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Physicians Formula – Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil Blush


I’ve been really excited to try out Physicians Formula for a long time and their Argan Wear line is the one that interests me the most.

Physicians Formula is very difficult to find here in Norway, either you have to get it via Loco which have a very small selection and currently not stocking the Argan Wear line, or some online retailers which yet again have a small selection, something I hope will change in the future.

So I ordered this awhile back and it finally landed in my mail.

As I’ve previously mentioned on my blog, my favourite makeup product is blush so I had to pick this up 🙂



What are the claims?

According to Physicians Formula:


Escape to Morocco

. Ultra-luxe formula, light-reflecting pigments that deliver a skin perfecting effect for a youthful and glowing radiance.


Glow-Renewing Benefits

. Infused with 100% Pure Argan Oil, known as “liquid gold” for its rich conditioning benefits that can improve skin’s brightness, tone, texture and elasticity.

. This magical ingredient from Morocco transforms skin, smoothing the appearance of fine lines, brightening dull skin, helping to enhance skin’s youthful glow.

. Exotically scented formula instantly delivers a lit-from-within glow.


Hypoallergenic, Gluten free, Paraben free, Non-comedogenic and Dermatologist approved.





Here’s where I get a little bit negative.

I don’t like this packaging as it is very bulky and it feels really cheap.  I’m not a packaging junkie and I’ve been very clear on that before but I’d really wish the brand could have made this with better quality plastic as I’m a bit scared that it might break in my purse.

It should be taken in consideration that the compact holds a small mirror and an applicator which definitely takes up some space.

But I feel that the applicator could have been dropped, I didn’t expect it to be of great quality but I tried using it and let me tell you, the applicator is scratchy and it feels  rough on the skin.


It also sheds a lot of hair.

This would also have made the packaging sleeker as the mirror could have still been included.

This compact holds NET WT. 0.24 Oz / 7 Gram of product.




I picked the shade “Natural” as the other shade from this collection looked like another blush I already have in my collection, besides I’m in need of more light coloured blushes since spring is upon us.

My first impression of this is that the blush is really beautiful, the pattern is beyond gorgeous and it reminds me of Moroccan tiles, it’s also very unique as the blush itself is made up of three different colours and I don’t have anything like this in my collection.


It has a coral-red shade in the center, light pink in the middle and a dusty pink in the outer.

What I don’t like though is the gold glitter over spray. It is the first time I’ve encountered this phenomenon and I just don’t get the reason why some brands do this. Yes it looks pretty but even when I wiped it off there were still glitter flecks left on the blush which I’m not interested to have on my face.


On my cheek however it is gorgeous.

It is far from the most original blush colour out there on the market, I’ve had similar shades in the past but this is actually why I wanted this so badly.

I needed a more “normal” shade of blush as my collection is filled with a large variety of more “out of there” shades.

This is a dusty light pink that is really lovely on my complexion, something of notice is that this is really sheerer than what I’m used to and it shocked me a bit as I’m used to having be careful when applying blushes.

I love it and it does give me a “glow from within” look which is also one of the claims about this blush.

I am unsure if this is going to suit tan or dark complexions as it is a bit dusty in colour and very sheer.






I enjoy this formula as it is buttery soft and easy to apply. It is not as powdery as pressed blushes can be and it is very easy to use.

But I do not believe that a blush, no matter what it is infused with, can help improve the skin and although I can agree with the sentiment that less abrasive ingredients are good no matter what, I really do dislike that a brand comes up with claims like these especially since they have also choosen to scent this product.

Which leads me to what I consider the biggest con with this product. The scent of this is not great, it is a very powdery sort of scent that reminds me of an old lady perfume, I don’t like it at all and I’d really wish they could have dropped it.

But I do find myself using this blush quite often as it really does look and feel great on the cheek. I believe the brands claim about this having light-reflecting pigments, it is not shimmery in the compact or on the cheek but it does look glowy on the skin.




As mentioned in this review I do have some complaints about the packaging and scent, but I can easily overlook them because I find myself using this quite often.

For me this is an “easy to pick up” kind of blush, the sort where I can just apply and not worry if it looks too much or if it clashes with the rest of my makeup.

I can recommend this but as previously mentioned I’m not sure if this suits tan or dark skin tones as even I feel that I must sometimes pack this on as it is quite sheer. However it is beautiful and it does give a bit of glow to the cheeks.



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H&M Beauty – Brow Perfector

IMG_20190704_030510.jpgLooking over my blog I have noticed that I haven’t posted a lot of brow product on here. The last time is two-three years ago and funnily enough it was also from H&M Beauty: Precious Glow which to this day is a collection I want H&M to revive as it was fabulous and there were a couple of favourites that I’d want to repurchase.

And yet again this is another product that I’ve been using religiously but never came around to write a review about.

But here I finally am giving you the tea about one of my holy grail products.



What are the claims from the brand?

A coloured fiber gel that enhances defines and sets your eyebrows in place. The fine wand helps to build up volume and fullness to the brows for a natural, full look.

The container contains 4 ml of product.

This product comes in three shades.

Caramel, Espresso and Chocolate.






Just like the rest of the H&M makeup line, the packaging of this is sleek and simplistic with black plastic and gold coloured lettering. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they think the packaging of H&M Beauty feels and looks cheap, but I personally do find myself liking it as it is simple and sturdy.

The wand is a standard bristle but I wanna say that I like it as it makes it easy to cover all my brow hairs evenly but people with thin brows might have to be a little bit careful with this applicator.

This tube contains NET 0.13 FL.OZ or 4 ML of product.





Like previously mentioned this product comes in three shades.

I choose the lightest shade Caramel and I have to say that i usually have difficulties finding brow products that not only is light enough but that are cool/neutral toned. The two other shades in this line are also very neutral/cool toned.

The colour of this is a neutral taupe shade which is suitable to most blondes. Combine this with the wonderful formula and I have a brow product that gives me a very natural look. Which is what I ultimately want from a product like this.




This is a gel formula with fibers which dries down to a semi matte finish. I love the fact that it is not overly pigmented and that it does not dry down too fast.

Which makes this a versatile product that is buildable and easy to work with as it never becomes clumpy or looks too much on the brows. Another thing that makes me love this as much as I do is that it feels very light on the brows, some brow products do have the tendnecy to feel crusty but I have never experienced that with this product.

Since it contains fibers it will give you fullness and volume but it will still look very natural and never as if you have caterpillar brows.

The fibers are also not very obvious.




Like I said earlier this is one of my holy grail products and it is one that I’ve rebought plenty of times.

So its safe to say that I love this product.

The price is unbeatable and I could see a lot of people enjoying this as it is suitable for a wide range of people. It does have fibers in it so if you have sparse brows but still want a natural look you’ll like this, but if you have fuller brows  like myself and you just want a finishing touch you’ll also find yourself liking this.

So I really recommend this if you are looking for a very budget friendly alternative and you want an easy to apply no hassle product.

Thank you for reading 🙂



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Products That I Remember Part 1


This is a post that I’ve wanted to do for awhile now, I was cleaning out some stuff from a box and I found a lipstick that I used religiously when I was 14 that I haven’t had the heart to throw away. It has expired a long time ago and I won’t dare to put it to my lips but there is something about still having a beauty item from your teen years around.

I’ve also been in  a very nostalgic mood lately when it comes to beauty. Mostly about how I used to do makeup based on the trends and techniques that were regarded as a must of previous years and how much the concept of beauty has changed from I first started using makeup.

So let’s start going down memory lane 🙂


I started wearing makeup very late compared to the other girls I grew up with. I had some makeup that my mom bought me as a surprise gift back when I was nine but I never really used it. It was really not until I began in eight grade that I started taking an interest in makeup and the only reason to be honest was peer pressure.

My favourite brands was Max Factor and Maybelline during my teens.


Max factor – Colour Perfection Duo Eyeshadow in Star Studded Black

Ahhh this was my first ever eyeshadow buy, I did have an old Guylond palette that I loved at this time that was gifted to me but this little thing was a personal revolution for me.

This had a silver metallic on the left and a matte black with glitter on the right side. I really loved these shades and before anyone says anything, no I did not have the racoon eye look when I used this, I used it more as a way to achieve a smokey eye along with a black kajal.

Looking at this eyeshadow duo now I cannot help myself but think how different makeup is today, I have not seen duo eyeshadows in the drugstore for years. It is however not something I miss in my life.

Do I want this product back though?


To be honest these shades are very easy to find and the other shades in this line was also very very basic, so there really was nothing special about this but it still holds a special place i my heart.



Max Factor – Masterpiece Mascara

This was my first holy grail product and funnily enough it is still available even after all these years. Actually it is still one of the best selling mascaras in Norway.

The masterpiece mascara is great at giving lenght and define to the lashes and at the time that was what I was after. The only downside to this mascara is that it does dry out very fast, thatw as not an issue in my early teens as I wore makeup every day but now that I’m more easy going it is simply not worth it 🙂

I have moved on from this one a long time ago though as I found new favourites but it is still a great mascara.



Max Factor – Lip Infinity Tint

I miss this product so much!

WHYYY did they discontinue it!

I don’t remember the name of the shade I used to buy but it was the red one and I wore it religiously in high school. This tint felt like nothing on the lips, it had intense colour payoff and although it wasnt kiss proof it would leave a beautiful stain and it wore nicely during the day.

It was also ridicoulsy easy to put on and you could create very defined lips with this.


Nivea – Pure Diamond Volume Shine Lipstick in #63 Berry Charms

Oh gurl how I miss this lipstick.

The shade was a perfect berry shade and it looked incredible + the formula felt so luxurious on the lips. It was even formulated with diamond powder but it had no shimmer in it, but it had a lovely soft satin finish that leaned towards matte.

I also love how the lipstick bullet was shaped like a cut diamond, I’ve never seen any other brand have that.

It’s been a long time since Nivea produced makeup but I’d really wish that they could re release these as they were the sh**. The whole line was lit.


Skin Care.jpg

Ahhh skin care!

Looking over my beauty purchases over the years and what sort of cosmetics that I read extensily on, it is always the skin care products that catch most of my attention as I believe that the best base is a well maintaned skin.

In my younger years I had a very simple skin care routine, mainly it was face masks and a good cleanser + occasional moisturizer.

My favourite brand was Oriflame.


Oriflame – Grape Antioxidant Face Wash

I hate that ths was discontinued as it was a great face wash. This product line was created for normal to combo skin and it was supposed to help against free radicals and pollution to keep your skin stress free and healthy.

The scent of this was heaven and it made my skin look radiant and glowing. It was also incredible at cleaning away any last remnants of makeup.

I’d wish Oriflame could bring this back as it was a great product.



The Body Shop – Green Apple Shower Gel

Please bring this back!

This is the best shower gel that I have eveer tried in my life and the scent of this was heavenly since it truly smelled like a sour green apple and not the artificial apple scent that a lot of apple scented shower gels have.

I have used other shower gels from the body shop and I do think their formula is great but none of the other scents from their line has managed to top this one.

It was also a bonus that the scent lingered on my skin afterwards.



Oriflame – Swedish Spa Beauty Wonder Oil and Exfoliating Scrub

This has recently been discontinued to my great disapointment.

I loved the scent this series has, it was a warm ginger smell that was straight up fire. The beauty oil was so incredibly versatile, I could use it on my body after a shower and to treat split ends or in a home made hair mask.

The scrub was great after a shower to  slough away dead skin to reveal soft skin.

I’m going to miss these two 😦


Tell me in the comment section below about the products that you loved years ago 🙂

Do you remember any of these and/or did you use any of these?

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Favourites of April 2019


So April was not a great month for me and this blog suffered a bit from this unfortunately, I’ve tried being more diligent and improving my blogging this year but it seems that I need to become a bit smarter with my time and not stress myself out 🙂

Anyway April was a little bit rough around the edges but I managed through it and hopefully May will improve 🙂


Favourite makeup/cosmetic product – Viva La Diva Glam Eyes Eyeshadow Kit

View of booklet and eyeshadow contents.

I’ve been looking back at old favourites lately and this product is one that I’ve used heavily this month.

It’s one of those items that are easy and super convenient to have in your makeup collection. I love the shades in this kit as they look great with my eye colour and complexion, the formula may not be the best out there but it does look good and it is easy to blend.

Funny enough this is actually one of the first items that I reviewed here on this blog and still three years later I’m still buying it 🙂

Read the review here


Favourite music – Dr. Hook – A little bit more


I love this song and I have for a long time even though it is a little bit cheezy.



Favourite movie – Alien


I’m a huge horror fan and I absolutely adore Sigourney Weaver.

I have seen this movie plenty of times but what impresses me the most is how fresh the story still feels even though it’s been out for four decades. If you haven’t seen it yet you absolutely should.


Number one thing I’m grateful for this month – Spring

We’ve been lucky this month with the warm weather and the days becoming lighter. March was great but April was absolutely ravishing 🙂

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K Beauty Secrets – Oxygen Bubble Clay Mask


Yet another review from this amazing brand. I am so happy that my best friend gave me this as a gift some time ago alongside some other masks from this brand.

As I mentioned in my other review of a mask from this brand, K-Beauty secrets is a Norwegian mask brand that takes inspiration and produces their products in Korea. Which is something that I’m very happy about as a k-beauty lover, it is amazing that korean skin care philosophy is becoming more popular and is inspiring new brands.

So let’s get into this 🙂


Claims from the brand


The bubbly effect helps to lift out oils and dirt from inside the pores, leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed. The absorptive properties of charcoal and clay removes excessive sebum clearly, removes makeup dirt and tightens pores.




Evenly apply a layer on dry, uncleansed skin. Avoid eyes and lips. Relax for 5-10 minutes or until the bubbles has stopped foaming. Then gently pat and massage it all over the face to melt down dirt. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.


So how did this go?

The first minute after application.

I have never tried a clay bubble mask before so that alone made me excited and the fact that this is applied to uncleansed skin is something that I find unique.

The scent of this is really non-offensive and natural.

This face mask has the weirdest texture I’ve ever felt in a face mask. It has a gel-like texture that starts to foam immediately when you apply it to skin. It needs to be said that this needs to be applied fast as the foaming action starts as quick as the formula hits air and if you try to apply more on top of what you already have applied it will only drag product away from your face.

According to the instructions this needs to be left on for 5-10 minutes and during this time it cracks  a lot of noise, which makes me believe this is not the most relaxing mask out there, but the end result is comical though I have to say 🙂

After 10 minutes

After the foaming has stopped you are supposed to massage them into the skin, this turns the product into a paste, I did not take  a picture of this step since it starts to foam straight away again if you leave it on.

This was easy to wash off with warm water and I could feel the grime leaving my face and I was left with cleansed and my skin felt supple afterwards. My pores also looked a little bit smaller on top of the rest of the great effects this had.



I love this product and I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

It does clean the skin throughout but it does also take off all the grime after a rough day while leaving the skin soft and prepared for the rest of your skin care routine.

I have heard of these clay bubble masks for years but this was my first experience with one and I truly enjoyed this. It might become a new favourite of mine.


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Anti-Haul April 2019

Anti haul.jpg

It’s been too long since the last time I had an anti-haul here on my blog. I decided this time around that I would check what is on my instagram board on top of news outlets, there’s just too many releases happening and honestly I’m a little tired of it.

I feel brands should relax a little bit with their releases, let the excitement build up a little bit before releasing new stuff, concentrate on the quality and execution of the products before serving them to the masses.

Let people use up what they have!

But let’s get into this anti haul 😉


Urban Decay – Mother of Dragons Higlight Palette

When I heard that Urban Decay was going to release a makeup collection inspired of Game of Throne, I have to admit that I was excited as I love the series and I hoped that Urban Decay would come out with something bolder than their usual neutrals.

Obviously I understand that brands need to release things that are sellable, I have no problem understanding that but I feel that things can still be sellable while unique, it does not have to be too far out there in order to appeal to the masses.

But this highlighter palette?

To me it is beyond boring.

How many more champagne or gold highlighters do we need?

Yes there is a pink one but to me it does not save this palette, in fact it does make this palette non-cohesive and reminds me of those eyeshadow palettes with one blue/purple pan.

BUT the rest of the collection looks soooo beautiful so I might pick something up.


Mac Cosmetics – Guilty Pleasure Eye Shadow Palette

What is there to say?

Yet another mauve palette….

It is nice that we are moving away from warm toned neutrals but can we please get more variation.



I feel bad for anti hauling this because I actually like the colour story and the fact that it is from Tarte who is a brand who I’ve never been behind as most of their palettes looks the same, at least in my opinion they do, but this palette has everything that I want in a palette.

It has great variety in both texture and colours but the reason why I’m not buying this is simply because i have most of the shades in this in my collection. It also looks very cohesive.

It is a gorgeous palette but I won’t buy it.


Fenty Beauty Body Lava – Trophy Wife


To be honest I am very curious about the body lavas from Fenty Beauty as they are a unique product and I’ve heard a lot of nice things about them.

The reason why I haven’t bought one yet is because of the price point and that I am unsure if any of the shades will be flattering on my very fair skin tone.

But this shade which is based on the highlighter with the same name will definitely not suit me.

It will be gorgeous on those with a richer skin tone and honestly I cannot wait to see you guys post on your instagram 🙂


Too Faced – Cocoa Contour Palette


I’ll be honest I don’t understand this product other than the convenience for makeup artists, this has always been my opinion of contour palettes ever since they became a thing.

I think it would have been much better if this palette was released as three duos as I think the light parts of this palette looks gorgeous and it might have even have worked for me, as I fin dit difficult to find a contour that is cool toned enough.


Urban Decay – Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette


On one hand I actually like the fact that Urban Decay did revamp the Original Naked Palette but I actually feel that they did copy Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Palette.

I love the fact that this is a neutral palette with variation in both shades and texture, it is a perfect everyday palette but it is too close to the sultry palettes colour story to my comfort.

But I don’t think I would have bought this anyway because I do have my neutrals in my collection.



Thank you for reading this short anti haul, I’m very interested in hearing your opinion on my pickings.



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Favourites of March 2019

March is one of my favourite months of the year.

Spring has started and the sun is coming back from her long slumber, it will still be a couple of months before the snow is gone but for now I’m enjoying the bit of warmth that has started to come back.

For me March is also the month where I take a look on my life and see what habits and things I need to throw out, that’s also why I started my decluttering posts this month, so yes this month I really did a huge spring clean.

I hope everyone who reads this has had a great month and that you are happy in life.


Favourite makeup/cosmetic product – Love Beauty & Planet – Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Conditioner


This has become a new holy grail in a very short time.

I am so impressed by this product as it really not only makes my hair look and feel great, but it also gives me a good consciousness using this as it is environmentally friendly and cruelty free.

It really has changed my hair game.


Favourite music – Marina and the Diamonds

Picture from Rolling Stone magazine.

I’ve been binge listening to Marina’s music this month and I have no words for how much I love this woman and her music. She is one of the few pop acts that I love and I can really recommend her music if you like great lyrics combined with interesting concepts and melodies.

I’ve been a huge fan since I was 15-16 and I’m loving the new tracks she’s released lately.

I can’t wait for the new album honestly.


Favourite movie – Mary Beard’s Ultimate Rome


Not a movie but a documentaries series.

I love watching documentaries more than movies to be honest and I especially love the ones about history.

Rome is always an interesting topic but personally speaking I do feel that most of the time a lot of the same people/topics get’s regurgitated, so it is very refreshing that Mary Beard, who btw in my opinion is very brilliant, manages to narrate a very down to earth approach to everyday life of the common roman citizen.

It is for this reason that I really can recommend this for anyone who loves historical documentaries.


Number one thing I’m grateful for this month – Spring

It might not be my favourite season but after this rough and cold winter, its so enjoyable to finally see the rays of sun and some small sparks of green


Thank you so much for reading!


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Declutter 2019 : Part 2


Welcome to the second part of my declutter journey.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first post so let’s get into the fun!


Maybelline Brow Drama #Medium Brown


I got this for christmas 2016, Jesus why haven’t I thrown this away earlier…

My reasons why I didn’t like this is mainly because the shade is too dark for me but also because of the weird bristle wand. The tip is shaped like a ball at the end and it is too big even for my brows.

I cannot for the life of me understand how this even worked for anyone.



H&M Radiant Concealer Pen # Porcelain Rose


This is the weirdest concealer I’ve ever tried in my life, it is straight up pink and the formula is horrible. It is very difficult to blend and it creases easily even on the cheek. The only thing I like however is the brush applicator.





Isadora Gloss Glace 3-D Mirror Shine #Diamond Glace


Yet another product I bought back in 2016….

I’m not a gloss person per se but I can enjoy a lovely gloss on my natural makeup days. This product is far far from a bad product, I reviewed this item in shade # 26 Iridescent Glow back in 2017 which you can read about Here

Snapchat-403532724My issue with this one on the other hand is funnily enough the shade, now a lot of people might find that very weird since a white shimmery lip gloss is one of the most basic shades out there, but this one actually looks patchy and cheap on the lips.



Nyx Super Skinny Eye Marker # Carbon Black


I dislike this eyeliner, it’s crumbly and difficult to use and it just never looked good on my eye.



Loreal Color Riche Les Ombres #Lilas Cheri


This one is not even available here in Norway anymore…

But I bought this back when I wanted to make purple eye looks work for me back in 2015-2016. Purple eyeshadow if I don’t combine it with something warm toned has a tendency to make me look like a corpse.


But I have to say that this formula was the bomb. It never creased and it really stayed put throughout the day.

I’m not sure if this is still in production or not.




Isadora Face Sculptor #03 Nude



This used to be a holy grail for me in 2015-2016.

The main reason for me stopping using this is because I found my holy grail contour powder which I’ve been using religiously for years, but also because I never use bronzer in general and the highlighter in this made me look muddy.

So I only bought this for the contour shade and honestly altough it is a great shade, it is a tad bit too warm for me and I just overall feel that this palette is more suited for people with a neutral or warm undertone.


But the formula is buttery soft and easy to work with so if you see this around try it out, it is a wonderful product that deserves a lot of praise and I can really recommend this as it is still available.



Kicks – Baked Eyeshadow #Moonlight Beam

For those outside Scandinavia, Kicks is the equivalent of Sephora where we can get more high-end cosmetics from brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Lancome.

But they also carry their own in house brand which is extremely budget friendly, with a great selection and great quality.


As I remember it this eyeshadow was okay, not the best but not the worst, very dry during application and with some fall out.

The shade on the other hand was what made me love this, it is gorgeous as I have difficulties finding blue eyeshadows that look good on me.



Thank you for reading!



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Urban Dollkiss – Black Devil Expert Long Lash Mascara


It’s about time for a new mascara review!

This time it is from one of my favourite brands from Korea called Urban Dollkiss. I love this brand, they have great products with reasonable prices and this mascara is from their Black Devil collection.

So let’s get into it 🙂




This mascara comes housed in a sleek black tube and I do find the way the brand has decorated it very cute and unique. The scribble stars and the filigree bat is something I’ve rarely seen in packaging and I feel that it has a little bit of a punk vibe.


The mascara wand is very different from the ones I’m used to. It is a straight long bristle wand where the bristles are very short and tight curled.

The tube holds 10 ml of product, which is pretty normal for a mascara.


Formula and Results

Picture 666

My first impression of this mascara is that the formula is a little bit thick and very dry, I also suspect this has fibers in it, which  would make sense since it claims to be a lengthening formula. I’m not sure about this, I did not find anything online that could confirm this and unfortunately I don’t understand Korean.

The formula is really black though which I like, as there are a lot of mascaras on the market that has a greyish tinge to them.

But that’s the only praise I can give this mascara.

The application of this is uncomfortable, as I mentioned earlier the formula is thick and dry and it translates onto the lashes as clumpy and the wand does not give the lashes separation, actually it doesn’t comb through them at all but rather slops the formula on them.

So this mascara gave me little to no length nor build and the worst thing is that it flakes like crazy only seconds after application.

I’m very sad to say that this is the worst mascara I’ve tested out, not even mascaras in the past that I have disliked have been this bad and I have always managed to at least use them up by using them for darkening my lashes before putting on false lashes.

Picture 667.jpg




I’m extremely disappointed with this mascara as I had hoped that I would get a new budget friendly favourite since this item cost me 5 USD.

Now some might say that I had too high hopes and many will ask me what did I expect from such a low-cost item.

But in my own defense I have to say that one of the many reasons why I love K-Beauty so much is the price point. Most K-Beauty items cost way less than what brands like Loreal and Maybelline is priced here in Norway and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you guys that even with import tax and shipping fees it is often is more economical for me to buy cosmetics from Korea than if I’m buying similar products here in my country.

Of course I also love K-Beauty for the great ingredients and their great concepts.

So I cannot help myself being a little let down because I really wanted to love this.


Thank you for reading!