H&M Beauty: Precious Glow

Yet again I see that H&M has released a new limited edition collection.


This one is for fall/winter 2016 and features metallic finishes and shine. Most of these colours will be defined as neutrals but there are also some pops of bright in it. In my view this is a very solid collection with some unique products I’d wish were permanent, colour wise this collection have something for everyone without getting boring or uninteresting.

In other words count me impressed.

I did not buy everything in the collection so this is just small parts of the collection. I did not buy the eyeshadow palette and the liquid eyeshadows, I also missed out on the rhinestones since that’s something I’m just not interested in.

But truly I am in love with this collection.


Metallic Lip Colour

These are the first lipsticks I’ve bought from H&M and I immensely enjoy these. My experience with metallic lipsticks is that they are drying and usually just exageratted shimmer lipsticks, these on the other hand are an exception as they are creamy, nice to the lips and actually do have a metallic finish.

I bought two of these.


Burnished Bronze

I bought this in  hope that it would be a dupe for my  Giordani Gold #Midnight mystique lipstick which was part of their limited edition collection called venetian affair. This was for a long time my favourite lipstick since it was immenseley flattering but I have had difficulty finding a dupe.

Burnished bronze is not an excact dupe, it is not sheer and instead of gold there are specks of bronze. In fact when I compared the two I found myself liking burnished bronze more than midnight mystique.


Burnished Bronze on top and Midnight Mystique below.

I think it might be since it is opaque and instead of the specks of shimmer it is metallic, it makes burnished bronze look more refined and darker.

It is a stunner in my opinion and I think this will suit most people since it is neither too dark or light and have a neutral undertone to it.

Sugar and Spice

Out of all the lipsticks this is the bold bright pop of colour.


Sugar and Spice above and Burnished Bronze below.

This is a cool toned pink with a silver sheen which initially I feared would resemble the dreaded 80s mother of pearl lipstick. Luckily it still carries a nostalgic vibe but without falling into the tacky territory.

It does in fact more resemble a lipstick colour my aunt used to wear in the 90s which I used to steal.

This is perhaps a colour that I feel will look most flattering on someone with a deeper skin colour than me. I like it but I do think that it has a tendency to look a little bit off on me sometimes.


Dazzle lip topper

This is a product type I’d wish were permanent.


These can be worn alone or over any lipstick, however I found out that it’s best not to use them on top of lipsticks that stains since they will also stain the wand applicator and also won’t last at all. On other lipsticks these will actually help the lipsticks staying power instead of just sliding on top.

In general it is a smart idea to wipe the wands after use or before inserting it in the bottle again as to avoid contamination.

Remember to shake them well before use and not to let them fall since the liquid part can escape the bottle quite easily, I made that mistake and there is still shimmer on my table.


To Boldly Glow, Glisten Up and Cha-Cha-Cha

Glisten up

This is probably my favourite product of the collection. This one has intense shifts of blue, teal and violet, really beautiful alone or as a top coat.

I especially like this one over red lipstick.

To boldly glow

This one follows more the line of a pale gold. It is intense but more “natural” than Glisten up.

I use this mostly alone or over a more muted colour of lipstick, such as burnished bronze.


This one dissapointed me.

I’m really a little bit surprised that I did not like this one, but the reason is because it almost don’t have any shifts in it, it’s just a shimmer top coat and a very boring one at that.

It is a fuchsia pink that in the bottle looks like it will have some blue shifts but it does not translate when you put it on your lips. Even though it is the brighter of the three it becomes the muted one out of the bunch when it is on your lips.

Which is frankly strange.


Gilded brow tint

These are metallic brow tints. I’m not usually someone to buy brow products as I just brush through my brows with a clean mascara brush and leave it at that. These on the other hand reeled me in and I ended buying all three of them with no regrets.


Silver Sapphire, Electrum and Spun Gold.

I know that not everyone will like these since they are shimmery, but these do give a very nice effect and I like these better than the average brow product since they don’t give me that harsh look a matte product tends to give me.

Too bad these are not permanent.

The formula of these are great, it has a gel formula with pigments and the spoolie wand is great since it gives more control on how much product gets on your brows and helps you even it out.

Silver sapphire

Now this is something I’ve never seen before. The colour of this one is amazing, such a beautiful silver blue colour.

I understand that this might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I feel this works very well on my complexion and is in fact very wearable.


I would have prefered this more if it was more  cool toned but I still like it when I want to dramatize my brows a bit since this is darker than my natural brows. Of all the gilded brow tints this is probably the one that is the most natural and will suit most people.

Spun gold

This is probably the one that comes closest to my natural brow colour only that it is warmer. It makes a subtle golden effect on me but if you have darker eyebrows it will probably get more noticable.

Really beautiful.



Have any of you bought from this collection?

If so, what is your thoughts on it?


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