Viva La Diva: Glam eyes eyeshadow kit

Disclaimer: I need to say that these swatches did not come out right, the pictures I choose are the best ones that do resemble the shades to the best degree. The reason is the lightening, my apartment is badly lit and it is a very warm light thanks to the saving lightbulbs. Since I live in northern Norway we don’t have much daylight during autumn/winter, basically we’re having a reversed midnight sun 🙂

I do sincerely hope that this is not a huge issue.

Thank you.


Viva La Diva is a swedish low budget brand that is relatively unknown outside of scandinavia, they have been around in Norway since around 2010 if I remember correctly and during that time I have tried out a few of their products. I have mixed experiences with them and it is partly due to the constant changes they do and discontinuation of my favourite eyeliner.

That last part does hurt a bit.

But Viva La Diva is probably the cheapest makeup brand alongside H&Ms beauty line in Norway at the moment and they do have their fans and I can see why.

The eyeshadows in this review are not the only eyeshadows from this brand that I have tried and I will review my other palette, this palette however is a newer addition to Viva La Diva. I bought this in february 2016 and it has not collected dust.

In fact when I was at Karlsøy festival this summer, I managed to crack the mirror it had and some of the lettering got ruined.

This tin box contains nine eyeshadows, booklet and mirror. The packaging is very similar to Too Faced palettes but with minor differences such as the placement of the eyeshadows. The highlighters are placed in the middle, the definers on the right and the inter colours on the left. The booklet describes how to achieve the looks this kit bases itself on.

I also love that the packaging has a magnetic closing and the tin is sturdy.


How it looks like from the top.


View of booklet and eyeshadow contents.


There are three looks in this kit.


The first one is called Soft and it is an everyday neutral day look.



From left to right: Golden Gaze, Chocolate and Smooth.

The highlighter is called Smooth and it is a sheer, shimmery neutral beige. It is a good base colour and it applies nicely. It is easily dupable but is still one of my favourites in this palette as it is extremely subtle and just gives a shimmery effect, which means it is a shade you can get so much out of. If you have a dark skin tone however I’m not sure if it would show up because it is very subtle on my skin.


Smooth without primer at top and with primer at bottom.

The inter colour is called Golden gaze and is a shimmery medium brown with a golden tinge. It has a warmer tone to it than the other shades in the palette, it is also very dupable but very beautiful and a colour that will suit any eyecolour.

This one has one of the worst swatch pictures. It is much warmer and golden irl than in this picture.


Golden gaze without primer at top and with primer at bottom.

The definer is called Chocolate and is best described as a milk chocolate brown, it is also the only matte shade in this palette. This one is also not unique and you can find plenty of similar eyeshadows. This one swatches horribly and lighter than it really is but when you apply it it is buttery and darker, just a strange note about this particular colour.


Chocolate without primer at top and with primer at the bottom. It is crazy how light this swatch is compared to irl.


The next look is called Party. Of the three looks in this palette this one is the most colourful and it is described as the party princess in the booklet.



From left to right: Buzz, VIP and Champagne.

The highlighter shade is called Champagne and it is a shimmery muted pastel pink with huge glitters in it. This is one of the most unique shades I have dealt with since most glitter shadows have tiny glitters not large ones. But it will not make you look like a disco ball but it gives you more of a gleam.


Champagne without primer at top and with primer at bottom.

The inter colour is called Buzz and it is a muted dusty pink with shimmer. Very easily found anywhere and this is one I am not that fond of, I just do not like these sorts of pink but in combination with the rest of this look it looks better.


Buzz without primer at top and with primer at bottom.

The definer is called VIP and it is a dark purple with subtle shimmer. One of my favourites from this palette as it is really gorgeous . It is also an easily dupable shade. The swatch photo does not give this justice.


VIP without primer at top and with primer at bottom. This shade does not work well with a primer.


The last look is called Smokey and is a classical grey smokey eyed look. It was this look that made me want to buy this kit as I felt there had been too long since I played with greys.



From left to right: Just grey, Desire and Take it easy.

The highlighter is called Take it easy and it is a shimmery white shade. This is my least favourite shade as it is patchy and chalky. It is also extremely difficult to blend and if you have deep set eyes like me then be careful with shades like this one as they can make your eyes seem more deep set and smaller.


Take it easy without primer at top and without primer at bottom.

The inter colour is called Just grey and it is a medium grey shimmer shade. Again easily duped but a very versatile shade and one that goes on smooth. I really love this one.


Just grey without primer at top and with primer at bottom.

The definer is called Desire which is a concrete grey with slight silver shimmer. Among my favourites as it makes my eyes pop and it is easy to work with.


Desire without primer at top and with primer at bottom. Just as with VIP this one does not work well with primer.



Is this the most original thing to get out?


Does it contain shades you have not seen a thousand times before?

No most of the shades are easy to find elsewhere.

But the thing is just how ridiculously practical this palette is, you have three different looks and still everything in this palette go well with eachother and you don’t need that much else.

When I went on a weekend trip this summer I found this palette very convenient as it meant less to pack down. I had all the eyeshadows I needed in this palette wether I was going to a resturaunt or just being outside.

Are these shadows of good quality?

Actually they are what I would claim as being average with the exception of Take it easy. Nothing I’ve tried has been as bad as that shade and that says something.

I am very happy with this considering the price and that it did have some shades I haven’t had for a long time.

But I do feel that this is probably more interesting for the beginner since someone more experienced might already have something similar.








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    • Ishtar says:

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment!

      I have planned doing a three part post involving me creating the looks described in the booklet.

      Have a great day 🙂


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