K-Beauty Secrets – Tea Tree Mud mask Restoring

Ahh hello lovelies, how have you all been?

I’m back at it again with a new face mask that I was given by my best friend who was lovely enough to send me a package of stuff, a lot of which I will review here.



Picture 659.jpg

This is a brand I guess few have heard about but it is a Norwegian skin care brand which is inspired by Korean skin care. the formulas are developed here in Norway but the products itself are made in Korea.

I actually like that lately I have heard of a lot of brands popping up that are developed based on Korean skin care philosophy and it is very interesting especially now that there is a feminist movement happening in Korea where women are rejecting the strict standards of beauty in their country.

I won’t describe it any further since I feel that it might be better if I create a blog post where I discuss my personal feelings and opinions around the political aspects of beauty/cosmetics as it will be more cohesive and in-depth.

But let’s get into the review.



A deep cleansing mud mask enriched with tea tree oil, known for its soothing properties and for calming blemish-prone skin. Helps purify, refine and reduce excess oils for clearer, brighter skin. 



Picture 661

Apply an even layer onto cleansed skin. Avoid eyes and lips, relax for 10-15 minutes or until the mud has dried out. Rinse with water and pat dry. Use 2-3 times a week.


How did this go?


One of my biggest surprises about this mask was how much the sachet contains, usually even though I don’t have a particularly large face, I will really have to dig out every single drop from a sachet in order to get an even coverage.

I also think the mint green shade is really beautiful but the scent of the mask is a bit plasticky to be honest and it does put me a bit off.

Other than that this is one of those face masks that almost feels like it is stinging your face, it’s not uncomfortable but it might put some people off.

I won’t classify this as a relaxing mask because you can really feel this working on your skin.

Cleaning it off was not a hassle like I suspected it would be. My experience of mud masks in general is that they always do take a bit of scrubbing to get off the skin.

After taking it off my skin was flaking around my nose but I do suspect it had nothing to do with the mask, like I said my skin has been acting up weirdly with a lot of oily parts and drier parts like my nose and forehead.

It did leave my skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and soft so this was absolutely a winner.




Since my skin has been acting up real bad lately, I wanted to try out something that could purify it and freshen it up.

This mud mask might not be among my top five but it is really good at what it is supposed to do and I really enjoyed it.

I might buy this again in the future😊





October Favourites

Maybe it was about time that I had a post of this nature 🙂


October this year was a really calm month, it’s getting colder and darker which means that it was time for me to step a bit back when it comes to my life.

I always get really introspective around this time of the year and sort of make a “nest” out of my home. It might sound a bit negative but actually it is the opposite. I think each and everyone of us sometimes needs to step back a bit and count our blessings.

This month has been really good and we even had our first days of snow.


Favourite makeup product – Viva La Diva Move Me Jungle Palette


This is truly a new favourite of mine, the review for this bad boy is coming soon.

I love this palette as it is very different from anything else I own and that goes for a lot of the shades aswell.

I love it!

Picture 642


Favourite music: King Diamond – Abigail (1987)


King Diamond is one of my all time favourite bands and this album is probably among their best works.

For those unacquainted with this band let me give you a short summary.

King Diamond is a Danish heavy metal band known for concept albums that follow a specific story, often with occult, horror and paranormal themes. The band is famed for its theatrics both in music and on stage.

Since its halloween season I cannot think of anything else more suitable than this album to listen to. It really has it all in my opinion, a scary story, great melodies and lyrics.

Fun fact, I saw King Diamond perform live at Sweden Rock in 2016 and all I’ve got to say is that it is one of the best concerts I’ve ever experienced.

If you love anything heavy metal with a dramatic flair, then you should absolutely check it out.


Favourite movie – Sleepy Hollow (1999)


I know very well that this movie get’s a bad rep around the internet but personally I’ve always had a soft spot for it ever since I saw it for the first time.

Of course it has its flaws but I can’t help but see it as entertaining, I do love the beautiful cinematography and how the atmosphere of the film.

I do recommend it if you are not looking for something super scary but a movie that will entertain you.

+ it has Christopher Lee in it, need I say more


Number one thing that I’m grateful for this month –  My home

I just have to appreciate my cozy inn 🙂

Bolsius – Aromatic Wax Melts


So I have decided to post a very different review from my usual makeup/cosmetic reviews.

I have seen a lot of reviews for wax melts here on wordpress and I have a huge love for scents and fragrances, but I have never tried out any wax melts despite being very curious and seeing these pop up around the internet or in stores.

So I went into the store today and bought both wax melts and a burner.



Exotic Mango

Since this is my first time buying wax melts, I thought it would be best if I just bought one set first to try out even though these wax melts also comes with suggestions of mixes that will work well with each other.

The packaging is very straight forward and it contains eight wax melts, you are supposed to use two wax melts at a time.

I’m not a huge fan of florals or overly sweet scents so it was either this one or one of the spicy scents. It was really tempting to buy the one with cinnamon but I decided against it as I might reserve that purchase for christmas.

As you can see I picked Exotic Mango as I thought it sounded like something I might enjoy and from what I could smell outside the packaging it seemed like a fresh, fruity scent without any cloying sweetness.

Using this for the first time was a true throwback experience.

The scent of this is the exact same as a product from Glade that me and my besties used to buy religiously in middle school, which I’ve never found in any stores after 2010 and these wax melts smells just the same as that product!

This obviously smells like mangoes, it is a very fresh scent with some sweetness to it without it becoming overbearing. I really love it as I don’t react to it and the scent is not over bearing but still lingers after I’ve used it.




I really love this product.

It is simple to use and the wax melts lasts a long time.

Another thing is that the burner is really easy to clean after use, which was something I initially was worried about but all you have to do is warm the used up wax a bit and then pop it out of the burner.

I’m definitely going to try out more wax melts, either from this brand or others

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Skin Academy – Snake Venom Sheet Mask

87720-100Skin Academy is a new skin care brand I’ve recently discovered at Loco.

One of the reasons why I’m drawn to this brand is their innovative formulas and the extremely budget friendly prices of their selection, I am genuinely shocked that anything beauty related is sold at such a low price here in Norway.

We’ll have to see if the products are effective, to be honest I am a little bit sceptical to this brand namely because of the price but if I find myself liking some of their products then all the merrier.


What the brand claims about this product

According to the brand this sheet mask contains a multi-action formula with moisturizing agents with thoroughly hydrates and tightens the skin. It works as a soothing agent to the skin and will leave your face purified, fresh and revitalised.

Thanks to the synthetic snake venom which will help reduce cell movement and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.




Cleanse and dry the face. 

Remove the mask from the foil sachet.

Apply the mask on the face while ensuring its smoothed out over the skin.

Leave the mask on for 20 to 30 minutes then remove by peeling at the edges.




So how did this work out?

First things first, I love the fact that the package contains two masks which is a huge bonus at this price.

The mask itself is very easy to adjust on the face since it has a very creamy serum and the scent is pleasant. But as you probably can notice on my pictures the mask does not fit my face that well, the nose and forehead area is too small for me.

It’s not a big deal really but it might be for others.

It is comfortable on the face but it also does give a tingling sensation and I can feel this moisturizing my skin + tightening it up a bit.




I am really impressed that a product that cost this little can be this good. Even after taking it off I could still feel this working on my skin and I am pleasantly surprised at how my skin looks visibly hydrated and tightened afterwards.

More importantly the effect lasted for over three days.

So when it comes to the products claims then yes I do believe this holds it’s promises.

I will absolutely buy this again and I do recommend it.




Kocostar – Lip Mask in pink peach.


This is a new brand of skin care that has arrived at H&M.

H&M has been stocking some k beauty items lately, only face masks and other similar skin care items and I really hope this will continue and that other stores will also start stocking k-beauty products in the future.

Kocostar is well-known for being effective and budget friendly. Especially their “slice masks” are famous as they make it easy to concentrate on specific trouble areas. It is a brand that I am curious about and that I will buy other items from in the future.


How to use


Apply the mask onto clean dry lips. Leave it on for 10 minutes and let the excess serum absorb into the skin.


How did this perform?


Unlike a lot of hydro gel lip patches I’ve used in the past this one sticks better to the lips, probably also thanks to it being thinner and having less serum. This also makes it easier to use as I can still go around my day without having to constantly adjust it from falling off.

I really cannot praise that quality enough as that is sometimes been an issue with a lot of different mask products Ive tried over the years, Im a busy girl and even during my beauty time I do love being capable of doing some work around the house.

Another important fact is that the scent of this product is very faint, it makes the experience that much easier for me as I have a tendency to be sensitive to scents.

But that’s really where my praise stops.

Although I did enjoy this lip patch on the lips, when I took it off my lips were already starting to become dry again after ten minutes…..

I am not impressed.

Personally speaking I see masks whether they are for the face or the lips, as more like pick me up treatments meant to assist my regular skin care products instead of being miracle workers.

But even in light of that this lip mask did absolutely nothing for me and I am really disappointed since I do feel that this lip mask is a little bit up there in price. Of course this might be because I bought this in a local store and makeup/skin care is generally more expensive here in Norway than a lot of other countries.

Especially considering that the brand labels itself as budget friendly.


Have you tried this?

What do you think?



My thoughts on the discontinuation of Naked

Let me preface this post by saying that I have never owned this palette nor have I ever wanted it in my collection.

But even I have to say that with this discontinuation a huge piece of the beauty community goes away, even to me it is a bit sad because looking at that palette not only do I realise how much the trends/standards in the beauty world has changed over the years but also how fast they change nowadays.

I started wearing makeup a couple of years before this palette came out and I can still remember a lot of the products and trends from that time.

I’m not going to write down all the things I remember but the main difference between then and now is that the trends did not shift as fast as they do now and product releases were less frequent.

One main thing that this palette reminds me of was that there once was a time when applying an all shimmer eye look was acceptable even normal. One of the biggest things I hear people mention about this palette after its discontinuation is that it only has two matte shades and the rest is shimmer.

In other words things have changed over the years and nothing less is to be expected.

The Naked palette is an iconic piece of makeup and even after it’s discontinuation it is still going to be the stuff of legends.

It also makes me wonder what other products will be regarded as iconic in the future.


Did you own this palette?

What are your thoughts?

Pure & Care : Hydrogel Facial Mask Diamond Silver


I have just recently discovered a new skin care brand called Pure & Care.

This brand prides themselves on natural ingredients which are effective for a low price, suitable for all skintypes even hypersensitive, with innovation and creativity at focus during product development.

I have to be honest that I am really interested in testing out other products in their sortiment since I’ve been looking for great organic or natural alternatives in skin care lately.


What is this?


According to the brand this hydrogel mask will moisturize tired and/or dry skin and improve skin texture. It will make skin smoother and softer.

It is developed with the latest technologies and research. This hydrogel maks contains 100% naturally nourishing, restorative and active ingredients of which 98% will be absorbed into skin.

That makes this mask 10 times more effective than regular masks on the market.


How to use

Cleanse the skin and dry it.

Be careful when opening the sachet to take the mask out.

When putting it on your face make sure to adjust it properly so that there are no air bubbles between the mask and skin.

Leave it on for 20-30 minutes before taking it off.

How did this perform?


Let me say that this is the wettest hydrogel mask that I’ve ever tested out. You might not be capable to see it in my photos but approximately a third of the package was full of serum, i have never seen something like this with any kind of mask I’ve bought before and I had to literally empty the excess serum in my sink.

Which felt like a huge waste to me.

The mask is also slippery and it was a bit difficult to get it properly in place since it is a little bit too big for my face. Strangely enough the nose part was a tad bit too short for me but it’s okay.

I left this on for 30 minutes and I have to say that I love the mild fresh scent this has, it’s not overpowering but comfortable.

It’s very comfortable and after ten minutes I could feel this mask start to shrink on my face, which is a weird feeling to be honest, but in a way it makes sense to why this mask was drenched with serum.

This started to slightly tingle around the 15 minute mark but it’s not uncomfortable. This line is marketed as suitable for even hypersensitive skin and as I don’t have sensitive skin I still thought it important to mention just in case but I really believe it’s just the ingredients working with the skin.

I have to say that this leaves a weird residue that I don’t like that much alongside the silver glitter particles left after removing this. But with that aside it’s a super small con and one that is easy to wash off.

I am impressed however because this brightened up my tired skin and left it baby soft.


Final thoughts

I really liked this and yes my skin both felt and looked better after using it.


Have you tried this brand?

If so what are your thoughts/experiences?



Etude House: Twin Shot LipsXTint

Picture 179.jpg

This review is going to be in three parts and it is because of the packaging. This lip product was a spring release, not sure if it was 2015 or 2016,  but faced large complaints about the original packaging it came in due to it not working the way it was supposed to work.

Etude House did the right thing and changed the packaging, something I have to give the brand credit for doing as I feel that it shows respect to us consumers. The new packaging I feel does make it easier to achieve what this product is supposed to do.

The idea behind this product is that it will make it easier to create the gradient look but also that you can use the two shades independently. It is a multi purpose lip product that you can get a lot of different looks out of.

I own three of these in which one is in the original packaging and one has the new packaging. The third however is part of the limited edition pink skull line and one of the wands differ from the new packaging of the original line.

I will come back to this in the individual review of the products and swatches, but I will say beforehand that I feel that despite enjoying these respectively, I’m not sure if I am going to buy any more of these as I do feel that the formulas differs too widely.

Now let’s get into it.

PK002 Inner x Peace

Picture 191

This one was the first one I got and it so happened that it was in the original packaging.

The idea behind the original packaging was that it was supposed to be like a “shot”. Essentially the doe foot applicator had a hole in it that the tint shot were to go through after you pushed the button on top.

Picture 193

There were specific instructions for what you were supposed to do the first time you used this. I don’t remember it specifically but it was along the lines of: click slowly two times and wait till the tint gets out.

Sounds easy right?

Well I left mine on my bathroom counter overnight and nothing had come out….

I did after clicking like a madwoman manage to get some of the tint shot out, only to find out that only a tiny drop came out. Then I came on to the bright idea to just click once, just once, what happened next involved me having to clean up the bathroom floor…

I’m happy they changed the packaging to say the least.

The colours is where I have some really differing opinions on.

The tint itself I like and I do enjoy mixing it up with other lip products. It is different from the other tints in this series as it is a colour changing tint. It goes on a lovely periwinkle but turns into a lovely pink shade, yes it is one of those lip products that changes based on your specific PH-level.


In my opinion those types of products usually all look the same but this one does have more of a purple tinge to it in my opinion, so it differs from the usual hot pink that most of these turn into. It also last for hours which is another bonus and makes it interesting for me to combine with other lip products.

The tint shot however when I managed to get it out, is gorgeous both alone or combined with the liptint. It seems to be composed of pink and golden shimmer in a light liquid, which makes this a perfect top coat for a variety of lip products.




Pink Skull Lips X Tint: Funky X Skull Shot

Picture 189

This was part of the limited edition collection called Pink Skull.

Picture 195

Let me start with the tint shot which is a glittery blackened cherry. I don’t like the tint shot in this one at all and it is not because of the pigments but the formula which is greasy, yes it sounds wrong to call a lip product which is not a balm greasy but that’s the case here.

Picture 225


I hate it when I try to make it work with the mousse tint. It never manages to stay put or look good. It just slides on top and never stays put. It also looks weird in my opinion.


Alone it looks much better and it does feature a light staining effect which does make it last longer when worn alone without the mousse tint. So alone it is actually gorgeous in a way but I still find it looking cheap and tacky.

The mousse tint named Funky on the other hand is A+. The shade is what I would describe as a vivid fresh rosy red which has a neutral to cool undertone and that will look good on a wide variety of people.

Picture 221

The formula on this one is amazing and both look and feels good on the lips. When you apply it does contain a hint of glossiness to it but after a while you are left with a nice looking matte surface.

Picture 218

I find myself using this quite often since the shade is just one that you don’t find that often, it is the perfect balance of pink and red.


RD303 Boss X Mad Shot

Picture 190

Now this one is of the new regular packaging and it is my favourite of the three.

Picture 196

For me these two shades are different from other shades in my makeup collection.

The mousse tint in this one is called Boss and it is a shade that I would define as a neutral with a hint of both orange and red. Which sounds weird but I’m having a bit of difficulty defining this one, but I find it sophisticated aswell as easy to wear.



The tint shot in this one differs widely from the two others as it is has a wetter formula than the mousse tint formula. It is called Mad and it is a deep blood-red shade.

The formula of Mad also differ in that it feels much more like a liquid to matte, as it is much more long lasting but also features quite a thin but still very pigmented consistency.

The swatches of Mad came out a lot pinker than it is in real life.





Combined I feel that the usage of a q-tip helps make the gradient look nice and clean. The effect is quite lovely and of the three I feel that Boss X Mad is the one I feel works the best as a whole based on formula and colour.



Boss X Mad in direct sunlight.


So a little bit of a mixed review this time but I just wanna ask since this is an “older” product.

Have you tried this?

What do you think?




Touch in Sol – Pretty Filter Light It Up CC Cream


Hi! long time no see!

I was given this product as an early birthday gift from a beloved friend of mine and since it’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed a base product I thought it would be absolutely perfect.

This is also the first time I’m trying out a product from Touch in Sol aswell, which is a little bit weird for me since I love K-Beauty and I have heard a lot of good stuff about the brand.


Product description

It was a bit difficult to get a  proper product description since most of the information both on the packaging and the internet is in Korean, but I’ll try my best 🙂

This CC Cream is an all in one product offering protection from the external  environment, but also to moisturize skin while providing coverage without feeling heavy on skin. It helps with UV Block, wrinkle improvement and whitening.

Contains natural ingredients like Centella Asiatica Extract, Pearl Powder, Collagen Extract, Lotus and Cherry Blossom Extract. 

This CC Cream has an SPF 30 and PA++ 

It contains 1.0.14 fl.oz / 30 ml of product




I adore the packaging as it is both sleek but still sturdy. It is made of plastic but it does not look or feel cheap or flimsy.

I will always prefer any base product that comes in a pump bottle, it is more hygienic and easier to use + it keeps the content safe from the environment and fresh for longer.

But one thing I love in particular with this product is that you can see through the packaging how much product is left. This is thanks to a lever at the bottom that goes up with every pump, to me this also means that, unlike a lot of other types of containers, which also means that there won’t be a struggle to get all the product used up.

It is ridiculously practical and I’d wish other pump bottles had the same feature.

Other than that I think the decor on the bottle is really cute, very inspired by “social media” is what first comes to my mind.




The first thing of notice is how thick the formula is compared to my favourite foundation The Body Shop: Fresh Nude Foundation

I was very terrified that this would look cakey on my skin but I am pleasantly surprised about how nice it feels and looks.

I would describe this as being high coverage with a semi matte finish + blurring effect. I normally dislike any base product with high coverage because they often look cakey or makes me feel/look like I have a mask on.

This however looks beautiful on my skin.

It feels lightweight and it gives a blurred effect aswell. I tested this without ANY primer and it still gave me a flawless complexion. Another thing of notice is that after it dries down a bit, it really looks like I have used primer+foundation+setting powder aka the full routine that I rarely do.

My skin is of the oily/combo type and I gotta say that this works perfectly during humid warm weather, which we’ve had lately, as this seems to absorb a lot of the oils my skin produce while still looking decent.

A strange thing about this is that while it is matte and high coverage, it still looks glowing on skin.

It also smells really good of cherry blossoms, but it’s not an intense scent more like whiff.

Below I’ve added two photos for you to discern the coverage/finish since it was difficult for me to get a quality photo of me wearing this.

Yes I know the first photo is darker than the one below but I have not manipulated the results and I thought that since my veins are very noticeable it would be a perfect spot to showcase the coverage. 





Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Light It Up CC Cream on the left and The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation in shade Chelsea Porcelain 010 on the right.

This is unfortunately where this product falls short. It comes in one shade only, which is often what people always bring up when it comes to Korean base products.

I’ve provided a comparison picture here between this and my absolute holy grail foundation.

The shade is just a hint too dark for me and it also has a slight warm undertone. It is not a god awful look if you’re only looking at my face since it does not make me look orange but rather like I’ve been out in the sun for a couple of hours, but you can see a difference between my neck and face.

I don’t think this is a formula where I can use a powder or buy some colour adjusting drops without ruining the finish and all the things I enjoy about this product, so this  saddens me because I love love how this looks on my skin.

Picture 656

I’m not sure if you can see the difference between my neck and face very clearly but it is there.


Final verdict

I am so sad that the shade is wrong for me.

This is such a beautiful base product that is super easy to use, like I said above it really both feels and looks like I’ve done the whole primer+base+setting powder routine.

Everything about this product surprised me in a positive way as I did initially believe I would hate this.

Can I recommend this?


If you are just a hint darker than me with a neutral/warm undertone with combo/oily skin ( I don’t think this is suitable for someone with dry skin )