placed this product too high on my face, which is obviously silly but thanks to the texture of this eye patch, it makes it difficult to adjust because it does stick to your face and the texture does feel a bit flimsy.

The smell of this is a very soft florally almost baby powdery scent. I mention this since I know some people might love it and others will hate it. I find myself thinking that even though it is faint it becomes a little bit too much after wearing it for 30 minutes, but not to a degree that makes me strongly dislike it.

It does not take long before I feel this product starting to work with my skin, it feels refreshing and cooling which is what I expect from a product like this. It feels so good that sitting without my glasses for half an hour does not bother me at all.

At the end however it does feel a little bit tight on the face and when I finally can take it off, I can say there has been a drastic change in my skin since it is much softer to touch and feels firmer.

There was no leftover product for me to massage in which either means that my skin was in need for some tlc or that I did party too hard.

In short I believe I will buy this very soon since it did work wonders and to be honest I was wowed by this.

I’m going to thank the person who gave this to me.